Multi-agent decision information Support technology in IoT environment

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Multi-agent decision information Support technology in IoT environment

Xu Yang Wang He Qingxian

With the continuous development of the technology of IoT, Sensor networks have been widely used and become an important infrastructure in the field of information technology. In particular, the real-time perceptual information provided by the sensor network provides sufficient information support and necessary decision basis for many intelligent applications. However, because the real-time perceptual information requirements of intelligent applications usually cannot be transformed into simple query requests and accurate matching of the sensor's underlying query interface, the intelligence based on IoT Decisions often fail to obtain accurate real-time information about decisions. To solve this problem, a model of information resource description, inference and application based on semantic overlay network is proposed, which is based on multi-agent system decision support. This paper studies the multi Agent decision information support technology in the new IoT environment. This technology takes the task decomposition method of team-oriented programming based on multi-agent system as the core, decomposes the complex task into several simple subtasks, and transforms the decision information needed in the task execution into accurate and complete sensor information query based on ontology inference method. , so as to realize the real-time decision information support mechanism to accurately locate the specific sensor and obtain the corresponding perceptual information from the IoT.

Multi-agent decision information Support technology in IoT environment

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