Multi-channel capital scramble for trillions after market O2O is still the mainstream of development

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Absrtact: The rapid development of auto market has attracted the pursuit of capital. According to the latest statistics of China Auto Circulation Association, China's narrow car market after the scale of more than 700 billion yuan, 5 years will be more than 1 trillion yuan, 10 years over the United States, will become

After the rapid development of automobile market, attracting the capital chasing. According to the latest statistics of China Auto Circulation Association, China's narrow auto market is now more than 700 billion yuan in size, more than 1 trillion yuan in 5 years, over the United States in 10 years, will become the world's largest market.

In this context, the post market development model has become more diversified, internet and e-commerce in this field is also quietly infiltrated, in addition to the traditional enterprise of the electronic Commerce exploration, to raise car worry-free, Chelian, e maintenance, car ants and other enterprises as the representative of the entrepreneurial platform in recent years, and many enterprises have been favored by capital, One of the car-free network even by the 16 international big-name VC/PE chase.

From the current model of the electric business platform, because the maintenance must be through the offline service to achieve, so the O2O model is still the mainstream of development. However, most platforms face many challenges in the development process, the most obvious of which is how to solve the offline services during the implementation of O2O.

Electric business platform has sprung up

"91% of the owners at least six months to maintain the car, even if it is still to maintain, so the car maintenance is just need the market." "Shanghai Elite Investment Management Co., Ltd. partner Kang Binghua in a recent auto market forum, said that as China's car ownership continues to rise, the market will become the next nuggets."

Under this expectation, each road capital starts to occupy after the market. In addition to the traditional chain repair shop, car repair plant, 4S shop, internet platform is also a rapid intrusion, has become a recent period of the forces. According to PwC, a consultancy, there were 19 car rental projects in the auto sector in 2014, followed by up to 16 post market projects, most of which were connected to the Internet.

These post market electric quotient platform can be subdivided into three kinds: first, the industry to explore the electrical business, to the original car service chain or auto parts vendors, most of the use of the Beijing-east, the cat and other third-party platforms; second, entrepreneurial companies, mainly representative of the car ants, car worry-free, etc. three is the manufacturer's own platform, SAIC Investment Building Station A is a typical representative.

It is understood that after market enterprises are mainly divided into services and accessories sales two categories, of which repair and maintenance services must be achieved through the line; In addition, due to the weak hands-on ability of Chinese consumers, it is also necessary to provide offline services for accessory sellers.

In this context, O2O mode is widely recognized, to e maintenance, car worry-free, car ants as the representative of the electric business platform are used in this mode, online to attract traffic, offline services to partners.

O2O platform difficult to service off

However, in the process of the implementation of the service by the electric Business enterprise, the divergence began to appear. Online services, at present, mainly divided into the construction of the offline shop and the search for cooperation between the two models. The former for the offline store to control more powerful, such as SAIC's a station platform. However, since the establishment of the shop under the requirements of the capital threshold is higher, according to the media estimates, SAIC to a station investment scale reached 1.4 billion yuan, far more than the car ants, Chelian and other brands of investment scale. At present, including e maintenance, car worry-free, the majority of enterprises have adopted a second development model, that is, with the offline service providers.

At present, the overall pattern of China's market is more and less strong, according to Kang Binghua, China's after-sales service enterprises have 300,000 ~40 million, but the largest sales scale of only 500 million yuan, while the largest U.S. company sales scale is 3.86 billion U.S. dollars (about 23.9 billion yuan), in addition, China's top 10 companies share less than 1% of the market and are far from the US.

Not only is sales low, the number of service providers is limited. Market research results show that most of China's post-market enterprises in the number of stores not more than 10, only 4 enterprises more than 100 outlets.

For enterprises that want to be small and big, how to obtain more vehicle source is undoubtedly becoming important in the case of limited network, and the electric business platform can satisfy the demand to some extent.

Online and offline enterprises hit, but the trouble arises. Because the offline cooperation business is mostly self-contained, it is difficult to unify the service level. In addition, the offline service providers also have accessories sales function, and online platform business exists competitive relationship, so the line of drainage to the line, under the line instead of the situation of pry.

There is a point of view, for those who want to dabble in O2O platform, offline service is an insurmountable barrier, how to choose the development path according to their own strength, is a problem that needs careful consideration.

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