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Du Deqing House, spent 7 years of his efforts. He prepared the building from 2000. Bountiful selling grain to buy some bricks, the next year to sell food for some purlin. In this way, the building materials accumulated 4 years, 2004 finally the new house covered up.  He has accumulated 3 years, by 2007, 5 of the house decoration finished.  This year, Du Deqing was informed that all the houses in the village were to be demolished. "Isn't this Zaojian thing?"  October 14, the 53-year-old farmer said, most of the houses in the village were newly built after 2000 years. Du Deqing is a farmer Langfang Yongqing County Cannabis village.  Now, the village side of the farmland built a "new residential", six or seven 6-storey residential buildings. The building will have marijuana and two villagers in small-pox villages.  According to the policy, the original village will be reclaimed for arable land. This is a microcosm of the new residential building in Hebei Province in recent years.  Hebei plans to use 3 years to "transform" 15% of villages.  Last year, the Hebei Province Department of Land and Resources, "on the construction of rural new residential demonstration projects, the implementation of land management" proposed that the new residential construction, "to make full use of the country's" urban construction land increase and rural construction land to reduce the "link policy".  According to the Ministry of Land and Resources (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Land) "urban and rural construction land increase or decrease link" policy, in rural areas of rehabilitation construction land, increased arable land, can be used in urban replacement of the corresponding construction.  According to the Hebei Daily report, to 2012, Hebei will complete 7,500 new residential building demonstration village, conservative estimates, Hebei will increase the construction of land more than 500,000 acres.  However, last year, Hebei province to obtain land and resources Ministry of Urban and Rural construction land increase or decrease index is 12,000 mu. October 13, a village villager said that their village last year 2000 acres of arable land leased to Zhejiang merchants to build clothing.  He believes that the first occupation of arable land, the village demolition even if reclamation can not fill the balance.  Homestead was developed "Hot Spring" 2006, Dong Household Village was rated as provincial civilized eco-villages, the government also appropriated funds to rebuild the road, the wall, has not been a year, on the start of the demolition from the Du Deqing home in the cannabis village about 15 km, is Yongqing Dong home village.  This is a model project for the construction of new residential buildings in Hebei.  October 15, the village's teacher Li lives in someone else's house, waiting for his compensation room. She and her son had two houses in the village. When the demolition, teacher Li did not agree, but was threatened to suspend wages, dismissal of public office.  And Mr. Li was 30 years becoming, only to become a positive.  October 15, teacher Li said, at that time, the village cadres sitting all night in the villagers do not go home, until the other party signed. In 2007, Mr. and Mrs. Li spent half their life accumulating money for his son's new house.  Before the decoration, was "strong demolition". The original village next to the villagers built a two-storey "villa."  Miss Li does not agree with these new houses, she said that these just built a year of the house, rain seepage, peeling has fallen off. The village promised to build another house for her, and after two years, the compensation had not been cashed.。  On the same day, a village representative surnamed Dong's home village said that in 2007, the village cooperated with the Banyan Source company in Fujian to demolish the old village and build a new village next to it.  According to the village Secretary Liu Hui, the San Tsuen covers an area of more than 60 acres, the original village accounted for 236 acres, saving 176 acres of land, the future will be the development of hot spring vacation tourism and other projects. Liu Hui Introduction, Dong Home village Construction, is indeed the Banyan source in Fujian investment, the villagers get a housing outside, there is no other compensation.  The land that is saved is used by the company, and the village does not make a profit.  Liu Hui that such a "replacement", the village environment and living conditions have become better, and corporate profits, the county will increase taxes. Most villagers disagree with this view.  They believe that the house was demolished, the homestead was taken away, only a small area of the house, and after living in the building, income did not increase, living expenses. Villagers believe that by building new dwellings to save land one said, not tenable. Zhang said that the village is built of arable land, residential buildings plus roads, squares, poultry farms and so on occupies more than 180 acres. The village was completely demolished and pulled on the barbed wire, ready to build a spa villa.  The circle is bigger than the original village. The representative said that the majority of the original housing in Tung's home village was built 2000 years later.  2006, the village was also rated as provincial civilized ecological village, roads, street lights, fences, are government funds rebuilt, not a year, the village started demolition. The leader of high-rise building construction hall in remote mountain Village said that it is not advisable to build tall buildings in remote villages.  But the villagers said the newspaper, which was published, was seized in the town and kept from the villagers. In other parts of Hebei province, new residential construction projects are also in full swing. Hebei Qinhuangdao City Funing County Magu Camp Town Village, villagers have been the village cadres of loudspeakers "bombing" for half a year.  But few villagers are willing to relocate. This is a distance from Funing County more than 30 kilometers of mountain village, facing the Yanghe reservoir, backed by mountains.  98% of the villagers live by farming. On September 18, a villager surnamed Dong said that since April this year, the village cadres have mobilized to build buildings.  But some of the old people in the village said that "death also die in their homes."  The villagers said that the village held consecutive party members, but 建新 residential plan has not been passed, "party members are noisy over the day."  Now, every day in the loudspeakers are mobilized, "understand paper" (similar demolition notice) issued three times, the compensation standards are different. Villagers said that there is no industrial and mining enterprises in the village, there is no large-scale collective farming, is a completely dependent on the farming life of the mountain village, "to live in the building, but also how to cultivate?"  "It is understood that the Funing County plan this year will be 609 villages in the county integration of 194 Central communities, the year, plans to start 27 projects 106 administrative villages of new residential projects, involving 78,000 people."  September 18, Qinhuangdao Shi, Deputy secretary of the agricultural work Chen Baoqui introduced, in accordance with the city's new residential construction objectives, within 8 years, all the administrative villages will complete the new residential projects. Of these projects, whether remoteThe village, or the villages near the suburbs, began to build buildings.  About 10 kilometers from the village of Magu, Funing County big Xin Zhai Cun, now 5 6-storey residential building has been built in the middle of a corn. On that day, a member of the village said that the original plan to demolish the old village, the demolition of the land to build a new building, but did not obtain the consent of the villagers.  So, the village with 29,000 Yuan an MU, bought more than 300 acres of farmland villagers, built up 5 buildings. Building a building in Daxin village, Hebei Province, a head of the construction department said, the new residential building to build suitable for villagers to live housing, remote mountain village should not build high-rise.  According to Xu surname villagers, published the leader's speech of the newspaper, was seized in the town, not to let the villagers see.  Cracks of the relocation of the building no elevator, no balcony, one of the cover to half of the cracks, and again cover Funing County Village villagers think they were cheated. Before the building, the village and the villagers to discuss the house to change the floor, regardless of the original housing new and old and size, change the same building.  At that time, some of the older villagers agreed. The village then overturned the compensation scheme and assessed the villagers ' original housing.  It is valued at $600 per square metre and the building is sold to villagers at $800 per square metre. The villagers named the building "Chicken stand". September 17, villagers said that the 6-storey building, no balcony, no elevators. One of the buildings, covering half of the cracks, was again covered.  The building Foundation has not used the ring beam, the steel bar is also very fine. These are seen in the eyes of the villagers.  The building is now capped and mobilized for relocation, with only a handful of villagers agreeing.  A village surnamed Xu said that the new building from the site to build the house, never discussed with the villagers. However, the big Xin Zhai Cun this piece of building, is regarded as one of Qinhuangdao Shi new residential model project.  When the ribbon-cutting, Hebei provincial and municipal leaders come, evaluation is quite high. This is one of the 400 villages built by China Metallurgical Group in Qinhuangdao Shi.  September 18, Qinhuangdao Shi, executive Deputy secretary Chen Baoqui said, in order to solve the financial problems of new residential construction, this year Qinhuangdao Shi to China Metallurgical group financing 30 billion yuan for 400 villages to build new dwellings.  As for how the 30 billion funds were returned, Chen Baoqui said it would "raise money by selling land" in displaced urban construction land.  Chen Baoqui that the rural public service and the urban gap is very large, the new rural construction has long been very little effect, the farmers themselves have no money, the government has no money to build, new residential building, is to solve these problems, "is the new rural construction effective way."  Deprived of the right to development of land in addition to a set of compensation room, the benefit of the replacement of the homestead will not be related to farmers, all by the government control public reports show that Qinhuangdao Shi intends to carry out industrial matching in the new residential areas, such as to promote the employment of villagers.  However, the real implementation of the farmers, is to take their original housing demolition compensation, buy a new house, if the new house area, still need more money. In the construction of new residential buildings in Hebei province, most of the start-up projects have been proposed to attract investment to develop industrial economy, but the reporter investigatedLangfang, Qinhuangdao and other areas, there is no land differential income to form a set of rural-feeding programs.  In Langfang, Hebei, the compensation for new dwellings is similar to that of Qinhuangdao.  Langfang The goal of new rural construction is: from 2009 to 2030, the renovation of the land 300,000 acres.  October 15, Langfang Guo Liping, chief engineer of the Land and Resources Bureau, said that the government took money to compensate farmers for Jiuzhai, replacement of the construction land, by the government unified deployment of the use of income will be the government, farmers no longer enjoy land differential income.  Some scholars have pointed out that this is depriving farmers of the right to development. Guo Liping that the farmers ' homestead, whether collective or state-owned, ultimately belong to the "State ownership", which determines the land's right to development ownership.  In his view, the government's supporting investment, so that the land differential income, then of course, the proceeds of the local government owned.  And the Ministry of Land and Resources issued in 2008, "Urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linkage pilot management measures" clearly stipulates that the land differential income should be used for the corresponding rural and infrastructure construction, "and in accordance with urban feeding rural, industrial feeding agriculture requirements, priority to support rural collective development production and farmers to improve living conditions The central document of 2010 clearly stipulates: "Rural homestead and village after the conservation of land, still belong to farmers collectively."  "However, from Qinhuangdao, Langfang and other places of the new residential projects, the government will replace the construction land, all the government control."  Langfang has not been approved by the "hook" is to the Ministry of Land for approval of the pilot Langfang, has passed the "hook" to free up 20,000 acres of construction land at present in Hebei province to introduce a number of measures to stimulate the rapid development of new residential building. In Langfang, the local land bureau organized the "Langfang Land development and construction Investment Limited", on behalf of the Government, to participate in the implementation of rural land rehabilitation projects.  The construction land targets vacated shall be used by the municipal government for co-ordination.  At present, the company and banks and other financial institutions, has been financing more than 6 billion yuan.  In addition, from 2009 onwards, Langfang Municipal party committee, the city government will be the rural land rectification work to the counties (cities, districts) of the assessment of the content, and increase the weight of assessment.  Public information shows that Langfang currently through the construction of new dwellings has freed up 20,000 acres of construction land, which through the urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linked to the replacement of 7000 acres to support urban construction.  October 15, Langfang, director of land and Resources Bureau Sun Daqi said, Langfang new residential projects, is the use of urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linkage policy, the rural areas of the construction of land consolidation, reclamation, the same area transfer to the town, as the new construction land use.  However, according to Langfang Department of Land and Resources Bureau chief engineer Guo Liping Introduction, Langfang is the Ministry of Land and Resources for approval of urban and rural construction land increase or decrease hook pilot, has not yet been approved by the Ministry of the pilot.  And according to the "Urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linkage pilot management measures", the linkage pilot must be approved by the Ministry of Land and resources, without approval shall not be carried out. Yesterday, the central Rural work leadership group deputy leader Chen accepted this newspaperInterview stressed that there is no turnover indicators, "a groundbreaking on illegal, illegal."  First of all, after the "exploration" last year, Hebei 12,000 mu of indicators, the future, Hebei plan through the new residential construction, "save" out of 500,000 acres of construction land is understood, Langfang's new residential construction land most occupied the arable land.  According to China's Land administration law, it is prohibited to occupy the basic farmland, the need to occupy the necessary approval of the State Council, the use of arable land outside the basic farmland more than 35 hectares, occupy any nature of land exceeding 70 hectares, all require the approval of the State Council.  However, according to Langfang, the chief engineer of the Land and Resources Bureau Guo Liping introduced, the construction of new dwellings occupy arable land, according to the relevant policies of Hebei Province. At present, Hebei Province pushed away the new residential projects are in accordance with last year's Hebei provincial "rural new residential demonstration Project construction land guidance (for trial implementation)."  It stipulates that the construction of new dwellings, "need to occupy agricultural land, can take the first occupation of the method turnover use."  That is, can occupy agricultural land for construction, after the old village homestead reclamation for arable land return, and return occupied area 1.2 times times.  According to media reports, last year, Hebei province was included in the planned 2000 provincial-level new residential demonstration village, 928 villages through the processing of revolving land to start construction. From Hebei Province Land and Resources department website report, Hebei Department of Land and resources director Zhang Shaolian said, new residential building needs to be first built after demolition, occupy a certain number of agricultural land, but each year, the country issued to Hebei province, the new construction Land index, only basic protection of key projects in the province, the provincial Department of Land and resources to effectively solve this problem ... According to the urban and rural construction land increase or decrease link policy spirit ... The paper explores the implementation of the policy of revolving land use. However, the Ministry of land in 2009 to Hebei's increase or decrease linked turnover index is only 12,000 acres.  Hebei Province "Exploration" of the turnover, far more than this indicator.  2009 Hebei started 1000 villages of new residential construction, is expected to 2012 of the province about 15% of the village will complete the construction of new residential reconstruction, will vacate 500,000 acres of construction land indicators.  Venzu, deputy director of Land Consolidation Center, said in a media interview the use of turnover indicators, including the determination of projects, demolition, reclamation, acceptance and other procedures, turnover indicators to return and use, to accept the Ministry of Land Supervision, the final return of arable land also need to pass the Ministry of National acceptance to be effective. "This indicator cannot have" Chen points out that last year, the Ministry of land to more than 20 provinces and cities a total of 200,000 mu of indicators, Hebei Province can not have so many indicators by the Hebei province as a policy basis of "urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linkage pilot", for the index of soil turnover has strict restrictions, and proposed, "for unauthorized expansion of  If the scale of the turnover index is exceeded, the pilot work of the linkage of the province (district and city) will be stopped and the annual land use index should be deducted accordingly.  In addition, "urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linkage pilot management measures" also stipulates that the project area should be in the pilot city, county administrative jurisdiction set up, closed operation. Several times in the Ministry of Land and ResourcesThe meeting also stressed that the increase or decrease in the link to be closed in the county area. However, the local policy of Hebei province, the indicators can also be transferred across counties.  Hebei Province Department of Land and Resources of the "new residential construction Land policy 30" mentioned that the indicators can be transferred, in principle, in the county area of transfer, "to be sure to be in the urban areas of the replacement, by the provincial government approval."  For the local policy of Hebei suspected violation, the reporter contacted the Ministry of Land and Resources, to press when no reply.  Yesterday, Chen, deputy leader of the central rural work leadership group, said in an interview with the new residential building regulations in Hebei Province, the provincial Department of Land and resources can come up with turnover indicators, in fact, "this indicator is impossible to have." Chen introduced that last year, the Ministry of Land and resources in total to take out 200,000 mu turnover indicators, and the pilot unit has more than 20 provinces and cities.  He said that the construction of passive Earth needs indicators, "there is no indicator, it is illegal." For these local policies and national policies, it is difficult for the villagers to know clearly.  What they are now noticing is that life is changing and living expenses are increasing. "Live in the building, no lizhuizhide."  "September 18, Funing County big Xin Zhai Cun a Xu surname Villager said, now is the season of peanut, all households in the courtyard bask in Peanuts, live to upstairs how to do; The local production of apples, all the homes were hit the cellar, how to store apples, farmed livestock, vegetable species how to solve?  In Yongqing County, Dong home village villagers last May, that is, the relocation of a new house, a year, the village "Villa" within, nearly 70% people in the courtyard to build firewood in the soil stove. October 14, a village fan surnamed said villagers, the village water, electricity, gas and the city, like the need to take cards to buy the county. Last winter, some people in the new house drilling, led Fengwomei heating.  Some villagers are reluctant to use gas, sleep paved with a layer of electric blanket and cover a layer of electric blanket. "Land increase or decrease linked to serious violations" Central rural work leading group deputy leader Chen, said in an interview, some local governments have transferred rural land indicators to urban wealth reporting (reporter Air) yesterday, this newspaper special report ——— "to eliminate the land finance behind the village hand" and "Shandong Zhucheng a knife cut off the village"  After the newspaper, Chen, deputy leader of the central rural work leadership group, said in an interview with the central government to introduce urban and rural construction land increase and decrease linked to strengthen township construction, and some places without authorization to expand the pilot, the construction index replacement to the city to make a wealth, this phenomenon is very serious.  Non-pilot areas to allow farmers to go upstairs to violate the law as the earliest warning of the phenomenon of officials, Chen in this year's two sessions, has directly hurt some places to use urban and rural construction land increase or decrease hook, the essence is to demolish the peasant housing, save the land, become the construction site indicators, and then into the city to use. Chen said, now many places are not pilot areas, there is no ministry of land to borrow the turnover index, the big demolition of peasant housing, let the farmers go upstairs, this is obviously illegal. In addition, Chen noted that some placesis a pilot area, but there is no unauthorized expansion of indicators to increase the scope of indicators, "this phenomenon is very serious."  Chen said that the increase or decrease of the linkage is only a pilot project, whether the pilot is included in the logo is whether the local land Ministry of the increase or decrease linked to turnover indicators, no indicators, a move to land is illegal, illegal.  The intention is to build the village Chen introduction, in 2004, the central government in document 18th proposed "urban and rural construction land increase or decrease link" concept, is intended to strengthen township and village planning and construction. Since 2005, in response to the "urban and rural construction land increase or decrease" approach, the Ministry of Land has issued a total of 3 normative documents, each document is proposed, increase or decrease linked indicators can only be replaced in the project area.  In addition, this year's central document also provides for this. Chen said that this year central one document to the replacement scope slightly expands, but only says in the county area replacement, "cannot exceed the county level unit, cannot finish the land from the village, will adjust the index to the medium and large cities use." "Chen stressed that urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linked to the original intention is not a big city can go to the rural demolition of the village, replacement land indicators, if so," not chaos? That's not going to work!  "Chen pointed out that at present, some local governments, the increase or decrease of the land index to save, pull out the county level, to the use of large and medium-sized cities, this phenomenon is many."  Chen that the prefecture-level government put the land in the township of the indicators, to the city to use, which violates the rules. The value-added income must be returned to the countryside in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Land, the linkage system is mainly used to increase rural collective construction land for rural sufficient construction land. Chen said that the system requires the completion of land, reclamation, to give priority to ensure rural construction sites, "that is, you can not build a new village, the rest of the land into indicators, transfer to the city." In addition, for rural construction land there are surplus indicators can be transferred to county-level towns, must be converted into state-owned land.  Chen pointed out that the indicators to the urban and rural areas, the conversion of land indicators value-added income, must be returned to the countryside. According to the report of the Beijing News, Chen said, although some places let farmers up to 200,000 yuan per mu of compensation, compared to the previous compensation, the local government "finger sewing a little more than in the past," but in fact more money or local government, it did not return all the money to farmers, "to get the city (per Mu) How much do you sell? Chen introduced, at present, the Ministry of Land in the investigation of this system, September to the national pilot provinces and cities conducted a comprehensive inspector.  According to Chen, the Ministry of Land and resources is studying whether or not to introduce a binding document, used to standardize the abuse or increase in the land link phenomenon. Feedback many readers reflect the existence of similar problems readers say that the village and the settlement is too low compensation, there are also some corruption problems; some people think that urbanization is imperative in this newspaper (reporter Air) yesterday, the newspaper "to eliminate rural land finance hand" after the report, many readers to reporters reflect the location of farmers "forcedUpstairs. "  Among them, nearly 90% readers expressed opposition to this phenomenon, and some readers think that rural reform is imperative, rural change community is conducive to the elimination of urban and rural dualistic system. Many readers reflect and live too toss Henan Tanghe Reader Li said that their houses will be demolished in the future, farmers will also go upstairs. What puzzled him was that he used to sell large tracts of farmland in his village and now turn the village into farmland. Readers from Chongqing said that the local rural areas are currently implementing a "double replacement", requiring farmers to change their urban hukou and social Security, the homestead for the building. "Each person compensates 2000 yuan, if does not turn, the future affairs, the village chief does not give the seal."  "The reader said that he will not see the direction of rural development in the future, do not know what the future protection of farmers." In addition, readers from Jiangsu said their village mobilized for relocation from 2006, but no one responded. "The farmers built yards on their own homestead, 10,000 times times stronger than the government-built buildings, in their own, do not have to climb the stairs, love to live on the first floor of the first floor, love to live on the second floor of the second floor, in the courtyard you love to plant flowers, love vegetables and vegetables, do not have to pay property costs, save heating, what is cheaper than the city buildings.  "At the same time, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Yixing, Shuyang and other place of the reader calls reflected, local practice and the report of the farmers upstairs movement similar."  Some readers say that the village is too low to compensate. It is understood that the reader reflects the problem is broadly divided into two categories, one is to reflect the farmers go upstairs after the housing and production inconvenience, the other is to reflect the relocation of village compensation is too low. Hebei many readers reflect that the homestead housing compensation of 400 to 600 yuan per square metre, and the purchase of new residential buildings will be 800 yuan per square metre.  At the same time, the majority of new residential buildings are built on arable land, the villagers compensation is very low, 10,000-30,000 per mu between. Some readers have also reflected corruption in the process of dismantling villages and settlements.  A number of readers reflect that local demolition of the village and Habitat, village cadres to obtain compensation is very high, and some village secretary can get a new house free of charge. Some people say that urbanization is imperative and netizens commented that for most people in the countryside, demolition is a good thing, the old house for a new house, urbanization can free up a large number of arable land. Now the advantage of the countryside is a courtyard, compared with the urban area, water, electricity, gas, sewage treatment, hospitals, schools and other public facilities are missing.  If handled well, it can accelerate the urbanization, and even improve the level of education, medical care and environmental protection. Recently, the experts interviewed also expressed different views. Some experts believe that the rural responsibility contract has not been adapted to the current development, rural collective living, centralized land cultivation is imperative, but to use policy guidance, natural advance. At the same time, the ownership of the upstairs should be in the hands of the farmers, who should benefit from distribution.
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