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Sina Science and technology news May 10 afternoon, Mushroom Street co-founder Yan Beads revealed today, Mushroom Street will be introduced in fine classification of clothing applications to occupy more markets.  It is understood that the current mobile-end traffic has accounted for Mushroom Street site 10%. 2012 Global Mobile Internet Conference, Yan beads in an interview with Sina Science and technology, said Mushroom Street is very optimistic about the Web site content vertical application of the development potential, will also be introduced in the future application. Here the so-called vertical application, that is, based on the existing site Mushroom street content derived from the main wear, footwear, bags and other subdivision of the application of content.  Not long ago, beautiful said the introduction of the collocation of "spring and Summer with the handbook" is an example. Mushroom Street began its market development on the mobile side from the second half of last year. Li Huizhu says Mushroom Street is now expanding more steadily on iOS and Android. The high access depth of ipad users allows them to start thinking about the potential of vertical applications. "From the mobile side to guide the flow of view, we feel that has accounted for more than 1/10 of the site, for us is very surprising number." "Prior to this, the user experience has been a bottleneck restricting the rapid development of mobile electric operators." In this regard, Yan that the mobile end of the purchase and PC is still a gap, but has made great optimization.  Mushroom Street has previously been in contact with Taobao and Alipay (Weibo) to optimize the purchase experience. The following is an interview record: Moderator: Everyone sina netizen Good, now is the location of the 2012 Global Mobile Internet conference site, today very Jong please go to the Mushroom Street founder Yan Bead came to our interview.  There are many layouts on Mushroom Street, can you give a brief introduction to some of the moves on the tip of Mushroom Street? Yan Beads: Mushroom Street In the move is from the second half of last year is the beginning of action, we are now in iOS and Android is relatively steady. The ipad access depth is deeper and we find that this is a very good development direction.  After that, we will also do a lot of applications in the application of the vertical action, we value the vertical of this app field, and from the mobile end of the flow of guidance, we feel that has accounted for more than 1/10 of the site, for us is a very surprising number. Moderator: You just mentioned doing vertical efforts, you can first give one or two examples, such as what type of app you do, what is this app features, what users can get?  How can Mushroom street get its own benefits? Yan Beads: We are now the app revenue, biased to the current site content to do an app version, according to different devices have different characteristics, then can be vertical, I use different user needs to make different apps, or in the app to make different modules, such as school girls are not the same, Northern School Southern School wear different, for clothes this thing can be divided into a lot of latitude, these latitude can form an independent application, just wear a lap. We think that wearing is a very big market for women, and there may be a separate module for the accessory package, independent module or independent a.PP We're still talking about.  Moderator: Mobile electric business has both praise and doubt, some people think that the experience of mobile electric buyers is poor, user acceptance is lower, mushroom Street looks like this? Yan Beads: We seem to buy the experience, I would think that if you are now with the PC end than is certainly bad, you and two years ago than is not a lot better? Two years ago we could not imagine buying on the phone, now the mobile Internet is very fast in the payment of this link, in the net silver Alipay such a link does not keep up with such experience progress, there are many platform experience is progressing.  We are in the purchase process, with Taobao and Alipay have a lot of interaction, we will work with them to improve the experience of buying, now in the Mushroom Street iphone and ipad version, user points within three must complete the purchase, in our view the user point three this embodiment has been very good.  Moderator: Mushroom Street before the release of Mushroom Free Regiment received a lot of attention, the current situation of this product how? Yan Beads: Mushroom Free Regiment of products, is our social shopping in this field a great innovation, unlike traditional group buying, users like to promote the formation of sellers.  Now we are also doing some interface adjustment, the way to buy, in April, the real group produced more than 5 purchase, the number of groups of more than 10,000 groups, these are sellers do not need to spend money, by the buyer's initiative to promote the group. And there are very gratifying numbers, resulting in the group of these transactions, Taobao turnover rate is the entire Mushroom Street site 3 times times, we mushroom street conversion rate to Taobao is 8%, this reached more than 20%, if users like, point to Buy, the buyer in the past 100 people, 24 people directly sold,  This figure is unique in the industry. Moderator: After the launch of this product, has been a part of the controversy, the so-called reverse group free group, is initiated by the user, the user needs in fact very diverse. Mushroom Street is mainly clothing category, this category, very dispersed. How to be a real group, in fact, is very troublesome, or very complex one thing.  What are the details of Mushroom street efforts to promote users to do reverse group buying it? Yan Beads: We actually do our research on the female user, and if the user says she likes something, we give her a button to call group buy. To give her the notion that she could go about a group of people to buy, so buy everyone will get cheap, purchase will not so strong, she may have ordered a buy all buy must have one or two people very want to buy, very want to buy people will talk with sellers, we so many people want to buy can be cheap, sellers must want to do this business, Give a little discount. These people will be notified, because they like this thing, because cheap someone to buy with me, he bought, this group of people immediately produce this purchase.  This behavior of user-driven behavior, real life such things exist, all marketing methods of operation methods, real life exists, moving online will be successful, do not think there are any problems. Moderator: You saidTo the process, I noticed that there must be enthusiastic netizens to talk to businessmen, talk down the discount we can enjoy, such a netizen ratio is very low.  Is Mushroom Street also helping to facilitate such a deal? Yan Beads: Not that he will have to have a netizen like this, in fact, there are more and more sellers he knew that there is such a message, he actively staring at this, a see someone to buy, holding the mentality of waiting for a wait to find such a situation he will be active settings. We now encourage, if there are enthusiastic netizens willing to do such a thing to do, we have to control the thing is that we do not want in this, he went to talk about this person, between his interests. If there is interest, the platform loses its impartiality. In our face, I do not have the concept of head, are netizens spontaneous.  As we run down now, the situation is satisfying our expectations. Moderator: When it comes to interests, businesses themselves to initiate a group purchase, users feel that several people also want to buy, users are not a lot of users also follow suit to do this kind of thing.  This can be said to be noise, mushroom street is how to eliminate the same noise in the product? Yan Beads: This is a very deep problem, first of all I said in real life, a seller he was selling things to find a few in there, this situation caused the user's conformity is very realistic situation, the network this situation is not, must have. The core competitiveness of Mushroom street is that we establish a variety of user models to judge the behavior of users, will not entrust? is the seller himself? Will there be a profit-driven? We have a variety of models to determine, if the judge of the suspect seller, he launched a group purchase is meaningless. We share a lot of data so that we share the product 78% and we directly judge that it is the direct filter out of it.  We can also judge him by the same logic. Moderator: Can you tell us a few conditions of judgment?  What is the condition that this merchant may be entrusted? Yan Beads: Specific conditions of judgement may not be able to say, the logic is this, the normal user behavior and the interest-driven user behavior is not the same, the normal user in Mushroom Street may browse others, may interact may buy things, if is a seller has the interest to drive your behavior will be very single, not to browse others, The main thing is hair hair. Such behavior in my opinion is not a normal user, we will set up the normal user model, there may be 1000 parameters, as long as there are a few unsatisfied is a problem, is the case.  Mushroom Street has a good model to judge. Moderator: Thank you very much for the deep sharing, thank you netizens, goodbye.
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