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Absrtact: October 15, le view S 3D Project Commemorative Edition cost, the price is only 2299 Yuan + 490 yuan. Coincidentally, the first 3000 sets of millet TV at the same time began to release goods, the price of 2999 yuan, two familiar with the Internet players, began in the field of intelligent television p K. And in this month 10th

October 15, Le view S 3D Project Commemorative Edition cost, the price is only 2299 Yuan + 490 yuan. Coincidentally, the first 3000 sets of millet TV at the same time began to release goods, the price of 2999 yuan, two familiar with the Internet players, began in the field of intelligent television p K.

The 10th of this month, le Vision T v in Beijing officially released 50-inch Super TV S 50, priced 2499 yuan. This price is only half of the same size smart TV, or even one-third, breakdown of the 2500 Yuan mark and 42-inch mainstream smart TV price system. It was last year's blockbuster TV announcement, the first Internet company to launch its own-branded TV, once again hurting the price of the killer. And in the industry's query sound, Archie, Millet, Ali, etc. have also launched new TV.

"Only vertical integration to create the ultimate experience of the product, Super TV can be imitated, cannot be surpassed." Le view head Jia Yue Pavilion to south all reporters that the super TV behind is a set of value tens of billions of (0.002, 0.00, 0%), based on the vertical integration of industrial chain video ecosystem, the threshold of replication is very high.

Mainstream size video, millet frontal phase strike

learned that the introduction of the S50 using dual-core C P U, 8G flash configuration, the screen using the original import LG IPs hard screen, and equipped with the latest full video of the LETVU I2.3 operating system, with the gift of the Super remote control, can achieve touch, voice, empty mouse, body sense and other operations, still "dazzle technology." Le See the attack selected 50 inches, le Video said, 50-inch to 55-inch sales rose rapidly, reached 8% to 12%, 50-inch potential huge. As to whether the future will be the introduction of new dimensions, according to market demand to judge.

Yesterday, the millet 47-inch TV and Lok-Vision 50-inch engineering machine was opened on the same day, the same as the Cross-border two Internet companies to accept the market vote. le-Vision T V Vice President Zhang said, 150 Taiwan le v. Super TV S50 Project Commemorative Edition 15th noon 12 o'clock at the Le Sight Mall ( open to buy, noon 12 o'clock open payment, only 8 seconds, 150 S50 Works Commemorative edition is snapped.

The video super TV and Millet TV are both the Cross-border peers and the absolute competitors. Jia Yue Pavilion said, "Super TV, not just a TV, its U i system, playback system, product design philosophy completely subversive tradition, it is no exaggeration to say that only music can do so subversive." "At Jia Yue Pavilion, Apple (498.68, 2.64, 0.53%) the root cause of the delay is the lack of content, only own a large number of high-quality content, can be content and platform, U I, playback system Perfect integration, this is not by using Third-party content splicing can do. "Throughout the industry, they're either just putting on a layer of Internet thinking, or nothing, just in hardware, U I up and down, by selling and starving marketing to create gimmicks that do not achieve the ultimate in experience." ”

And for the increasingly fierce price wars, Jia Yue Pavilion said, "Music will not take the initiative to launch a malicious price war, but we are not afraid of any opponents, because our model is determined, can not only rely on hardware to make money, we have to firmly do a good job as the ecological system, the ultimate experience of products, will be more and more users recognition ”

However, the price war does not seem to stop at this, China Household Electrical Appliances Business Association Marketing Committee Executive director Hong Shibin said, "In order to enter the living room, white send all can, because its (music vision) extension of the model, supporting its four-way profit model, not by the product itself." ”

New forces to draw panel manufacturers attention

The Jia Yue Pavilion and his team are on Super TV, using an apple-like integration approach. Independent research and development, the control platform, hardware, software, content, core application of each link, to create "platform + content + Terminal + Application" of the music-vision ecosystem.

"The integration of platforms, hardware, software, content, and core applications is everywhere, and if you don't control these links, innovation is locked in a cage." Jia Yueting said. For example, the video high-definition camera will become the use of extremely high ratio of accessories, le Video in the top center of the TV set aside a U SB excuse, used to directly insert the camera, and television design for the integration of integration. This is different from many intelligent television cable.

LG D Isplay PR senior Director Sun Yongji said the rise of internet television has also aroused the concern of upstream enterprises. It is also concerned about the new cross-border power of the internet, such as music, millet, and so on.

Jia Yue Pavilion said that the quality of the content and U I system fusion to make new functions, new experience, the need for content, U i, hardware, C D, such as comprehensive cooperation, missing any one link can not achieve the ultimate, and this is the industry chain to do the vertical integration of the advantages. Jia Yue Pavilion believes that this is the biggest difference between music and other Internet companies entering the field of intelligent television, "they either have no content, or simply cooperate with the traditional manufacturers, and le-Vision insists on taking the ultimate road." ”

Triple Challenge to be solved

Although television is considered to be the fourth screen to be contested under the smart strategy, the cake is not easily swallowed. Hong Shibin said that the development of smart television will also face three thresholds. First, if the product can not be on the scale, behind the operating value, content, data, etc. are castles in the castle. The second is the bandwidth problem, the speed of the current constraints on the future of data development, content development, application development, brand value extension is related to the speed. The third is policy. "TV is very cheap, content can collect money, or content does not collect money, there are advertising revenue, which challenges the interests of traditional radio and television system, which is also the problem of three nets integration, this is the hardest." Smart TV is the future direction of development, but the next three barriers to how to cross it, it takes time. ”

Faced with a variety of challenges, Jia Yue Pavilion to build the world's best playback system. According to its introduction, Le View has 2T of bandwidth, is the Chinese internet company a few bandwidth over T-class, and has nearly 200 nodes to the nearest users do video distribution services. And on the U I, the innovation, such as full video desktop, carousel channels, and so on, the hardware needs of the technical development team to match. It is understood that every Sunday two o'clock in the afternoon start, "platform + content + Terminal + Application" of the music ecosystem, the main responsible for each link with the music of T v Production research, electric business, marketing, customer service and other systems in charge of communication, involving T V version of the development, C D n layout, electrical data, customer Service logistics summary, marketing plan.

Jia Yue Pavilion said its goal is clear: with 3-5 years of time, Jiangle as Tencent (421.8, 2.80, 0.67%, real-time quotes), Baidu (151.5,-1.46,-0.95%), the world's platform-level internet companies.

Industry perspective

October 11 10 o'clock in the morning, S50 Works Memorial Edition and production machine began to accept the appointment. 24-hour appointments of more than 110,000, not only set a record for the Lok-View mall in a single day, but also the entire television industry in a single day online booking the highest record.

October 15 News, 150 Taiwan music TV Super TV S50 Project Commemorative Edition 12 O'Clock noon in the Music shopping mall ( open to purchase, music video TV vice President Zhang said, the noon 12 o'clock open payment, only 8 seconds 150 S50 Project commemorative version is snapped.


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