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Figure 1: "Little Times" memorabilia

On July 9, the long-awaited "Little Times 3: Gilt Gold Age" point-mapping was held at Beijing Wukesong Skylark International Cineplex. At the scene of the convention, the film's main creative party used a beautiful video to review the "Memorabilia" of "Little Times" together with the fans so that the fans there were passionate. When "VIDEO • Era" appeared in the video, it was a boon as it meant that "Les Era" fans' exclusive Video App • "Little Era" was officially released as "Little Era" Memorabilia "drawn a thick ink color.

Figure 2: Rich Award waiting for you to take

LeTV Video • Era Edition is an App specially designed for "Little Time" fans, which contains the most complete video contents of "Little Era": New customized icons to show off the status of fans. New customized home page, Network; exclusive custom "Little Era" channel and eye-catching topic - fans just App in hand, you can breath "see through" "Little Times"!

Here not only the movie "Age of 1: Origami era" and "Era 2: Aoki era" free to watch; there is the ultimate version of the trailer released; will also be the first time exposed star without cut, Scale challenge bottom line; enjoy handsome beauty at the same time, listen to the goddess Jolin Tsai love singing the theme song "million flowers pupil" ...... With the "little times" companionship, this summer, you are no longer alone!

Wonderful, amazing, exciting, happy, you want to see the "era" related to all here! In addition, more "Little Era" customized gifts limited gift: July 17 national premiere movie tickets, beautiful notebooks, Western-style music box and other gifts, all waiting for you to take away for free!

Analysis of the industry, "Little Times" and LeTV video hand in hand, can be described as favorable conditions. First of all, this cooperation coincided with the summer vacation. The launch of "LeTV Video Era" will surely attract the attention of these favorite "Little Era" students after 90 and 95. LeTV video is LeTV's mobile products, and "Little Time" is the music company's brother LeTV video production, near the water tower, can be described as geographical. "Little Times" hardcore fans mainly after 90, 95, and their high degree of adhesion with mobile devices (music video app carrier), coupled with both the user needs based on the "Internet product thinking" , Is that people and. Whether it is "Little Times" choose to move App Video as its marketing position, or music video with "small" fans to enhance their product stickiness, tied to each other will lead to a win-win situation.

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