Musk says artificial intelligence is the greatest threat to human survival.

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Ellon Masc (Elon Musk), chief executive of Tesla and commercial space flight company SpaceX, an electric vehicle company, is not a staunch proponent of artificial intelligence, but he calls the latter the biggest threat to human survival. Musk warns of the huge threat of artificial intelligence and calls for greater regulation of AI to ensure that we do not do stupid things. "If I were to guess the greatest threat to survival, I think it might be artificial intelligence," he said in a recent Centennial seminar at the Massachusetts Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. So we need to be extremely vigilant about artificial intelligence and to study AI as a call to demons. The aim of artificial intelligence research is to create intelligent machines that can effectively solve problems, sometimes even better than humans do. Many scientists want to make sure that artificial intelligence can play a positive role, but in science fiction or movies, Ai often makes humans into nightmares. For example, "2001", "Terminator", "The Silver Wing Killer" and other films, smart computers or smart machines will eventually target their weapons to their human creator. "In all the stories, there seems to be a guy with a pentagram and holy water, just as he makes sure he can control the demon," Musk said. But it doesn't always work. This is not Musk's first call for vigilance against AI. "We need to be extremely vigilant about AI, which is more dangerous than nuclear weapons," Musk said in August.
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