MWC second day observation: Smart cars into the MWC

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Tencent Science and Technology Zong February 26 Barcelona reported mobile communications World Congress MWC2014 the next day of the exhibition schedule, is a material day. Over the past 24 hours, operators, mobile phone makers and communications equipment have been strategically on the strategic wind in the next year as carriers, such as Samsung and HTC, have unveiled new 4G policies on the GTI. Judging by the popularity of the Spectator's foot vote, there is a crowded place with cars, as well as Tesla and Ford. Indeed, car networking and smart cars are no longer a novelty, and it has arrived. Samsung and HTC ushered in their own moments on the evening of 24th following the unveiling of the suspense over Nokia's Android phone release. Samsung S5 was released as scheduled, but not stunning. The appearance changed little, and the screen size increased from 5 inches of S4 to 5.1 inches. It is worth mentioning that the fuselage is still a strong sense of plastic, there is no choice of metal fuselage program, but the use and Note3 similar imitation leather material. By comparison, HTC's new look is thought to be more attentive. HTC's new aspiration series, priced at 1500-2000 yuan, is really starting to lay out the low-end market. However, in the Chinese market, also hit the low-end market HTC can PK over the Chinese cool alliance of these more adept at low-end users of the manufacturers to be seen. China Mobile has a new plan at LTE the GTI's summit, which was led by the Chinese mobile, announced several new plans. One important thing is that the volte is being tested and plans to launch an expanded scale test in the second half of this year, striving to achieve volte business by the end of the year. Another is to open more than 500,000 base stations by the end of this year, covering 340 cities. Another vane is the terminal. China Mobile will be purchasing more than 100 million LTE terminals this year, 100-150 U.S. dollars low-cost 5-mode 10-frequency 4G Intelligent terminals will be a driving focus. It is expected that, driven by China's new mobile strategy, equipment makers, chip makers and handset makers will have a new round of opportunities in 2014. But the opportunity is big is small, each family bitterness self-knowledge. Smart cars into the MWC Smart cars, car networking concept from Las Vegas to Barcelona, mobile phone show is moving closer to the direction of the auto show. Telefonica, a Spanish telecoms operator, put Tesla on the MWC booth and drew a warm crowd of exhibitors. Of course, they are in the main cart inside the intelligent system. This system can monitor the running status of the car in real time. There are also names such as Volvo, placed in Ericsson's booth. Ericsson is also used to showcase new technologies for car networking. Ford Motor car manufacturer also exhibits independently. Hon Hai's chairman, Terry Gou, is on the scene for new product launches. Ford is in the venue to showcase the multimedia voice control system sync with Microsoft, a car with Siri said, 26th, the Chinese voice of the Hkust News flight will also announce cooperation with Ford. Internet manufacturers hit TelecomIndustry: both sabotage and cooperation in the speeches of the various bosses, Facebookceo Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) is the Nova of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year. For a maker of WhatsApp, who has just bought 19 billion dollars, he said the takeover would be a break. WhatsApp such manufacturers are seeking cooperation while causing damage to the communications industry. Zuckerberg talks about buying WhatsApp value for money because it holds new opportunities for the next 1 billion users. At the same time, he also announced the establishment of the Innovation Laboratory plan, and Ericsson and other companies to make global access to the internet possible. Network construction is a communication operator, equipment business, now the Internet companies participate in the future of the change is expected.
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