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Two days ago, a domain name of the "Wu Long rights" incident, once because of "anger hit Siemens refrigerator" and by netizens known as "activist Hero" Luo, early registered "Bullog net" domain name suddenly become "Day cat net", it is understood that the domain name is deleted after the expiration, is not well-known person re-register and use.

Luo then in micro-Bo denounced the Registrar million network did not remind its renewal fee, privately resell domain name, vowed to "relentless retaliation." But after investigation found that the original is bullog NET domain name registrars negligence, did not see the past six months in the 5 renewal reminder mail, so far, the domain name of the Oolong incident to Luo apology closure.

Although the incident has ended, but some netizens debate the focus is: domain name, as an invisible, touch virtual information, how should we protect it against unnecessary loss, I and Domain name registration deal with more than 10 years of history, today I talk about my domain name establishment and management history, For those who need to build a website for reference.

History of domestic domain registration


My first domain name was registered in 2000, from that year onwards, I began and the domain name and host to deal with the history, when the choice million net is a coincidence, then I do not understand the domain name, credit card payment is not mature, just at that time million net engaged in a preferential sales policy of the domain name, I registered my first domain name in million net.

At that time, the network policy is more relaxed, the registered domain name is relatively simple now, do not provide identity cards and other personal information can be registered, there is no record, the domain name forwarding functions are also normal, so do it.

At that time million net domain name registration level is relatively low, through the WHOIS query, will find the domain name registrar is some foreign domain names registration agencies, and different years registered domain name, its registrar still different, this gave me later from the million network to cause a lot of trouble.

The impact of price factors

Before 2000, in China, the price of registered domain name is higher, the cost of hundreds of yuan per year for individual users is also a small fee, by contrast, foreign domain name registration has been very cheap.

At that time I registered domain name in million net is 60 yuan/year, is a more reasonable price, and then the domain name renewals up to 70 yuan/year (to renew the two-year), after the price increases year to 2005 years or so up to 130 yuan/year, taking into account the cost-effective and various factors, I began to consider my domain name from the million network migrated to the GoDaddy.

At the price, at that time million net price has risen to 130 yuan/year, and GoDaddy then registration and renewal of the domain name price only 7 U.S. dollars, GoDaddy price advantage is obvious, GoDaddy is the world's largest domain name registrars, the level of ICANN is also very high, the condition looks better than million nets. In addition to the price, my biggest concern for Renren was personal privacy.

Privacy concerns

At that time there is no so-called site records, domain name registration of personal privacy is mainly for the domain name registrars and whois two aspects.

Domain registration WHOIS is a database used to query the details of registered domain names (such as domain name owners, domain registrars), Whois services are open to all users, which means that if you register a domain name, then your privacy because WHOIS is not necessary to leak out, This is a disaster for personal privacy.

Information such as home addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses that are filled in when the domain name is registered can be seen by everyone through whois, spammers, spammers, fraudsters, and a wide variety of malicious users. For webmasters, the initial result is an increase in the number of spam and spam messages, but who knows when worse things will happen.

How to solve this privacy problem of whois, one way is to enter the false address and false telephone information, except e-mail, because e-mail is the most basic way to manage the domain name, the wrong message may let the user lose domain name.

The entry of a false address may be inconsistent with ICANN's policy, so there may be some additional disputes, such as the 2007 I had a fee deduction in GoDaddy dispute.

In addition, ICANN and the various domain name registries themselves have introduced domain name protection measures, but additional costs are required.

In addition to WHOIS, will the registrar not disclose the customer's personal information to a third party? According to a large number of domestic cases, this is not only possible, but also a large number of, one of the typical case is, in 2002, Yahoo China company to its mail users (network writer Wang) The personal data provided to the relevant departments as key evidence, resulting in the network writer jailed for 10 years.

Domain Nightmare: clienthold

With the development of the site, registered domain name users in the country began to encounter the most terrible nightmare: Clienthold, that is, stop the domain name resolution, further deepen the chaos of Chinese domain management.

Starting in early 2009, million network and other domain name registrars began to a lot of small and medium Web site to stop domain name, more famous has Bullog network CN domain name was sealed, video game bus COM domain name was sealed, 2010 years even occurred a new network closure well-known social networking site, well-known it information platform, Well-known blog hosting service domain name, October 2010 again occurred time Network and play domain name was stopped parsing. Previously, most of the domain name registration is the domain name registrar received an executive order operation, and 2011 of "Hui Cong broken Net door" incident, million net only received a customer complaints, on their own closed well-known E-commerce site HC network domain name, so that the industry shocked, domain name closure of the operating line is getting lower, operating frequency more and more frequently.

To understand million network and other domain name registrars conduct clienthold behavior is illegal, need to understand a few professional nouns:

Domain Registrars: Domain Registrars are companies that provide domain name registrations. and is responsible for providing DNS resolution, domain name change transfer, domain name renewals and other operations.

Network access provider: is the Internet service provider, to the vast number of users with Internet access services, information services and value-added services of the telecommunications operators. The value-added services provided include application of domain name, leasing of virtual host space, hosting and other services.

In the foreign industry, the domain name registrars only manage domain names, do not censor the site, for example, the user registered a domain name containing Google infringement, Google can be legal way to submit to the ICANN arbitration, win the right to obtain this domain name management. If the user's domain name is not a problem, but the site content violates Google's copyright, then Google's lawyers to contact the site's network access provider, ask the site to remove infringing content.

According to the above "HC Network broken NET Door" incident analysis, as the million network does not provide network access services to the HC network, so million network of Yu Huicong Web site published content of the legality and illegality does not exist the responsibility of a said, the infringement of the enterprise should contact the HC network Access service providers (host provider) To coordinate the deletion of infringing content, instead of contacting the domain registrar of HC Network for complaints.

Even if the website's Internet access provider receives this complaint, in accordance with the law, also can only disconnect the tort page of the link, so that the infringement of the shop page can not be accessed, if simply rudely shut down the entire HC network domain name, will lead to HC net All pages inaccessible, this is obviously a violation of the legal rights of HC network.

In the implementation of the specific technology, the disconnection of the infringing page is usually implemented by the network access provider (host service provider), rather than the domain name registrar to achieve, the domain name provider is difficult to achieve a link to disconnect the function of a Web page, and network access through the firewall can disconnect individual web pages.

In terms of management, domain name registrars only a few, good management, host service providers relatively large number, not easy to manage, some domestic regulatory departments in order to manage the convenience, illegal operation, will originally belong to the network access to the Business domain registrar to do, and ultimately lead to users have to choose the "vote with their feet" way to change the

The process of domain name migration

From the comparison of price/performance ratio, from million network to go to GoDaddy is a rational choice, China's domain name registration price is high, do not protect user privacy, selling customer information, and the use of U.S. registrars to register domain names, low prices, and the United States is the legal state, domain registrars usually do not betray customer privacy information, Even the sale of customer information will be transparent to the legal process, sold to the United States government. So, if you do some infringement of the intellectual property rights of American enterprises, the use of CN domain name is more reliable.

Think of the year from the million network to turn out the domain name that is really called trouble, also want to ID card is to fax, the migration process has been used for several weeks, midway also failed several times, the most ridiculous is that I moved the domain name after two years, million net customer service also called to ask me if I want to renew the domain name.

Mentioned earlier, at that time may million network agent level is not high, so from the million network to transfer out of the domain name to contact a few other international domain name registration agencies, I then turned two domain names contacted Bulkregister and Melbourneit, turn out raiders see here, From the bulkregister there turned out to be convenient, back and forth mail toss a few days to finish, Melbourneit there on the trouble, always prompt locking, operation several times not successful, I kept and melbourneit, million nets, GoDaddy three-way back and forth contact, It took several weeks to succeed.

However, the problem of domain name migration also has the advantage that the domain name is not easy to be stolen.

Under the iron wall of the GoDaddy


GoDaddy is a well-known domain name registrars, domain name services are stable, the use of GoDaddy in these years, in addition to some small accidents, generally not bad, but it is frustrating that GoDaddy services are more and more can not be used in China.

GoDaddy free domain name forwarding service in the year can not be used from China, after my query, because the IP address of the forwarding domain name service is blocked, it is estimated that some of the so-called "harmful Web site" has used this service, the IP was blocked.

GoDaddy provided free virtual host can not access from China, IP address is also blocked, the estimated reason is similar.

In the future, GoDaddy own official website also often do not go, it does not matter, I use agent can also go to GoDaddy, and this also does not affect the user to visit my website.

A few of the above services I am not used anyway, so I didn't feel much, but the most shocking and angry is that from 2011 onwards, GoDaddy's DNS service began to be a little bit of shielding, once the service is blocked, the user's domain name can not be resolved from China, resulting in the site can not open, This is not a calm. At first, I passed the DNS server address to address this problem, GoDaddy's DNS server is very many, hundreds, usually one can not be used, another can be, but over time, more and more GoDaddy's DNS server is blocked, Continue to use GoDaddy to do the site's DNS resolution has become an unrealistic thing.

There are two solutions, one is to migrate the domain name home, the use of domestic domain name provider of DNS services, after careful consideration, the risk is too large, I vetoed this program.

I chose another solution, the replacement of DNS service providers, the use of Third-party DNS services, the current provision of free DNS services are also more, foreign zoneedit, Dnsmadeeasy, DynDNS, such as a large number of DNS service providers, the domestic also has free and paid DNS services, in addition to , some free CDN service providers also provide DNS resolution services, so users have a lot of choices.

Under the iron wall of GoDaddy, also not easy ah.

How to register the domain name in GoDaddy

With the increasing number of Chinese users, GoDaddy also began to face the Chinese market for some optimization, such as in the payment, support Alipay use renminbi payment, which solves most of the Chinese people in the problem of payment headaches, and in Baidu and Google, GoDaddy also long-term use Chinese to do bidding ads rankings, After the advertisement clicked is a Chinese page address, introduces the situation of GoDaddy.

However, if you do not understand English words, in GoDaddy registered domain name or have a certain difficulty.

In this article, I explained in detail if the method of registering the domain name in GoDaddy, it is recommended to use Alipay payment, do not bind credit card, if there is a dollar can also be paid with PayPal, after the purchase of success, it is best to modify the DNS address.

If you don't use the discount code, at present in GoDaddy register a domain name is 13 U.S. dollars, the use of discount code, the price can be reduced to 7, 8 U.S. dollars, discount code usually has a certain time limit, the latest discount code usually to the online search can, GoDaddy will often send discount code mail to users.

The shortcomings of GoDaddy

Although the price of GoDaddy has a certain advantage, but I in the long-term use of the process, but also found some of the shortcomings of GoDaddy.

The most likely is the communication and communication problems, GoDaddy customer service are spoken in English, and usually only support mail, jet lag coincides with China, which leads to a problem of communication often to toss a few days back and forth. Once the user site domain name stolen, and its negotiation is an unusually painful thing, here a story is a Chinese webmaster in GoDaddy domain name stolen real experience.

Another problem is security, the above Netizen domain name is stolen also part of the reason is GoDaddy's security strategy has some flaws, I have accidentally found some of the domain name of GoDaddy management operations are carried out through HTTP, which is easy to cause a third party to sniff visits to steal information, resulting in loss of property users.

How to use GoDaddy safely

Finally summed up how to safely use GoDaddy domain name services, to prevent GoDaddy domain name stolen as long as there are two: GoDaddy account number and mailbox, GoDaddy account with a separate user name (do not and other Web site user name) and strong password, domain name all locked (migration unlock will send mail , the mailbox uses the safe mailbox (proposes to use Gmail, opens "Two Steps authentication" function, the world only now Gmail has this kind of mobile phone dynamic password Authentication function, so unless the Gmail user password and the handset is stolen at the same time, otherwise the hacker is very difficult to break down), the mailbox should often check Don't omit every notice sent by your GoDaddy.

In general, the domain name is the core of the site and valuable resources, its intangible appearance and its intrinsic value to form a sharp contrast, all the site must first start from the domain name, a good domain name is a corporate brand, do a good job of domain name security is every webmaster should be concerned about things, or once the future of the problem, It's too late to think of a remedy.

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