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Several students a few days ago, said to be ready to do a website, began to talk about a long time to prepare domain name is and then want me to record, I use their own information to record, began very simple to fill in the process of quickly account password can be used, then fill out their website information, everything is ready, is waiting, waiting is long, seven days passed I can't go on, asked my space quotient, he said to wait for 20 days, I will wait for a Days, or not, wait for me in Baidu Post son asked how the matter, all said to collect money a 30 yuan, at that time I want to pay for a, but I want to give Henan record call to ask, he called, he asked me the domain name, I told her, he said that wait 20 minutes, I was about 10 minutes, a refresh, Unexpectedly found that the record has been passed, the original role of a phone is so big, I hope everyone later on their own hands, do not spend anything, so that not only save money, but also can accumulate their own experience, I hope everyone later exchange, what do not understand the need for help, though, haha, Publish admin5qq:10937111 own website

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