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In writing this article, the title of the article so that I can not write! began to use the "a successful and unsuccessful man stepping into the SEO." But I feel that I do not deserve to use the success of 2 words to describe myself, so changed the title: "My Life is a growing seo."

I was a child living in happy Happy boy, 92 when our home has its own car, Santana. It was already a very wealthy family. Besides, we're still in the countryside. let alone. Remember very small time, my father is often out on the run, so I also with Dad a city in a city change school. I don't care where the school will be the teacher's special care, remember that there are more than n teachers in front of the students say more, I so-and-so have a rich dad, he can't read books and his father in. You have to work your own to change your life! In this atmosphere, I am also very diligent in reading ~ But to the back of the network is not read, and then graduated from high school ~ did not go to college remember that is 2000, Dad still very hard to find a 2-stream university spent a lot of money.

2000 entered the university to study, but even more do not want to go! Also want to stay away from their parents, so go to college! But in the school period more did not read the book, the whole day more on-line play the game! It was a very rubbish game at that time! such as the three red months ... Back to the birth of blood legend, I am more like a madman in the game Night and day! By 2002 I was expelled from school ... After playing the legend for more than 2 years, 2003, it seems that I have grown up. Suddenly feel like this is not going to work, I should have my own career. Just then met a friend and I was with the city, is also playing legendary friends .... He started his own computer company. is a brand of Zhejiang Province, the general agent, he suggested that I go to Jinhua to open a branch! I told my dad about it, and my dad was happy to give it to me because I saw my son trying to do something. He did not melancholy soon gave me 500,000, help me to start the Hangzhou hundred Special Computer Jinhua branch!

The company's operation for more than 1 years has been very good! Remember the 5173 of the websites that specialize in trading equipment, and many of their computers are bought from me. I am also the back 5173 famous to remember! At that time my company's business is also very good. Gradually I began to lazy not to go to the company to work, because went to Jinhua Yiwu after the acquaintance of the gambling friends. I started my gambling career. In 2005 years a demon-like thing came to my father's business, and my father lost most of his possessions. But at that time my small company was already lost almost.

So I went back to Hangzhou, to know the new circle here, or gambling circle, in this circle to know a lot of mixed triad, because I have a lot of friends in the computer market, so turn money is very easy. At that time, I also brought a lot of younger brother! I opened the casino! I got married at the end of 2006! My son was born on Christmas Eve that year!

Having a child is not the same! I do not want to go to the kind of ups and downs, fighting and killing the days. So back home Qiandaohu, and parents live together. Usually surf the internet every day, but such a large person can not always stay at home! So there is the idea of a legend. Back to open a miracle, the beginning of the six months is also good, every day at home online can earn a living expenses. But it's getting worse in the back! The more I open the more I don't want to open. During the opening of the service to know a lot of publishing station, Webmaster! feel their income is OK, so I also want to be a SF station! Although very early contact with the network, but do not know how to build a station, let alone what SEO! So I gave up! I went to Hainan to do fruit business in early 08. By the June of this year, I returned to my hometown with a loss of nearly 200,000. Look at the lovely son every day! My heart sucks! But I don't want to go out for a job. So I returned to the Internet, ready to develop online! Even if it is January can make a milk powder money, I believe that through my own efforts will be able to earn this formula money! I began to search online how to create a Web site, see a series of tutorials, and then learned the SEO training! So I found Tong teacher, as my mentor, , his SEO theory of making money is very good! has passed this period of study, I feel to do SEO is not difficult, the hardest is 2 words "insist". I believe that I can insist, can try to do. I also learned that these words are very difficult to optimize! I am the more difficult the person, I challenge! I believe that in the next few months, through my efforts can put my station to do the main engine home.

Although I have no experience! But through my time of study, I think the most critical SEO is the following:

First, server space, this is the most basic and most critical, the server must be fast and stable.

Second, the site navigation structure, must be clear, links to use text links.

Third, domain names and file names, the best choice of domain names and their own keywords Pinyin, file path and filename best contain keywords.

Four, the page title and label, no page title more to different, each page best highlight 1-2 keywords for good, design not too long not more than 30 Chinese characters, 60 English letters.

Five, excellent web content, good Web content is always the most important search engine, mainly divided into 3 factors: rich content of the site, original content, there is a text to the form of performance, do not use flash to performance.

The density of the keywords is generally 3% to 8% as good. (an article has 100 words, of which 3 to 8 are the key words OK)

Seven, backlinks, this is a very important part of many people will, but not enough to insist.

I feel in addition to the basic reasons above, SEO is the most important is to have a strong perseverance! As long as this insistence, I believe that the name must be photographed, SEO, there is no real master, perhaps everyone is a master. Those masters are mostly legendary ....

I am very sincere willing to make the world love seo people, want to become friends, please add QQ89510464,

Original hard! Reprint Please specify: The legend Thank you!

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