"My name is Mt Online" after the updated account system considerations

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Familiar with "My name is Mt online" may know, "My name is Mt online" in the login game is not to enter the account password, as long as the selection area can be, that is, "My name is Mt Online" is bound with the mobile phone, the change means that the figures progress resources will disappear, This way so many unlucky players inadvertently have a huge loss. This version of the update of the account system can avoid this problem, your information is the account information for the data stored in the official server, so even if the player changed the phone, so long as the account username is still, you can use the same characters on different devices. The official update just the system at the same time also made some suggestions to the players, in order not to let you miss the announcement of the players astray, the following small series for everyone to say the account system considerations. One: After the release of the new client, normal update client two: must not in the new client landing interface directly registered account number! Third: According to the original process, continue to select the game server, directly into the game four: into the game after entering the introduction option, to find the account binding and open, first register an account (e-mail), and then log into the account, and select the binding Welcome to pay attention to the broad bean Network micro-letter public account, push the latest and most interesting application information, Raiders Skills。
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