"My Natasha," as the Romans did, to the Li-Yang daughter-in-law.

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Natasha loves Chu Yaven, but she's not a bride. Cultural conflict is one of the highlights of my Natasha's wife and her Chinese in-laws. Chu Yaven and Natasha's love through half a century Sina entertainment was identified as the epic of the 2012-year saga epic "My Natasha" It is one of the few dramas in China in recent years that has been the heroine of a foreign actor, which has attracted many viewers ' expectation. The Russian actress Eliza not only with the actor Chu Yaven has a large number of love drama, but also as a foreign daughter-in-law.  In order to make Natasha's character authentic, Eliza carefully studied many Chinese traditional culture during the whole filming, and finally presented her image as the most power in the history of Chinese TV dramas. Written by Gao, Guo Jingyu's "My Natasha" story revolves around the Anti-japan warrior Pantiande (Jua ornamentation) and the Soviet Red Army Ensign Natasha (Iliza adorn), in the process of historical change and separated polymerization, the feelings of the two people have not wavered, witnessed the miracle of love. Because Eliza is an alien actress, my Natasha faces more challenges during filming. Apart from the language, the difference between customs and culture is also a problem for the cast to overcome. To this end, the production of Dalian Tian Song media dedicated to Eliza specially equipped with a full-time translator, but also to find a cultural and customs consultant, for her to explain the drama involved in a lot of knowledge. Eliza also devoted a lot of time to understanding and learning, and finally to the perfect use of the filming process. In the play with Pantiande's father, Eliza experienced a stubborn father-in-law's "challenge." Play Pang is the old play bone Manjan, in the play he was opposed to the door of the marriage, and when the son opinionated has been married, the father naturally to this foreign daughter-in-law a variety of picky.  But Eliza in the unusual standard of propriety to respond to their father-in-law, and with their own true feelings for the father-in-law's approval. Although the filming process is relatively difficult, but Iliza frankly, can have such an experience, really is a very big harvest.  Eliza, after she finished her "my Natasha", had a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture, and she said she would continue to study it in the future. "My Natasha" is the first Chinese TV drama history across the three countries, about 50 years of love story epic masterpiece, the total investment of nearly 40 million yuan, will be in 2012 New Year's Day in a number of satellite TV synchronized broadcast.
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