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At a very early time, my friend told me that there is a shopping site, specializing in men's shirts, is China's first male direct sales Model founder, then PPG is how crazy. In the subway, in the newspapers, on the TV, in the Internet, we can see yes! everywhere. PPG ads, this sales model does not like to go out of the DX to bring convenience, I have also bought a shirt on PPG, texture and style is still good, wear in the body more fit. Although I am now engaged in the promotion of the business of the website, I still have a deep plot on PPG. After all, we are also a PPG model of the Web site, but only selling women products.

But recently on the internet has a lot of news, PPG is being seized by the trade and Industry bureau, facing bankruptcy. The reason, I summed up the following points:

The first is that PPG companies have serious credibility problems for consumers. Earlier this year, the first launched by several media "PPG trademark seized the incident", showing the media to PPG's campaign of public opinion and siege officially started. After that, PPG was reported to the court by suppliers and agents. For a time, PPG comparable to the "Xinoudian-style" mode of publicity has again suffered criticism. In fact, PPG is only a local company that has not been established for more than three years and is not considered a foreign company by consumers. This led to a sharp decline in consumer trust.

The second is that PPG's business model has serious problems. Some of the garment industry's senior analysis has done the following summary: "Unlike traditional garment enterprises, the uniqueness of PPG's business model lies in the lack of its own production enterprises and its own physical sales channels, which not only bring the reputation of ' light Company ' to PPG, but also cause a series of problems. "This leads to the problem in the money, the source is also broken, resulting in the consumer's light."

The third is the most fundamental quality problem. On the internet to see a lot of consumers reflect PPG exist clothes goods not board, size is not in line with the Chinese, the return process is complex, cheating customers and so on, resulting in "PPG repeat customers close to 0", fortunately, I bought a fitting, did not encounter such a problem, which also reminds us of the time Ya, We must do a good job of product quality and service to keep more repeat customers.

The other is the same as the quality problem of capital chain, PPG large-scale publicity, heavy advertising burden directly or indirectly lead to PPG Enterprise Capital chain tight, business risk intensified, resulting in PPG to rely on financing to survive.

These are just some of my own insights, I hope that everyone will give support and help. This article starts in (, leaves stationmaster net.

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