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Most people are the SEO gorgeous appearance of deception, that it is very mysterious, very advanced, I certainly can not be an exception. When I first contacted SEO, it was already attracted by its mysterious veil, think that this is a very advanced network technology, coupled with its threshold is relatively not too high, as long as willing to take time to learn, understand can master it, and thus change their destiny. So, since then I joined the ranks of the Seoer, began their own SEO road.

The beginning of my SEO Road

That's about more than 10 years ago. At that time I and my friend Shan graduated from school together to serve the army, after the two people have set up a studio, then the work of the main focus is on the game, and in the game set up their own guild-the limit war. Guild size is relatively large, the total number of the highest ever reached more than 13,000 people, at that time we did not use is but the use of their own server to set up the online voice chat device, the regular online players are more than 1000 people.

Such a large number of people, so that only the use of voice chat communication platform is somewhat powerless, after all, there are too many people at that time will not use voice chat, there are many people do not like the voice platform, so we opened a second Exchange platform-Forum, and this can be said to be my SEO the beginning of the road.

In my and wish to really efforts, our forum is finally set up, when the forum was founded in fact, we did not understand that we have embarked on the journey of the SEO, just to give more than 10,000 members a day-to-day communication platform, and this we have done. However, a game is always has its life, and our minds at that time is mainly placed in the game this together, and did not focus on the site above, is still a day with guild members to play a copy, play boss, PK and so on. With the decline of the guild members, with the continuous loss of gamers, until one day we found that our guild has not many people, we finally understand that we are just a flash in the pan.

Start learning SEO

Until then, we began to think, where are we wrong? Although rely on this game we set up the basic purpose of the studio to achieve, around a year or so ago, our studio three people total income of 220,000, excluding the basic expenses of the last person to get on the hand also has more than 50,000, Only after that we found that relying on the game is difficult to get great development, after all, the life of each game is not the same, so we will look back to the site above. Because this time the site although there are not many people, but also brought us a lot of income, and the source of this revenue is mainly through the Google Alliance ads bring benefits.

So, from this day on, I started a real research site with my friend Shan, and this time on the network on SEO This together the amount of information is really too little, but still I and Shan two people are still through these sporadic information, to SEO slowly familiar with, plus the hands of the Guild Forum Practice, Then slowly grow up. Although the final or because of our random changes, the forum was ultimately the search engine K, but failure is the mother of success, but also an accumulation of experience.

SEO Promotion

After 1.5 accumulation, I and Shan also true infatuation on the SEO, and this time Shanhui teacher's "seo actual password" a book came out, and it is this book really will I led into the SEO door. At that time, this book can be said to be SEO industry is very comprehensive, necessary books, I spent a full one months to read Shanhui Teacher's book, it is a lot of benefit. For the previous confused, puzzled questions suddenly enlightened up, so I and Shan began a further SEO search.

This time it took us a full two years, until one day we feel that we should let SEO this technology to let more people learn, so we set up the Chinese gang SEO free teaching platform, to those who love SEO with us as a friend to improve, learning platform.


To say the truth, for SEO knowledge through nearly four or five years of hard, the technical level of things in fact are basically mastered, and even subdivided into the weight of the transfer-oriented layout, link structure, link layout, the number of links and so on these issues I have thought about, but I have not established any decent site. The reason is that there is only one, it is their lack of strong executive power, know everything, understand everything but did not do or do not adhere to, this is the most important reason.

And this is the problem that most people have, do you? Are you the same? Leave your footprints and tell me about your growth history.

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