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Recently a period of time and my site desperately two months, encountered a lot of web site promotion problems, I will find this time to explore the skills to share with the new, so that we take less detours. Also welcome you to my article suggestions, but also to share their experience, let us all do a good job site.

How to choose good promotional material

If you can find a particularly good material for selling points, the work behind you to start a lot easier, so in the promotion of the steps to choose good material is particularly important.

1, find the most popular elements

First of all, you have to understand what the current netizens like to see, what is the most popular now. For example, now I use the forum to promote the company's Web site, it is the happiest boys are the most red when the special attention. At that time I was looking for a lot of video posts related to Happy boys. Go to the major forums to publicize. Once out, immediately attracted the eyes of most netizens, naturally brought a good flow effect. If you can not judge what is now the most fire, the easiest way is to refer to Baidu Yahoo Sogou keyword rankings. What's the most popular, the hottest?

2, find the topic of interest in the city

On the other hand, because we are the city portal, so the promotion of the direction will be more competition for the city's netizens, to be able to attract the eyes of the city's users, this will be in-depth understanding of the city's daily life characteristics, the city's most interesting to resonate with the topic is what, to have a very keen market observation, Can quickly capture the latest news. Put these latest, most interesting topics to the local residents, over time, the city's new, they first thought, is our website.

Ii. How to conduct online activities

If a site forum can successfully organize an online event, it reached the effect of the promotion.

Portal competition is the local city residents, holding online activities more convenient direct, interactive strong, more able to gather popularity, the popularity of the site. Of course, not a single activity can be successful, the early stage must be prepared adequately. What is the main purpose of the event, the rules of the activity, the object of activity, the time of the event, the prizes for the activities, and the possible adverse events that may occur in the activity, etc. If a friend has experience, it is best to consult first, avoid the lack of experience cause regret. However, such activities are held more and more experienced. To say an extra thing about the event trophy, prizes can find local businesses, or enthusiastic friends to provide, businesses to provide some small gifts, do not need him a few money, for him is also a publicity role, or can use our station resources and his exchange, these have to see how the webmaster to talk to the merchant. If you can not talk about the business, then make their own money to buy gifts, in fact, just mean that, not spending much money.

Examples can refer to the channel network held on the looting of the building online activities:

Iii. How to choose the best place to promote

Through their own promotion of the practice process, find a good place to promote the site forum is the promotion process, the most important point. If the promotion of the place, the popularity is very low, a version of a few online, and even a few new stickers a day. Your material again good, again skilled post post-posting skills, no use. How to find a good promotion site, I will say how I used to find.

1, to have a good flow statistics software, can be counted to a day of traffic from which forums, where the flow is more, where the flow is relatively small. Statistical software is a necessary tool for website promotion. Personal recommendation CNZZ (strong statistical function, clear source, can motivate you to promote and follow up work)

2, find more local forum to do the experiment, I ranked in the top 10 of the forum have registered ID, each forum has chosen the relevant version of the posting publicity. After several days of observation and discovery. Use the flow statistics software to choose the three big forums which bring the biggest traffic. I will focus on the promotion of these three forums. I'm not afraid to tell you, I am in these three forums, each forum has registered 30-50 IDs (up to now, I have several forums have hundreds of IDs). My choice of Forum edition area is average hundreds of people-thousands of online. Often I only need a good material, in these three forums after the hair, and then to the top several times, 1 days can bring a lot of traffic.

3, more local QQ group, the city is the most easily in the local QQ group resonate, the spread of fast, you can use the least time to play the biggest promotional role, of course, to promote the topic enough to arouse the attention of everyone.

4, the mail promotion, the local family and friends of the mailbox together, about a period of time to put the station fun topic, mass to friends, each group limited number, too much will be counterproductive. Good mail content, friends will be forwarded again.

Above just personal promotion of some experience, of course a good domain name for the promotion also brings a lot of convenience, our company has good domain names such as,, etc., if you are interested to do portal station friends can go to our website to see, Maybe it's right for you:

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