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I am a fish in the "Sea of clippings" and swim freely and contentedly. I was in 2005, after work, the first contact with the newspaper clippings, but now I completely to the newspaper clippings for a living, living a free Soho life.

After graduating from college, a single person, came to the South Gate of the motherland, the forefront of reform and opening-up----Guangzhou, in a well-known newspaper group advertising department engaged in advertising marketing planning work. Although the work is relaxed, the income is rich, but is not what I aspire to, later I also discovered that my character simply is not suitable in the advertisement profession to mix. I will not privately and the leadership of the close, but will not change the pattern to give customers gifts, inviting people to eat, I can never do this, also indicates that I can be in the market the possibility of the rise is very slim. So I resigned.

The modern city living standard consumption is high, looking at the Passbook on the remaining money is not enough for me to live a life of more than half a year, so I found the present------newspaper clippings, from reading every day, read, surf the internet, scan, send newspaper clippings recommended. Because I have been fond of reading books, reading newspapers, but never thought that will be the pursuit of life and life to rely on. Anyway now can only be published every day, I began to try to put online, some articles in the magazine through e-mail. Unexpectedly, some articles were soon published in newspapers and magazines, one months later, (my first bill of exchange from Wuhan, Hubei, Italy, 30 Yuan magazine) I began to continue to receive the bill of payment.

Just started very little money, one months only five hundred or six hundred yuan appearance, slowly, with the newspaper clipping recommended the increase in the amount of press, my fee also increased, one months received more than I work wages. At this time, I began to seriously think about the newspaper clippings to make money this matter. Now that I have not worked so hard, I can earn the same income as work by recommending articles, then I will try a little harder. Not much more! Since then, I have reduced the time to loiter and chat online, and began to make newspaper clippings as a job. Pay must be rewarded, by virtue of my not too poor writing skills and skilled computer operations, I press clippings published articles more and more. Six months later, my monthly income has reached about 3000 yuan. This is in the economically developed Guangdong, although not high income. But that also can let me have no worries, compared to some people who just joined the work, one months but also 1500 yuan up and down, the hotel, shopping malls waiter's salary is even more than 1000 yuan money.

In order to better carry forward the newspaper clipping industry, correct dissemination of newspaper clippings culture, but also in order to expand the "business scope", so that more people and I have to sit at home can have a huge income, I began to set up their own studio online. Named "Soho Newspaper clippings Information Network" at the same time applied for international domain names. Compiled summary of a variety of newspaper clippings recommended materials, opened the Chinese newspaper clippings the first "newspaper clipping recommended pronunciation training course", as well as participate in a variety of collection activities, on behalf of the users to purchase the sample magazine, sample newspaper and so on.

Two years down, I have fully adapted to this newspaper clippings life. I make a living by clipping a newspaper, through the newspaper clippings to make friends, now I have become (Soho Press draft information Network) CEO and website of the chief planning, editor-in-chief, newspaper clippings recommended cultural figures, but the newspaper clippings also let me live a free, spiritual and material to meet the life. People call me a Soho clan for a while, call Digest public for a while, some people call me "information setter". This shows that our people are still the traditional consciousness of "new things", but after all, has begun to arouse people's attention. My own to the newspaper clippings of the deepest experience is: there is pain and tired. Free, smiling face. Therefore, I think I will continue my "newspaper clippings" career, after all, it is my choice and live a satisfactory lifestyle. Next I will make my newspaper clipping recommendation website better. Made in the industry first, domestic well-known, world-class newspaper clippings recommend information network, so that more friends know the newspaper clippings, but also learn to press the draft, enjoy the home to make money of the good leisure.

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