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Along the way, my website Amoy Ahan has been created for nearly 3 months. In fact, the original reason for the creation, just a little ridiculous to follow suit, but now, she has a number of fixed crowd, she brought me something that I did not think of the beginning of the station.

At the beginning of the station, like most people, my site has only one page. is Ali Mother promotion channel. At that time I was also worried that such a uniform site, there will be no room for survival. But I have to say, this page for a person who does not do the site, or very useful drip, update the selection and so on a series of work, do not have to do. You just have to be relieved to promote it. Not reconciled to the same parents, you can add some simple pages, like my website, are some simple static code plus style. It's just a bit cumbersome to update, but for some code beginners who want to do a good job on the site, I think the initial stage is still feasible. But no matter what to do, or need to learn, you do not think in a few days to make a website and then to wait to collect money, this idea is very unrealistic. If you want to skyrocketing, I suggest not to do the site, do not engage in Amoy customers. Because it's not as easy as it thought.

Now my site has at least hundreds of IP traffic, because there is no time to manage the site, traffic has also declined, so the intention to update the publicity is very important, no time to slack. First talk about how I use the promotional site, but also how to use the website for publicity. First of all, I first use the site to promote Taobao space, shops, such as in the big picture Flash, add space and shop publicity page. The use of space and stores with the addition of links to promote the site. For example, my Amoy Ahan 123 Shopping Guide column and speed Amoy Bar Boutique Shopping guide, the title in a certain sense, but also to the site in the publicity. I am using such a two-way promotion, to increase the click.

Here are some of the tips I've written about Amoy.

Amoy customers believe that many people's first choice is to promote a single product. I say the main two points:


1 is to choose hot goods. It is not advisable for many people to simply pursue high Commission products. Because the Commission is too high commodity, and not necessarily a good commodity, and not hot products are often encountered in the promotion of Midway connection failure problems, so that they are equivalent to doing nothing. If you promote the product, there is no record of purchase, then the promotion of the transaction probability of a major discount. And sales of large goods, the product connection will be relatively stable, but also can give buyers a good reference

2 is the choice of the season, the right goods. For example, now has spring, you are also promoting cotton-padded clothes, it must be difficult to deal with.

3 is to promote a single product should not only send merchandise connection. We often see some friends in the group to send Amoy connections, or a mass message to promote. This kind of blunt advertisement is very difficult to have the effect, even can arouse everybody's disgust. So like to do advertising friends attention, want to advertise, must do a euphemism. There are some friends in space advertising, this is very good, but a lot of people just directly in space to send a few Ali Mother's merchandise connection and merchandise title, but there is no description of the text, such a page will certainly not cause buyers desire. Choose a good product, must be accompanied by some merchandise pictures and detailed instructions, so that people will go to see

Two points

Ali mother Promotion Theme use good

This is also a very simple and practical method for beginners, it can not be ignored oh. Some people will feel, or their own recommended products more down-to-earth. In fact, in the promotion, plus Ali Mother's promotion code, is very simple, just choose the appropriate topic to get the code on it. and the promotion of the page of the goods are small two carefully selected, regardless of the quality of goods, turnover rate, price and so on have certain advantages, and the page is exquisite, professional! More can cause buyers buy desire Oh! Text and picture connection is also very human, especially picture connection, you can choose the size you need. You can click on the following Web site to see,

Three points

Professional recommendation, do belong to their own promotion page.

Many Amoy customers know how to use their own space for publicity, but as said above, a lot of people still only stay in the promotion of a single product, the following is Xuan Xuan for you to bring the spread lattice method. This will be a lot of people, but the production of beautiful, it is not so much. As long as the heart, learn more to see, you can certainly do very beautiful very professional. Most of my ads are in Taobao space. Many squares have been laid in space. But because Taobao space does not support the top, many of my lattice expired after the deletion of the redistribution of ... Of course, when it comes to this, a lot of people don't shop, even the code is unclear. Don't want to talk a lot about how to write code, because people do not listen to understand, do not understand the people do not understand, so, I put two template code to everyone, we just copy to the space to find good merchandise to do pictures and connections, replace it. Here to pay attention to a point, paved lattice, to check the connection at all times, because some goods can not be promoted in a few days. This way you will waste one or more promotional bits, and the best product pictures can often be replaced, let everyone know that you are still updated. If you do not even care about your own, others will see it!

Four Points

Whether you have written a lattice, or to promote a single product, the next most important is to carry out publicity. Amoy Help to write a lot of methods, this must be seen. The words are very clear, I will not say more. Have not seen friends, click the address below to learn. Http://

And then there's the ad. Of course, advertising should also stress ways to find the right place. There are many people in various forums everywhere advertising, the result not only did not play a role in the task, but was deleted the post. Usually pay more attention to some of the forum dynamic, more to the forum to see new messages, initial can exchange some connection aulympic. You pay more than others, you will get more than others. However, personally think that the initial publicity, Taobao space is the best way, because Amoy most are buyers, and some sellers are potential customers. And the flow of space, can also be posted on the forum. For example, in the "Personal Space" forum, you can show space, write a log of the way to promote their own space, gather popularity.

Indeed, promotion is a difficult and time-consuming task. This must be done on your own, because Amoy may not be more convenient than your work. Advertise wherever possible. This, there is no way to teach, their own slowly study it.

Five Points

Focus on the forum, participate in activities, and timely grasp the latest news.

Want to do Amoy, your news is not well-informed can not. More in the forum to see, there will be many surprises you news oh. Don't let go of any chance. For example, some sites or forums in the early days, there will be free advertising to everyone, as well as the forum's recent community text advertising big gift! Activities, etc., can participate.

Here to recommend a free Taobao forum activities, this is the event has been held for more than a year, sellers and Amoy guests can participate in OH ~ Every Friday night 8 o'clock, there will be two registration stickers, one is the seller application stickers, one is Amoy to apply for stickers, Amoy guests can be requested to register, as long as the selected goods, Can be in the official space and other places to promote OH ~ Official space has nearly million clicks, Space Forum Address:

Said here also almost, this is my first time to do Amoy to write about Amoy guest posts, Tao Tao is here to thank all the friends who read this post. Amoy this road, not so good to go. As with all things, patience, intentions, carefulness, perseverance, in the study of continuous summary, progress, the same can not be less. Oneself to work for oneself, own to oneself when the boss, sound is very agreeable one thing, but the person who really does, only then knows the bittersweet.

It is now often seen that some people do not earn their own money, they suspect the income of others, or even the attack of acrimony. Save those time and use it to study how to do Amoy. Comparisons can make people happy and painful. If you really want to contrast, then change the object to yourself. To surpass oneself is the greatest happiness. Do not envy, do not envy, down-to-earth to go their own way, the success is not calculated, with a calm heart to strive for, adhere to do not put!

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