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Hainan Travel site is a very early idea I have, because has been hesitant to unknowingly has been a number of years, see the government has been desperate to build Hainan Island to become an international tourist island news, but also in order not to leave the life of regret, last September I resolutely resigned to make a decision to do a best Hainan tourism site , do take into account must be with the traditional tourism site, 17899.html "> Travel Service category Travel site is different (also put me a man in the 51 to work, pulled back, (*^__^*))."

Positioning is critical, I do is the Hainan tourism site, the current Hainan tourism site has been many to the flood, as long as it is a bit of a trip with the company or individuals have their own a tourism site, no matter how bad a lot of good, this site in Hainan tourism home can be known. In fact, in the past few years Hainan tourism mainland tourists are still thread situation distribution, "1.3 billion people share a Hainan island" really good, Hainan sunshine, beach, air and other environment are first-class, but for a variety of reasons, Hainan tourism has not only not set up their own brand, but also notorious, slaughter passengers, The phenomenon of group-throwing and so on has caused the mainland tourists to Hainan tourism to produce a very distrustful impression, want to go to Hainan Island tourism but can not find a reliable and trustworthy website and travel agency.

Perhaps we all know Ctrip, E-dragons and other booking sites, they are portals, hotels all over the country have. I only have one Hainan island, then I must take this Hainan island related hotel to do the most meticulous and the service is most thoughtful.

From the price, whether it is Ctrip, e Dragon or travel agency, the price is higher than me, because our operating costs are much lower than their large companies, the price is different but the hotel services are the same, I believe that guests will choose us, so the price I have a clear advantage.

Product comprehensive, basically the hotel has room type I have all taken down, so that can meet the different needs of customers can also show strength.

Service, I seriously investigated, Ctrip, e Dragon or travel agency in the hotel rooms are relatively biased, in the corner of the floor. I've worked this. All the customers in my reservation, I have arranged the best room, with a room, the people in Ctrip to open the window may not have the scenery, and in my room for the people to open the window on the picturesque, so that cost-effective also reflected. Word of mouth, very interested.

The promotion aspect, I and King.lin brother also does not do the promotion, mainly is the manpower is relatively few, has been paying attention to the technology and the business, but the next promotion still must do, after all this kind of website target customer All is has the demand only then on this kind of demand website.

In fact, the webmaster can find resources from their own living place into the Internet, E-commerce is the trend (Ma said: Do not do e-commerce five years later will regret!), and there is nothing bad about it. Is the outdated camel selling tea not a good example (and borrowed from brother King.lin)?

Hope to be able to work with Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing's large Web site cooperation, exchanges, the travel webmaster throughout the country to communicate. Experienced brother guidance on the promotion of the offline, thank you ~ ~

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