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This paper talks about the rental server refers to the IDC service provider to provide the host, the unified average allocation of host resources, and then this part of the resources leased to users of this kind of rental model. Each person enjoys the same authority, has the same host resources, and undertakes the same rental costs. This kind of renting mode is used more widely nowadays, user groups, because I engaged in related work, the usual problems summed up, and everyone to share, so that there is a need or are using friends to the server to rent a more clear concept and understanding, to avoid unnecessary trouble in the use of the process.

The difference between a rental server and a virtual host

Relative to the user, the rental server is a virtual host, the service provider has set up a server environment, users only corresponding use and management rights, but also different from the virtual host. Compared to the virtual host users, the rental server has a clear resource division, the tenant has a higher administrative authority and use of permissions, the server is relatively more stable security, enjoy more bandwidth resources, more expensive than the virtual host users.

For example, we offer 5 high-end combined rentals, meaning that 5 people have all the resources on average for a single server. Supports subdirectory bindings, supports subdirectory domain name bindings, supports setting subdirectory permissions, customizes 404 errors, and so on, which are not enjoyed by virtual host users.

Virtual host user, plainly is to buy a space just. Virtual host personal feel suitable for the use of some small and medium-sized enterprises, this part of the user site is only static page, and some although the dynamic page, there is a database, but rarely updated, the Web page is only a display of the enterprise, even if the space is not stable, will not be affected by the big. This part of the user knowledge of the network is less, also often by some IDC, some IDC business does not consider the user needs, encounter enterprises feel the wealth of God, recommended independent host, VPS, rent, in fact, the virtual host completely can be competent. Some users feel that anything is expensive, Ning Xiangui of the right, but also let some of the IDC have an opportunity.

For the beginning of the personal webmaster, there is a certain flow but not very large, the stability of the space has certain requirements of users, individuals recommend the use of a rental server. The cost is relatively low, but the space is more stable, use up also rest assured.

Rule explanation for the rental server

Because the rent-sharing server is a separate server for multiple users, it is necessary to divide the resources evenly, so it is unavoidable to set the rules. If that IDC says to you that their rental servers are open to nothing, you must be careful to be fooled.

Or to our 5-person high-end server rental for example, host rules do the following restrictions:

Allocating resources evenly to resource allocation

Bandwidth 3072 Kbps

CPU Limit 40%

Number of IIS Connections 1000

Online audio-visual downloads and resource-consuming sites do not support

A simple understanding is that a server is divided into 5 units, 5 people share the user enjoy 3M of bandwidth resources and 40% of CPU resources. You often encounter such users in the process of using, is not 3M bandwidth, how my flow chart shows just ran to 2M, is not done a limit, here's 3M and 40% refers to the peak, that is, your Web site running the largest 3m,cpu up to 40%, if your site has no traffic, or the site is closed, It is possible to take up bandwidth and zero CPU. For IIS concurrency does not explain, do not understand can find information to learn. For small and Medium Web site 1000 IIS concurrency is sufficient. The reason why the server does not support online download, such as resource consumption site, or to take into account the allocation of resources such as bandwidth, resources are limited, a person to use more, other users will be less relative possession. The limit is to allow each user to enjoy quality service!

Special points:

Some IDC play their rental unlimited bandwidth. However, the flow is limited during use. Traffic is the sum of data transferred over a period of time, and bandwidth generally refers to the maximum sum of data transmitted per second. Bandwidth x time = flow, as long as you understand the relationship between the two, you will be able to understand the IDC is not fooled you. Then again, each server's bandwidth resources are limited, many people share resources, no limit to your bandwidth, you may be a person to run out? So to play what is not limited to IDC, your own careful consideration, perhaps just a kind of tolerance, you definitely do not want to affect your future work.

They are not limited to CPU usage and are not limited to IIS links. When the purchase of the time to say not limited, but the actual use of the process, is certainly limited. Just imagine, a machine is the resources of many people to enjoy, you have a person to do with other people, in turn, others use this should be your resources, you are willing to? Many IDC like to engage in word games, as long as you understand these basic concepts, you will have the Sun Wukong's eyes.

These are my work in the process of exposure to some of the problems, although the writing is very superficial, but still sincere and you share the webmaster, I hope to help you. Our rental service center is also sincere hope that you can provide the webmaster services! Our service may not be satisfactory, but we strive for perfection!

Thank you for your reading! qq:258443488.

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