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"Baidu application open platform" is based on user needs, based on Baidu "box computing" information technology and service mechanisms for the majority of webmasters and developers free open-end data sharing and docking platform. Application Submitted directly to Baidu open platform, developers or operators can achieve the best location and the best form of search results.

Platform target: Baidu application open platform "is expected to build a new ecosystem", the search box into a similar Apple AppStore this application platform, which is conducive to user experience, to help users save time.

Business Model: Advertising Business Model + Free. As Baidu users are generally reluctant to pay, so it is more difficult to do fee-based services, and therefore can only be advertised on the application to achieve profitability.

Vertical search traffic interception: for air tickets and shopping, express inquiries, TV dramas and other vertical search, closer to the "application" rather than "information", Baidu data open platform leads to relatively beautiful, comprehensive first search results, which will Intercepted most of the traffic.

Weaknesses: This open platform is currently (App Store) to Baidu search box at the core, the lack of a client (Baidu browser may be future clients), pay is more difficult, most of the individual application-based, e-commerce applications Few, so the business model of third-party developers usually take free + ads.

Hard to say through the application can really improve the search experience, the original keyword search to the site you want to go, the user may change the keywords, to re-search.

Opportunities for e-commerce developers: Third-party e-commerce software developers can utilize their own R & D and operational advantages to develop some types of e-commerce services or applications involving businesses and individuals for the open platform of Baidu, for example, internet marketing applications, exhibitions Query, patent search, business registration, Yellow Pages, exchange rate inquiry, international patent search, Chinese patent information retrieval and so on. Such application development has low cost and no technical threshold, which has actual value for users, advertising value, The use of these e-commerce applications can be used at lower cost Baidu more search users.

Appendix: Other Internet industry insiders Baidu application open platform (box computing) summary of the views (Source: Know the relevant comments):

Nguyen Dragon

1, Baidu has been a cloud-based company, but in the storage of this one is relatively weak; Box computing is its cloud to make a more concrete strategy;

2, from the current point of view, box computing is actually an AppStore, with the browser capabilities continue to increase, this computing power and distribution capabilities are very strong, and now web games is a very favorable breakthrough point;

3, the box now calculate the problem I think is the ability to pay and advertising capabilities, if the user charges, payment channel is a big problem, not only holding a hundred pay treasure; if through advertising fees, advertising ability to put on Now Baidu's advertising system may pose a challenge;

4, the product experience, accurate results and commercial income is difficult to balance between the three, which is box computing resistance encountered internally (I guess), how to resolve and balance, test the wisdom of Baidu and even the highest intelligence and determination;

5, box computing is Baidu from tool to platform an important watershed, this platform, ability and mode if done well, Baidu's future should be more optimistic.

Edge River, Broadway

Simple to say two, personal opinion for reference

1, Box computing more is that Baidu has always been a user-oriented search concept extraction. Is a better way to meet the user.

2, for the small station, the box should be more marketing channels of marketing. From the release to the present did not see who lost the user because of the box calculation. Positive hug, the use of box computing for your Baidu users also provide the value of it.

3, whether to be a successful business strategy, no one knows, users and partners or with his own development to make a choice.


The heart of box computing is that it allows search to host more tasks and functions. Box computing is asking yourself: any user needs, can be directly presented in the search results page? How to present? If you can do it, then the search will not be exceeded.

The range of box calculations currently covered is very limited, and will not have a major impact on the internet landscape for the foreseeable future except in specific areas (eg games, e-commerce, hiring). Therefore, not to mention killer, is only Baidu to deal with more and more Web applications and data integration, and to adopt a strategy. The real killer of the future is the cloud, not the box. But Baidu's cloud strategy is still missing.

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