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Many people just contact the time of SEO, are not clear what they should learn what knowledge! Recall I just contact with SEO, the mind is also a blank, feel helpless. Do not know what to do SEO should be systematic learning. I just want to learn some of my SEO process and some of their own experience to share with you, of course, I am not what seo great God, Montana, great Fairy, even when you search my name online, may not find too much information. However, I still want to share the next few years of my own SEO experience. If this article to you in the SEO study the road to have any help, this also lets me slightly feel gratified.



December 2011 End Contact SEO

Still very clearly remember my contact with SEO time, I was from the end of December 2011 Contact SEO, I was transferred from the investment industry to the domestic industry, but I do the work and network marketing slightly related. I want to like most people, just contact SEO when it is natural to go to Baidu Encyclopedia. At that time also on the feeling of SEO mysterious, but also feel special curiosity, I believe that a lot of people just contact SEO and I have the same mentality! Because of the magic of the feeling of SEO, so gradually on the SEO showed a strong interest.

And in the domestic industry inside a domestic company, I am mainly responsible for the company's network promotion also has a business on some things, of course, the company is very small, small to me a person with promotion, with editing, with optimization, with business all let a person to do. But fortunately, I have been with SEO bond. I now share with you what I have just started to contact SEO need to learn what things.

First of all, I do not understand the code, a little bit of computer hardware and focus on network engineering, because I received a training in 2008, the network engineer training, and my first job is to be a network administrator. And I contact after SEO, first of all to learn some SEO basic conceptual things, such as what is the anchor text? What is the internal chain, outside the chain? What is the weight? What is PR? At that time, all have their own do not understand where I was silently to Baidu, I personally have a hobby is what I do not understand the first time is to go to Baidu to understand their own search, if you can not find out to ask others. Of course, the way to ask others through Baidu know, QQ related technology group ask others and so on. I'm not going to tell you about the way you ask someone else. Because the company network part is I a person busy, so also gave me some convenient condition, that is the company's website gave me the opportunity to learn SEO practiced. and later, because of the mistake, I gave that domestic company to do SEO unexpectedly let the site several key keywords are ranked to the home page, once the most brilliant, the weight of the site is 2. And the site's keyword ranking continued to stabilize for more than a year, as for my operation techniques and skills I do not describe here. Because today I write the title of this article is: SEO need to learn what? Now share the Old Feng (Feng Dongyang) as a rookie stage to learn some of the SEO process:

First of all, I have a personal situation: just contact with the SEO, there is no basis for SEO, do not understand the code, even the HTML code can not understand

Understand SEO common noun + understand the basic work principle of search engine + website construction process

First of all to understand some SEO basic noun + understand the basic principle of search engine, this is to do the most basic SEO to learn. For the Web site construction process, you can not master the program, not proficient in the Web front-end design, but at least should know how to build the site, but also how to upload to the space inside! You should know about the tools mentioned in website construction. Many just getting started SEO don't even know what is FTP, what is a database. Also do not know what is dynamic program, what is static page, what is pseudo static technology. These early SEO, do not need you to in-depth understanding, but at least should know what it is doing, what role.

Have a website or corporate website

Have a own website, you can better to learn to understand SEO, anyway is their own website, you can casually churn test. You can change the title, change the layout of the website, change some style of the website casually. Because this is your own website, you don't need to be responsible for your own site rankings. And now to build a Web site than a few years ago to save more cost, now only need to buy a domain + free space, you can build your own website.

And for just contact with the SEO in the maintenance of the enterprise station of these people, if the company is not very important SEO, then congratulations, you can also take your website to practiced. Only you actually contact the website attentively to do SEO, your technology can progress. However, in the process of learning should have a thinking process! From what is SEO to how to improve the ranking of the site, there will be many problems in the middle of your own to solve the discovery. Because the knowledge point is very trivial, even you sometimes will find your argument can never prove their own argument, this is the magic of SEO, Baidu is also the complexity of the place.

Learn about basic HTML

Must understand the HTML language, and you must know your website keywords, Description, title is what meaning. Through the Web page to view the source code can also understand the organization of HTML, as well as what CSS, what is div, site Alt tags and so on.

will use some webmaster tools, statistics

SEO learning makes me think the most important thing is data analysis, you have to be able to read the flow statistics inside those pv/ip, bounce rate, conversion rate to explain what the problem of your site, you must be like a doctor, using Baidu statistics, webmaster tools, these "diagnostic instruments" to your site from head to toe all the diagnosis, In order to analyze whether your "patient" is now healthy!

Learn some editorial and promotional skills

In the enterprise to do SEO or to their own site to do SEO, master some article editing skills and promotional skills, SEO learning is an essential link. Because most companies recruit you in the past, is not let you daily data analysis, to optimize the site page every day, more business recruitment seo actually you as an editor + extrapolation +seo to use. It's no harm to learn more knowledge.

To read some books on SEO

As for the name of the book I do not say, Baidu search can be found. The advantage of reading is that you have a very systematic and comprehensive understanding of SEO, after reading the book, you may come up with a lot of questions, then, follow your query all the way down, you have already understood the introduction of SEO.

Visit a number of SEO forums and SEO industry well-known blog

For the SEO Industry forum, I would like to do most of the SEO know what a few forums for SEO industry well-known blog, I think Baidu will be someone to give you answers. The advantage of the forum is that you can see a variety of issues at the same time you can discuss with others, and visit the Great god of SEO blog can let you from their original content to learn some true technology.

From the end of 2011 to 2012 August, in this nearly a year of time, for SEO, I think I am a primer! Many want to learn SEO do not know where to cut, especially for some fresh graduates. I think the last learning channel or go to a network company, first from the SEO commissioner to learn, although the work tired some, pay a little lower. But you can grow up fast. Because in the network company, especially the construction station company, will let the SEO Commissioner responsible for multiple site optimization. At that time, you are the most tired, but also you learn the fastest time seo. You have access to a wide range of websites, and you can see a variety of Web sites. So I personally think, as SEO primer, seo need to learn some of the basic knowledge I said above. This article is written SEO need to learn what on the article, may be a lot of people also guessed right, there are medium, the next chapter. For SEO learning Medium, I will share with you, in the work of a year or so seoer should learn something, this article is to the entry-level SEO to share some things. Of course, I would like to repeat that, I am not what seo big God, Montana, the great sage, but a practitioner about three years of seoer, I did not even have to take a shot of the case to you to see. But I still want to use my work experience to help some people who need, that's all!

This article by the Zhengzhou SEO Feng Dongyang Original, if need to reprint please indicate from Feng Dongyang SEO blog

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