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For most of the domestic webmaster, do the purpose of the site is to make money, only then a small part of the webmaster is to do for the interest of the station, and the site want to make money or profit way the most common only one, that is put ads, regardless of the AdSense ads are linked to the merchant's advertising, or the alliance to provide advertising, These are the advertising behavior, as for how to find Business Contact ads I in this is not much said, because I do not have this experience, there is no this channel, if the webmaster have ways to contact the business ads, then the webmaster also do not have to do the site, directly open an advertising alliance is not more money. Since I am in this contact business ads can not help you webmaster, then I only in how to select the Ad League to share with you, the following is my choice of the advertising alliance as the experience, you webmaster in the choice of advertising alliances may refer to the reference!

1 in the case of a choice, I would like to recommend you webmaster Priority day or Weekly Alliance!

In general, in the choice of circumstances I am more recommended webmaster can give priority to those who support the daily pay or weekly advertising alliance, because the choice of day pay or weekly advertising alliance can let us stationmaster early receive money, also can avoid encountering those not reputable advertising alliance, and step back, Even if our webmaster election of this advertising alliance is not so reputable, or the day the sudden failure of our webmaster will not lose too much, not like those who pay the advertising alliance, wasted one months of time.

2 Select the alliance when you can not see the advertising unit price, the webmaster also pay attention to whether the ads and site theme match!

There are many webmaster in the selection of advertising alliances, usually the first one to see the advertising unit price of this alliance, and not whether this alliance ads and our site theme type match, in fact, this practice is not how good, because the price of high advertising is not necessarily suitable for our site, as if you do is the entertainment station, But the advertising is to sell some of the industrial machinery, such a high price is high, but the click rate will not be good to go there, after all, two types do not lap, but if you put on the site and entertainment-related advertising is different, visitors browsing the content of the site, It's usually better to look at the ads that are related to entertainment, as long as the user is viewing the height, the click rate is naturally increased.

Therefore, in order to maximize the role of advertising, adsense in the choice of Advertising Alliance before the first to understand whether there is suitable for their own type of ads, as far as possible to do the same type of Web site to put the same type of ads. This not only can increase the click rate of the advertisement, but also can let stationmaster make more money. Only in this way can there be ways to increase the click rate of ads, while making more money for our webmaster.

3 If the site is not garbage or large flow of Web sites, I do not recommend AdSense ads!

For the flow of general, or the site type is a regular station site, I am a comparison of suggestions that the webmaster should resolutely not put like a bomb window or vulgar ads, because this type of advertising is easy to make users hate, unless you have a very important or unique information on the site, Otherwise, users face these sites will usually directly shut down such websites, why I want to say this? In fact, our webmaster can also be a transposition of thinking, if you are an ordinary user, to visit a site, the site is always showing the window or what kind of vulgar ads you will continue to browse, Or will be directly closed, and then to search the relevant site, I think most users will choose the second bar!

4 in the launch of the Alliance before the ads, webmaster should be on Baidu search the relevant information on this alliance!

When the webmaster in the selection of good want to launch the Advertising alliance, this time the webmaster best not to rush the ads, but should go online search the relevant information with the Alliance, after all, the number of domestic advertising federation as the stars in the sky, we webmaster do not know the credibility of this advertising alliance, In order to avoid encountering those who are not reputable, or some cheater league, we webmaster only through a number of online evaluation to understand the relevant credibility of the Advertising Alliance, look at the evaluation of the Advertising Alliance, I still have more ratings, and then consider the advertising league is the value of our webmaster to launch.

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