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Wang Hai Villa development has gone through two years of history, although in this period experienced a lot of hardships, but after all still adhere to today, and the status quo is not optimistic. Therefore, we need to make a detailed plan for the future development of the Wang Hai, in order to build the Wang Hai into a classic network of legends and efforts.

First of all, the Wang Hai should highlight a theme "Rivers and lakes".

1. Jean, chess, book, painting.


The so-called piano, that is, music. And now the music website so many, want to develop then must have own characteristic, so our collection of music will surround a "rivers and lakes" as the theme. Music to Pure song, included a stirring, mildly plaintive song, another person after hearing deeply infected, will naturally reside in the Wang Hai.


The so-called chess, that is, entertainment. Forum as a communication community is an indispensable part of the station, we are no exception. But do not take the pan as a problem, to highlight their own characteristics, on the forum of the layout of the community need to do further planning.


The book is called a novel. Now the Internet more people, the woods big birds have any. The internet to read the novel is also a lot of people, now mobile phones also support e-books, so we want to do an ebook download station. Looking at the volume of novel search, the prospect is considerable. Now the novel station although many, the competition is intense, but generally has better than none.


The so-called painting, that is, pictures. After two years of experience in the station, it is also a good choice to do the picture station. Figure station, from Baidu image search pull flow, the best can be free upload by the player, but now the technology is not enough, can not write this program, so the picture station can be discussed later.

2. Sword, wine, love, poetry.


The so-called sword, the game. Most netizens love games, we also launch a game. Of course, we don't have the ability to develop games right now. But we have ready-made and very classic game resources "Meteor Butterfly Sword". The Wang Hai can persist to now also because after several revisions changed into a meteor-themed website. Love to play Meteors are fond of martial arts and lakes, if the king of the Earth into the gathering of meteor players, why worry about popularity.


The so-called wine, love, poetry, can be comprehensive for a class, that is, literature. The ancients Shixian Litaibai Drunken Dou Poetry Chibai, this shows that poetry is also indispensable part. To the wine to entertain, to love moving, to poetry as the essence. Included in the short text, with the background to match the mood of the article music, why worry not touching.

3. The current resources of the Wang Hai. Warcraft Map Download Station, since the achievements can not be wasted, to continue to go on.

HTTP://WWW.UU5C.COM/MV is a video album production channel built with a 56 video provider.

Http:// hero list, Wang Hai Villa featured channel. The legend of the meteor player is included.

Http:// Sutra Pavilion, the Wang Hai Villa featured channel. Included Meteor player tips. and Tobacco Digest, built for Friends station.

4, Wang Hai Villa main station.

Since the integration of so many channels out, the main station is very important, both have their own characteristics, but also the organic synthesis of these stations, which has a certain degree of difficulty. Careful consideration.

Statistics, now all resources need 8 independent space, and I have 6 space in hand.

Means of communication:

1 Electronic Magazine

2 Flash Animation

3 video MV

Life, a hurried time, a lifetime mediocrities, hundred still bones a bureau,

People live a life not seeking fame, but to be remembered.

In order to create the network does not fall the lake, the request member vigorously propaganda website,

In addition, the site's income and membership rewards linked to the award of outstanding positive Members


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