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Sina Entertainment News Today (15th), by the music of the King Nan and the strength of the singer-Amin cooperation of the Asian Games song "reunion" MV official starting.   In the filming team's full preparation, from the 8th shooting after 5 days and nights of intense filming and shooting splicing synchronized, and finally with the best production standards and shooting level on time to the Asian Games song reunion mv to the audience. After the reunion of the new arrangement on the original foundation to add more atmosphere and sung degree. With Amin, Nan soulful song sounded, music video will be the new style of Guangzhou, a magnificent, majestic description, refreshing.  Good music to impress people with the flash of more beautiful scenery in Guangzhou, this music video has not only become a beautiful blockbuster, more like the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games "passionate event, harmonious Asia," the theme of full of affectionate salute. In this 3 minutes and 40 seconds of MV, not only has the Guangzhou charm of the ordinary life of the XI alley into people's eyes, there are many modern buildings such as the Grand Theater, the stadium figure was selected into the lens. In the MV with Sunshine Oriental, the Great Wall of China, the Imperial palace, the Indian Ganges coast, Cambodia Angkor Wat and other World Heritage sites with the sunrise all ushered in a new day full of hope.  Along with Nan, Amin sing the Nobel physics prize winner Chen Ning Yang and his wife Hongfan translation lyrics: "Asia where the sun super-delegates risen", make the lyrics and the picture Perfect unity, convey the best realm. In addition to these important architectural scenes, the most important part of the Asian Games song is the Guangzhou tower, the most famous new landmark in Guangzhou. The same day, dressed in the Amin and Nan stood in the main tower of Passion, the perfect interpretation of this magnificent Asian Games song, the crew and the use of helicopters for aerial filming, the scene is very grand. As the first tower to refresh Asia's tallest building record, the tower, up to 480 meters high, is still not open to the outside.  This time in order to film the Asian Games song, Guangzhou Tower for Nan, Amin Special channel, two people as the first to stand at the top of the Asian Games music MV Singer, highlighting their great influence in the Chinese music industry and even Asia and music contributions, I believe this is also refreshed in the world has been built in the first tower building on the record. When has the regional characteristic nursery rhyme "The Big Rain" The melody sounded, has the Guangzhou charm unique intimacy arises spontaneously. "Reunion" Behind the background of the creative team of Guangzhou's deep feelings make this mv full of deep feeling and different from the previous MV. MV Executive producer Roggia said: "From Canton to come out of the famous musicians, Xu Rongkai and director Liu Shan have lived in Guangzhou for many years, they have a unique understanding of Guangzhou and insights, but also the feelings behind the song into the creation and MV shooting." And Nan, Amin this to the Chinese music one elder sister to this song carries on the biggest artistic re-creation, their emotional and airtight deduction makes this song far surpasses the creation team's expectation effect. The MVFilming in the Sub-Committee and the relevant departments of the strong support of the smooth completion, especially the top of the television tower shooting, so that the highest in the Asian States, the world's first creative can be perfect in the picture.  People who have seen this MV expect "reunion" to be the most memorable one of the Asian Games in the past. At the same time, this MV more international humanistic style, in addition to a number of national scenery, and interspersed from a number of Asian countries and regions of foreign guest performers and Nan, Amin Chorus.  In the picture, when the people of different color, black eyes and blue eyes hug warmly, finally gathered in the event of Guangzhou, embodies the "passionate event, harmonious Asia," the theme, full of human touching force. It is reported that the Asian Games song "reunion" MV with the media today for the whole of Asia starting, will also be in the national television stations, radio stations, networks and outdoor media can see this song. Through this song, the sub-Committee hopes to showcase the new Guangzhou style to all Asian people and hope that the reunion will become the best and most popular Asian Games song ever.
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