Nanjing medicine to be filed for investigation shares fell 4.07%

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Xinhua News (reporter Shantangyu) Nanjing Medicine (600713, shares bar) is difficult to endure, September 18, due to major issues did not disclose the day of the Nanjing Medical Advisory said yesterday, the company received the SFC issued the "investigation notice." On suspicion of failing to disclose information according to regulations, the SFC filed an investigation.  Nanjing Medical Daily received 5.19 Yuan yesterday, the share price fell 4.07%. It is understood that the Nanjing Medical Bulletin has not disclosed the specific reasons for the investigation. Recently, Nanjing Medicine is indeed turbulent, negative news constantly. September 7, President He Jinxian resigned for personal reasons, this is the former chairman Zhou Yaoping after his departure in March, the third left the Nanjing medical executives.  In April this year, Ding, the original director and executive vice president of Nanjing Medicine, resigned for personal reasons. And in August, Nanjing Pharmaceutical a share transfer notice also triggered waves, because the transfer price is too low to be questioned outside.  In addition, according to the disclosure, Nanjing Medicine ranked in the first half of this year private placement of more shares, and on September 16, Nanjing Pharmaceutical appeared on the bulk trading platform, shareholders reduce 5 million shares, set now 24.4 million yuan. It is understood that in order to get rid of St Fate, Nanjing Medicine has been selling assets in the past two years. 2012, the company sold property profits of 92.05 million yuan, to achieve a net profit of 10.82 million yuan; this year, Nanjing Medicine continued to transfer or sell up to 12 shares of holding and equity companies. Relying on the sale of assets to bring 50.87 million yuan non-recurrent income, the first half of this year, Nanjing medicine to achieve a net profit of 16.43 million yuan, but the actual loss after deducting the non-recurrent profit and loss of 14.88 million yuan.
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