Nanning Sugar to raise capital 500 million yuan today against the city rose more than 8%

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NetEase Finance March 2 nanning Sugar 1st evening issued a notice, the proposed non-public offering of not more than 30 million shares, the issue price is not less than 19.11 yuan/share, the amount of funds raised not more than 506 million yuan. Nanning Sugar said that the fund-raising will be used in order of the following items: high-yielding modern agricultural demonstration base construction project; overseas Wang Paper mold annual output of 300 million sugarcane slurry environmental protection molding Products Technical transformation Project, the sugar industry low carbon and industrial chain energy saving and emission reduction projects. which, The construction project of high-yielding and modernized agricultural demonstration base of sugarcane is expected to invest 303 million yuan, the use of 303 million yuan to raise funds; overseas Wang Paper mold annual output of 300 million sugarcane slag slurry environmental protection Molding products project is expected to invest 73.4011 million yuan, the use of fund-raising 73.4011 million yuan; low carbon and industrial chain energy saving and emission reduction in sugar industry project estimated investment  Gold 130 million yuan, the use of fund-raising 130 million yuan. Nanning Sugar 24th Evening Release 2010 Annual report, 2010 Nanning sugar revenue 3.875 billion yuan, an increase of 9.71%; net profit of 184 million yuan, growth of 50.85% year-on-year, the basic earnings per share 0.64 yuan, an increase of 48.84%.  At the same time, every 10 shares are now allocated 3.5 yuan distribution scheme.  Annual report shows that the top ten circulating shareholders in Nanning Sugar fund appeared shift, the Chinese department of the two funds to enter, Dacheng and Agricultural Bank of the transfer of the option to exit. In the secondary market, nanning sugar sharply higher today, the largest in the plate up more than 9%, closing, the stock price of 23.54 yuan, rose 8.48% turnover rate of more than 6%, volume active.
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