Nanyang Technology to lift the ban on Japanese institutions to flee

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Net profit of the first half of 57.76% yesterday, the SME Board of the new shares of Nanyang Science and Technology announced the results of the first half to achieve net profits of 28.86 million yuan, an increase of 57.76%, to achieve earnings per share of 0.52 yuan, the year-on-year increase of 40.54%. Medium-term profit is not allocated, nor does it implement Provident Fund to increase equity.  At the same time, yesterday was also the company's network under the distribution of shares in circulation day, the counter-city receipts rose 5.67% under the emergence of institutional funds to sell more than 20 million yuan. Second-quarter performance continued to increase in the first half of this year, Nanyang Science and technology to achieve total revenue of 122 million yuan, an increase of 21.46%, net profit of 28.8691 million yuan, year-on-year growth of nearly 60%. The company said that the first half of the global economic recovery, the electronics industry significantly warmer market for the company to bring good external development environment.  Net profit year-on-year growth on the one hand, product sales volume and unit prices have increased, while the cost of the lower unit price; On the other hand, the increase in government subsidies (the report shows that the end of business income amounted to 6.1671 million yuan, compared to the beginning of the period of growth of 288%). If only to control the end of the first quarter of 13.57 million Yuan, the company two quarter of the actual realization of the 15.3 million yuan net profit, achieved 13% of the performance of the chain growth.  But if the control company on the first three quarters 29.9274 million yuan net profit forecast, three quarters or will only achieve 1.06 million yuan, the performance growth rate has plummeted. Looking forward to the second half, the company said it will continue to do a good job annual output of 2500 tons of ultra-thin high-temperature metallized film to raise capital investment project construction work, to ensure that the next year on schedule production (the company frankly, before the project is completed and put into production, capacity will still be restricted, sales and profit scale ) The net outflow of institutions is over 20 million yuan although the performance growth momentum is good, but yesterday, 3.4 million shares of restricted shares under the lifting is still under the unilateral sale of institutions.  Returns show that the first five seats in the sale of 3 institutions, the total sold 20.4865 million yuan, accounting for the total transaction of 5.27%. Since the listing since April 13, the stock has not been billboard, and the top ten circulating shareholders in the newspaper still have ICBC annuity plan a non natural shareholders, and the initial situation is basically the same. So the 3 agencies that gathered yesterday were more likely to subscribe to the lifting chips.  But from the data, the agency sold about 320,000 shares yesterday accounted for only about 10% of the lifted shares, the intensity is also relatively limited. In fact, Nanyang Technology surged 172% on the first day of listing to $96. Despite the subsequent setback, the share price was halved, but still 120% or so.  In the market environment and the second half of the performance growth and other uncertainties, the organization chose to drop bags for Ann is not surprising. Secondary market, Nanyang Technology first rebounded in the market nearly one months, the interval rose nearly 50%, yesterday in the ban on restricted stocks, the market downturn under the double pressure is still 5.67%, reported at 66.68 Yuan.
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