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Absrtact: Luo thought in August this year introduced the member pays the system to register 1.6 million, this not only attracted from the media person to drop the saliva, about since the media how to turn over the topic also like Catkins to be poured in each big since the media article. By October, there was a new movement in

's thinking.


Luo thought in August this year introduced the member pays the system to register 1.6 million, this not only attracted from the media person to drop the saliva, about since the media how to turn over the topic also like Catkins to be poured in each big since the media article. By October, Luo thought has a new movement, they first to the Luo powder to distribute Raleigh (ROM), but also on October 8 announced the sale of the same name "Luo thought", three days pre-sale more than 3000 copies, ranked as, Amazon, Jingdong bestseller list Forefront. Fans happy, old Luo also happy, Luo thought of the first three steps to move forcefully.

Shenyin is the author of the thinking of Luo, but in private everyone jokes that shenyin teacher is mummy, because as Lo Zhenyu's agent, he succeeded in holding the red rom thinking. The younger brother to this specially found in the Luo thought behind the production person, the independent new medium's Shen sound small chats, below lets us see what he says:

1, the publication of "Luo thought" is the product of natural extension in the process of content production and user interaction, the book not only has rom thinking video text collation, but also added a large number of users of the comments, whether it is a rebuttal, support or filler, this is the thinking of Luo's attention, no user participation, ROM thinking is the most semi-finished products. Through the book, Shenyin hopes to have more people who didn't know the thought of ROM before they could become their fans.

2, the brother is very puzzled, spend money to become a member of the thinking of the Luo thought fan or buy "Luo thought" book In the end is in the consumption of thinking this brand, or rom the thought of interesting, kind, the content of taste, or the Lo Zhenyu behind the thought of ROM. Shenyin said that this is not the reason why they spend money, the real reason is this part of the community to the need for self-worth, "I am the pursuit of progress, I am a thirst for knowledge, I am a group of independent thinking."

3. For business cooperation, Shenyin said not to exclude, "as long as the other party and our temperament, we will consider", the October to send the Raleigh activity is a useful attempt to work with the manufacturers, in the hope that they send fans some benefits of information, many manufacturers have come to the door, The first reaction is a number of Taobao merchants, Lok see is a big brand to seek cooperation, Shenyin said that the fancy music in the Internet television on the new thinking, this and Luo thought is fit. Music video TV's senior vice-president Peng Gang contributed to this cooperation, he himself is also a fan of the thinking of Luo.

4, and the music of this small scope of cooperation is the thought of a trial of Luo's water, Shenyin thinks this is a very good phenomenon, because some brands notice the business value behind the community, "the millet community is doing well, rice noodles are loyal, but some businesses do not have the time and energy to run their own fan community, Third-party cooperation, such as the thinking of Rom, is a good way. Shenyin many times to mention the word, in the merchant's choice he hoped that each other's brand temperament and Luo thought similar.

5, Luo thought will continue to work with a number of businesses, Shenyin revealed including a 3D printer company, so cool things, Luo thought how to play it?

6, for the previous income in the bag of 1.6 million member fees, shenyin that this is only an experiment, because the scale, stable revenue can be called the profit model, ROM thinking far from doing, they are still groping this process.

7, the Lo Zhenyu host origin, has the good lens sense and the language expression ability, this is he can fire up very important reason, for some just code word from the media, Shenyin said, the article's low degree of identification is not only to obtain information users are difficult to produce a sense of belonging, Han, Guo's success is not easy to copy, But at the same time, Shenyin also feel that they will have the opportunity to adhere to their own unconventional style, leaving a few hands is the best case.

8, New Wengwen in a few days ago a share mentioned that the future media will have four levels: content, users, relationships, revenue. Luo's thinking has now succeeded in netting a batch of iron powder, but shenyin that this is only from the content to the user's transformation, as to the relationship and revenue levels, including their own groping.

9, the traditional media corresponds to the reader, and the corresponding from the media is the user, the difference between these two words, shenyin that the traditional media target audience is vague, age, region, income, occupation, etc. are the traditional media imagined that they do not have access to this part of the imaginary people, and since the media is not the same, Users are flesh and blood, cry and laugh, and feel their heartbeat in social interaction. From imagining readers to condensing users, Luo's thinking is making a bold attempt.

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