National digital reading increases 38.6% 40% people accept paid downloads

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With the popularization of computers, mobile phones and various e-readers, digital reading is becoming more and more integrated into people's lives. The Nineth National Reading Survey, published by the Chinese Press and publication Institute, showed that the contact rate of China's 18~70周岁 National digital reading (online reading, cell phone reading, e-reader reading, CD-ROM reading, PDA/MP4/MP5 reading, etc.) increased to 38.6% in 2011. Rose by 5.8% than 2010. Published in April 2011, "2010-2011 years of China's E-book development Trend Report" shows that the 2010 China's E-book readers have reached 121 million people, 5 years the number increased by nearly 3 times times. The Nineth National Reading survey also showed that 41.8% of 18~70周岁 Digital readers were able to accept paid downloads to read. They can accept an ebook for an average price of 3.50 yuan, a slight increase from the 3.45 yuan in 2010. 88.2% of people who have been exposed to digital reading say they will not buy a paper version of the book after reading the ebook. Electronic reading has become a consumption hotspot, which contains huge consumption potential. But like many new things, the rapid development of electronic reading, but also exposed a lot of "soft rib." A few days ago, the "Digital reading user satisfaction Survey", launched by China News Network and Chinese Telecom (Weibo), showed that only 30% of readers were satisfied with digital reading. 50.8% of the readers are most dissatisfied with the digital reading, "the spread of poor quality books, the mass uneven." The proportion of people with "limited reading resources, fewer categories, newer and slower", "bad experience, lack of elaborate typesetting design" and "price-friendly, unreasonable fees" is more than 30%. It is worth noting that in the digital reading, the reader is not unwilling to pay, the key is to spend money to buy their own needs, good books. The "Digital reading user satisfaction Survey" shows that the proportion of people unwilling to pay for digital reading is 34.4%, the percentage willing to pay is 24.3%, and 41.3% of readers say that the key to paying depends on content. Han Wang Technology chairman Liu (Micro bo) in an interview with reporters that the lack of genuine content has been regarded as restricting the further development of electronic reading of the short board, the future E-book Reader competition is the content of competition. Founder Herth, executive general manager of the good, engaged in digital publishing has been 10 years. She says that reading books now is mainly about paper. "I want to read most of the books can not find the electronic version, if there is an electronic version I will certainly see." In addition, many readers now reflect the "poor experience" of e-books, even genuine electronic books are often "face" or "pirated". Incomplete content, many typos, picture display error, no layout or layout is not beautiful, format confusion, and other errors, in the electronic book is not uncommon, so keen to read users directly call "not to force." Lin Yu, a professor at the School of Communication at Fujian Normal University, said that because of the disorderly intervention of commercial power, online literature has become a tendency to be a code-word game. "Thousand words 2 cents, only 3More than 0 words can be shelves. In order to maintain the online literature pay-reading market, write more than 100,000 words a month is the network writer's survival bottom line. I know a local online writer who has to finish 8000 words a day. ' Two sentences three years, a yin double tears ' already outdated. Most users based on the number of clicks to choose to read content, to look for the network literature can be top of the list, ten years of grinding a sword seriously created works are not. Lin Yu said that some of the Internet literature can be described as "rubbish", full of violence and pornography, and the so-called "fear of the United States novel", will greatly mislead the young people. In such a network environment, young people's digital reading will tend to diversify, vulgar and one-sided. Today, electronic reading has gradually developed into a fragmented, fast-food "micro-reading." In the subway, in the bus, in the elevator, people through the mobile phone newspaper, micro-blog, Twitter and other short essays to get information. But the content lacks the depth and the classical support shallow reading and the micro-reading, is difficult to satisfy the high-end user needs. Therefore, to enhance the soft power of digital reading, to create a higher value of reading, become a key link. Many people say that in the digital age, deep reading is difficult to settle. But Yu Jing, general manager of the Chinese online content center, believes that as long as people go to acquire constructive knowledge of structural integrity, it will not disappear in the context of digital publishing. User needs will always exist and will become stronger. Some experts point out that the core of the book is always content rather than the carrier, not enough resources, e-books and other fancy, to the user is equal to zero. Lin Yu said that the first thing to be solved is the lack of digital content, the problem of vulgar text. The ancients said: "Without a word, the line is not far." "The publication of web works, as well as the publication of paper publications, needs to be selected, processed and improved." Founder Sweet Potato Network CEO Zhao that the lack of electronic reading content, the lack of copyright mechanism is one of the reasons. On the one hand, the current rampant piracy in the society, "China's E-book Development Trend report" shows that 95% of China's electronic readers download unauthorized works from the Internet; On the other hand, traditional publishers, as content merchants, have reservations about digital publishing, and some of the best-selling, characteristic content resources are difficult to access to the electronic Lu Yusheng, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, points out that some developed countries have developed e-books earlier, leading to the introduction of some mature international standards. But the domestic electronic book is numerous and complicated, only the digitized format (including XML, founder Typesetting sample, PDF, etc.) let a person dazzling, to the publishing house storage and transformation brings trouble, to the development of multi-party business brings obstacles, also not conducive to digital resources and international standards. "We have a lot of excellent works, why not enter the mobile phone platform?" Wei Yushan, deputy dean of the China Press and publication Academy, said in an interview with the Chinese youth Daily that a major reason is that cell phone reading is mostly for free. Even the paid download price is very low, usually only 3 yuan ~5 yuan, to the publishing unit and the original author of the distribution ratio is very small. Leading publishers unwilling to put quality content in numbersplatform. Wei Yushan said that the operators of digital reading should be given a modest benefit to content manufacturers. Operators can not only consider the flow, should be more from the social and cultural construction and guidance to consider the issue, more social responsibility. We should fully realize that the guidance of reading on the values of youth will have any effect on social development.
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