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2014 Handicap Literary Performance Shanhui

--approached Fanyu District disabled art troupe

-newspaper reporter Shanhui correspondent Wang Xiuwang

life, always have a dream ...  People with Disabilities also love life and aspire to art.

Special Art, is in the late 20th century, the human vocabulary for the disabled art produced a new word. June 5, 1989, the first International Special Arts Festival held in Washington, United States. Since then, the human art garden in the birth of a new bud-special art.

Fanyu District Disabled Art Troupe, born in 2008, is not a star or a big shot. They are no longer ordinary people, they are a special group of people-disabled. But these people, in order to bring joy to people, realize their own, walked together, the establishment of Canton city district level is currently the only disabled art troupe.

them, under the care of society, carrying the dream of more than 30,000 disabled people in our district, shaping art in a special way, pleasing the body and mind with special art, purifying the mind with the feelings of beauty and kindness, inspiring life with indomitable will, and conveying love with sincere emotion.

a big show every year

Fanyu District Disabled Art Troupe was established in December 2008, members of the Town (street) disabled artists, social and cultural activists, and Panyu school teachers and students composed of schools, singing and dancing team, chorus, drama team, bands and so on.

District Federation of Disabled Persons told reporters that the establishment of the Fanyu District handicapped art troupe, through artistic activities and social propaganda, to train my district disabled people strong will and tenacious perseverance, to inspire more people with disabilities to face life bravely, deduce the most beautiful miracle of life.

During the annual "National Disabled", Fanyu District disabled Art Troupe will organize a literary performance, dedication to the people of Panyu extraordinary performing arts: deaf, dancing and beautiful colors, telling the inner words; the blind man, with melodious music and Merry Dance, depicts the world of imagination; the limb remnant, With beautiful shape and high-spirited melody, interpretation of the colorful life. Every year, a wonderful show on the stage won the applause of the audience.

can say that the annual "national disabled" literary performances, is the full performance of the disabled, reflecting its optimistic spirit and ideal pursuit, healthy and elegant aesthetic concepts and artistic accomplishment, promote the development of personality stage, but also the disabled arts troupe of our District one year report performance, The performers of the theatrical performances covered the disabled persons such as limbs, eyesight, speech, spirit and intelligence.

a program rehearsal for half a year

in preparation for the annual disabled theatrical presentation of the show, every year on the eve of the theatrical display, the federation will be on the Town Street Federation, treatment stations, district-specific associations of disabled persons, District training schools and other disabled people to rehearse the program screening. After rigorous evaluation, the Federation will comment on the programmes of the finalists, and put forward many feasible proposals to provide them with the necessary protection to ensure that the level of the programme is up to the stage.

for normal people, a program may take a long time, maybe just one weeks or one months, but for their special performers, it's not easy to schedule a program, and it takes them at least half a year, or even longer, to schedule a program. As a result, their annual "national disabled" performances are often rehearsed years ago.

It is worth mentioning that each performance, they are compulsory, no appearance fees, but even so, they are serious in the platoon, settle play.

Each show hundreds of people with disabilities attend

in 2008, in the opening ceremony of the District disabled art troupe and report performance, the "Let Love Sunshine" as the theme of the report performance won the applause of the staff here.

2010, the 20th national disabled, my district Pui-Chi school students performing music drama "from The Voice to the song" moved the audience under more, so many viewers shed tears. The performer of the skit, Du Zhuo, is a congenital cerebral palsy, first in the District Disabled Rehabilitation Center for rehabilitation training, and then in the school, is currently a member of the disabled arts Troupe in my district, after efforts, small Zhoo now can help to stand and slowly move, eat clothes and so gradually take care of themselves.

Large singing and dancing "Go Together" is by my district 72 workers, blind, limb, such as the common performance of dance programs. The song and dance melody is passionate upward, inspiring is full of warmth and fraternity, singing harmony. He Jingren and Yang Nanping, the main protagonists of the show, were physically disabled by accident, but they have not given up on their own, through the District Federation of Disabled Persons, the Town Street Federation help, He Jingren learned to sing, with songs to encourage people around the handicapped friend optimistic; in a wheelchair for nearly 30 years Yang Nanping, he loves dance, practice wheelchair dance for many years , through hard training, his wheelchair dance several times on behalf of Panyu to participate in Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao performance, he hoped he can bring joy to the disabled, at the same time, hope that the community more attention and concern for the disabled.

2012 years of the 22nd national disabled theatrical performance, our District handicapped arts troupe a total of 194 disabled participants, the display in a festive dance "gathering" in the curtain. Among them, the visual, Physical Disability Association performance of the music poem song and Dance "Fate and Meet is a song", recite the vision and the body of the disabled people's voice, reflecting their tenacious, tenacious spirit; the wonderful "Dragon Boat Race" dance with strong Traditional Chinese festival features has won the applause of the audience.

in this year's national disabled literary and artistic display, the Fanyu District disabled Art troupe has interpreted the theme of "Caring for the disabled and realizing a beautiful Chinese dream" with exquisite artistic talent.

performance during the audience mood ups and downs: Sometimes, carefully taste the graceful dance, meditation to listen to the flowing music, intoxicated with the enjoyment of beauty, sometimes, tears, admiration, emotion in the impact of the mind, sometimes, applause, shocked by the life of the mighty.

They shook the heart of the exquisite performance, the unique charm of the artistic creation, self-improvement indomitable spirit, deeply infected with watching the performance of all the audience, this is a release, a yearning, a dream.

to build Panyu People's literary brand

Under the water of sweat, there will always be dazzling flowers. My district Handicapped Arts Troupe's program "Yao Dance", "color flying" in the Guangzhou disabled art performance evaluation and evaluation of the event won the first prize and third prize, at the same time, the district disabled Persons won the excellent organization award.

celebrated the national disabled this year, the dance "Touch Spring" by the hearing impaired children tells of the blind child is deeply attracted by the spring flowers, lingering in the floral fragrance all day, feeling the breath of spring, and creating a colorful world of his own, the dance won the eighth session of the provincial People's Art Performance award. On July 17 this year, the Guangzhou blind vocal music and instrumental trials, my district to the Guzheng play "Battle Typhoon" won the first prize, and on behalf of Guangzhou to participate in the Provincial Blind vocal music instrumental contest.

District Federation of the relevant officials said, it is because of a wonderful performance, so that the disabled people are full of confidence, the District Federation of handicapped people are ready to play a disability troupe in my district and even the Guangzhou Federation system of a literary brand. I believe that the stage of Fanyu District disabled arts Troupe will be more gorgeous tomorrow.

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