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25th session of the National disabled May 17: To strengthen the cultural services for the disabled, to protect the cultural rights and interests of the disabled.

Otitis media can cause perforation of the eardrum, damaging the ossicular chain caused by conductive deafness. We should pay attention to ear and hearing health care, prevention of otitis media. Usually pay attention not to cut the ear randomly, when swimming the ear water should be discharged promptly. Because the ear through the eustachian tube and pharynx, so also to prevent and treat pharyngitis and rhinitis and so on. In addition, exercise, improve immunity, prevention of colds is also very important. If you have cerumen in your ear, you should ask a professional doctor to handle it and don't dig your ears.
Nerve conduction problem, common such as senile deafness, due to aging caused by the ears back, this kind of deaf general no way to correct, can only use hearing aids for hearing compensation, hearing aid is also useless words can consider cochlear implantation.
Noise can cause noise deafness, often interacting with aging factors, such as textile mills, military, shooting, KTV and other places of noise may cause hearing loss, or even sudden deafness. Some people like to wear earplugs headphones, and someone tested that when the phone was turned on, the sound in the ear was as big as the engine on the plane. Therefore, the Earphone headset volume should not be too large to be comfortable. Not suitable for a long time, personal advice best 45 minutes to rest.
The deafness caused by ototoxicity drugs is still very serious in China, such as antibiotics, anti-tumor, diuretics are all ototoxicity drugs, antibiotics in gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin belong to this, now Shanghai can be through genetic testing to determine whether the ear toxic drugs allergy, thus avoiding the use of such drugs.
Hereditary acquired deafness, hereditary delayed deafness may become apparent at the age of a child or even an adult, which can be diagnosed early by genetic screening, and the earlier the intervention the better.
The degree of hearing loss is divided into the following categories: (decibels, db)
Normal hearing: -10~25 decibels
The general sound and language analysis is clear.
Mild hearing loss: 26~40 decibels are indistinguishable from small sounds, such as the wind blowing in the woods.
Moderate hearing loss: 41~55 decibels have an auditory difficulty in everyday languages, and talk to people that are ambiguous and begin to need help with hearing aids.
Moderate to severe hearing loss: 56~70 decibels
For larger conversations? The car still feels blurry and the hearing aid is helpful.
Severe hearing loss: more than 70-90 db
For shouts and loud voices, such as car horns. The drum responds and the hearing aid is great.
Extreme Hearing Loss: More than 90 db, usually very difficult to feel the existence of sound, need to rely on the aid of hearing aids, to feel the sound of the vibrational force.
Hearing loss degree to moderate should be matched with a hearing aid, the appropriate hearing aids not only to help you hear better, but also can stimulate the auditory nerve.

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