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On the afternoon of November 17, the Futian District government held a grand ceremony of Fukuda International e-commerce industrial park was identified as "National electronic Commerce demonstration Base" by state Ministry of Commerce first. This is the National Ministry of Commerce to Futian District in the last two years in the optimization of industrial structure, vigorously cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries, and actively carry out the national E-commerce industry chain demonstration base to create the full affirmation.

Since the creation of Futian International e-commerce Industrial Park, under the correct leadership of the municipal and district governments, the park insists on scientific development, actively develops the infrastructure construction of the park and promotes the service function, explores the road of innovation and development of e-commerce industrial park, and has achieved certain results, and has become a better service Industrial chain is the most complete industrial park. At present, the park occupancy rate of 95%, gathered nearly 240 internet, E-commerce Enterprises, the park employs more than 5,000 people, according to statistics, 2011, the output value of the park is over 1 billion, the tax is over 50 million, the output value of 2012 is expected to reach 2 billion, tax more than 80 million.

The park in the country more than 30 provinces, city, district a total of 106 e-commerce Industrial Park Declaration "national E-commerce demonstration Base" to create work, by the State Ministry of Commerce first identified as "national E-commerce Demonstration Base" (34 in the country, only 2 in Guangdong province), this is the only one in Shenzhen to receive the award of E-commerce Industrial Park.

In the past two years, Futian District government to further promote Futian District Internet industry and E-commerce development, the introduction of the Internet industry and e-commerce development measures, such as a series of industrial support policies. Since 2010, the district government has invested at least 50 million yuan a year to support the development of the Internet industry and E-commerce. At present, the number of Futian District E-commerce Enterprises, enterprise E-commerce procurement scale and sales scale of half of the city, the key industry E-commerce chain takes shape, more than 80% of the large and medium-sized enterprises to carry out e-commerce applications, more than 50% of the SME regular application of Third-party E-commerce Services, finance, payment, Cross-border and other e-commerce advantages of the field gradually formed the effect of industrial agglomeration for the healthy and rapid development of the area of E-commerce has laid a solid foundation.

Earlier this year, the district government once again put forward to build "Merlin International E-commerce Industry Belt" planning, to urban renewal as the hand, to create industrial space, while supporting the corresponding industrial development planning and policy planning, and strive to build e-commerce development of a good environment. Believe that after the completion of the e-commerce industry belt construction, Futian District will rely on the national best demonstration base to build the E-commerce market and the network Hardware foundation, the richest and most regional radiation power industry advantages, as well as stable and sound e-commerce service Enterprises, Shenzhen and even the national e-commerce development of the most active region.

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