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June 5, EA released the "Need for the world of Need for Speed Worlds" introduction video. The video is a game of several designers to introduce the game world can do a variety of things.  This will be the "Need for Speed" series of the highest degree of freedom of a work. If you are looking for the world of need for speed, then you must imagine what you can do in the game.  The good news is that the designers of the game are thinking the same thing about you, so they made this video about the freedom of the game, which is 1 minutes 42 seconds long. In the video, the designers talked about the "need for Speed world" as a game to join some of the new elements, such as games in the scene is no boundaries, the player can gallop freely. The video shows many of the actual games you will see, such as police car chases.  Stop nagging and enjoy this wonderful video. "Need for Flying World" is a free online games, Europe and the United States will be listed on July 20. (Edit: Zhang)

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