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Gossip, do not speak, I take the book, the last simple chat with you about college students, the Internet, Taobao customers the future of the topic, then said that there is a chance to talk to everyone, specific articles please see "from Granville to grassroots webmaster net to make the road can become more long-term", I believe that a lot of friends like me, It is also the opportunity to see the Internet, and we all know that opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, then, in the face of good times, what should we do to prepare?

Now online to earn more than a tutorial, but more than a one-sided teaching of a certain aspect of the skills, and time flies, any project can not exist for a long time, maybe today he can make a daily profit xxx, but after a while, when you see this tutorial, your predecessors may have put it into practice n times, the effect will be greatly reduced, of course , I am not denying that some of the net-earning training institutions are now well known, but from a rookie point of view. We are not rich second-generation, but we have to do is not complaining, but to fight, do not be ambitious, puny, we see the success of the day into the bucket gold, but it is also a long-term accumulation of knowledge into the wealth, we can not see the thief to eat meat do not see the thief beaten, the success behind the total to pay n more sweat, as a rookie, We have to do is down-to-earth, from an early age.

Do not accumulate bujikuibu, not even thousands of miles, no small flow, no to become rivers, rookie to advance, the first to lay a good foundation, as the net to earn the bottom of the people, often parrot, no ideas. A predecessor said you can use the software brush flow to increase IP; a predecessor said to write original article can increase the weight of the site, a predecessor said that hair outside the chain can enhance the value of the site; What these seniors say makes sense, but as a rookie we should take its essence, adopt the method that suits us, small make up of a friend also to the Internet more interested, oneself do a station, through the software to brush flow, intend to improve the traffic, but after a while, suddenly asked me to increase IP what is the use? This question is in the laugh and cry, I am enough rookie, she is more than I vegetables (I hope she saw don't scold me), I think this is like learning martial arts tricks but did not learn the core, know the essence of the fur but do not understand, and painstakingly climbed to the top of the ladder, but found that the ladder is not in the frame we want to on the wall, the direction is wrong , even if the executive force is more powerful, what is the use? Therefore, we suggest that after the implementation of a certain plan, first understand what the purpose of the move, the predecessors said he is useful, so what is the role of ourselves? If it is not suitable for us at this stage, even if others boast that the hype, but also to abandon.

The first of these conversions is an introduction, "The Foundation is very important" this nonsense is I vividly explained again. Now, I have encountered some of the problems and share with you, only for the rookie reference, please skip the predecessors.

Why do internet Marketing

You can read this article, I believe you, even if not a webmaster, is also interested in net make friends. You know that the Internet can make money, even to cite several kinds of net earning projects, such as advertising Alliance, part-time Granville Guest, Taobao open shop, game registration and so on, but what is the nature of these projects? Small part of the view that through the Internet to make money, no matter what the project, its essence is marketing. Advertising Alliance, adsense help businesses do publicity, sell is advertising, is the flow, Granville Guest, but also marketing, sales are services; Taobao open Shop, this is not hand, sales are products; Game registration aims to enhance the value and visibility of the game. These can be said to be Network marketing branch. Why is it that online marketing can develop to a surprising extent in just more than 10 years? The reason is three, as follows:

First: The rapid development of the Internet industry, science and technology to promote business change, now the internet has a great popularity of the trend of leisure to go shopping, the older the less, more and more otaku female online shopping, which means that the business of the target consumers is the accumulation of the network is changing.

Second: The price is relatively low. As we all know, the traditional business is the "Manufacturer-distributor-distributor-Customer" mode of operation, and now the interactivity and flexibility of the Internet so that manufacturers can directly talk to customers, the middle of the omission of distributors and distributors, the price of natural decline.

Third: Off-site consumption more convenient, e-commerce development led to the development of the logistics industry, in your side can not buy products, perhaps as long as the payment of a few express costs will be able to send to your doorstep.

Therefore, E-commerce is the future direction of business development, do net earn a novice friend, we must have confidence, the sun always in the wind and rain, the good days are behind it, must not be enough to give up halfway!

The ultimate goal of online marketing is to make money, through the Internet to sell goods or services, on the network can not be at all not afraid of the alley deep situation, the product again good, if no one knows, that sales are absolutely little poor, so, want to make money through network marketing, network promotion is the most important. has predecessors to the network marketing promotion way according to the economic investment divides into two kinds, namely free type and pays the type.

Pay-type network promotion way, suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises, in the economy has a certain capacity to withstand. The main areas of promotion include search engine bidding, advertising alliances, as well as in the major well-known sites, forum text, pictures, videos, etc., such as the promotion of business needs to have the strong and deep, the general small door small small is really play. At present, search engine auction to promote the phenomenon abound, casually search for a product name, the top three of the information in the Web page is paid to promote, in fact, the current level of information development, similar to the promotion of search engine auction has been in decline, the reason is very simple, now more and more intelligent netizens Clearly know before du is advertising, why do people want to click? wool out of the sheep, these advertising costs ultimately do not still want consumers to pay for their own pockets? And the second way of network promotion, that is, free type of promotion, with its low-cost, efficient, flexible features more and more favored by merchants.

Free type of network promotion, in fact, is not completely free, just relative to pay to promote spending a lot less, such as in the Forum or blog posts, instant messaging software marketing, SNS marketing, if the propagandist is willing to hands-on, to the best operation of their own hands, it can be said to be completely free, But want to save time and effort, it is necessary to deploy the navy, that is, the network pushing hands, but the price of the navy is very low, generally is a few cents of things, it is said that in the 3Q War, the network of the Navy has appeared the highest price of 6 cents per post, but that is a flash in the pan, now such a peaceful, the cost of employing the In applications, free promotion is also more extensive than paid promotion.

The above is about the network to promote the two ways, for and I contact with the establishment of the station soon novice friends, free type is undoubtedly the best promotional program, after all, we now have no money no one, some just time and energy, as long as they spend more time, Ken Mater, that effect will be better than spending money, after all, to their own work, We will never cut corners. Said the common two kinds of promotion, then how to measure the effect of our promotion?

The ultimate goal of Internet marketing is to make money, the middle process includes building brands, striving for customers, winning credibility and so on, but these are relatively abstract indicators, can not use it to measure the effect of promotion. Some seniors believe that the key indicators of network marketing include the following three:

PR value, first of all to emphasize a point, this PR value and the weight of the relationship, but does not represent the weight, just start the contact line to make friends for this concept may be a little fuzzy, PR is the abbreviation of PageRank, is Google to measure the quality of a website the most important indicators, no doubt, the higher the PR value, the more valuable the page , the more popular. For example, the PR value of test is 6. PR value of the detection address is:


Search engine included quantity, only by search engine included, can be more users found that the common search engine Baidu, Google, search, Yahoo, and so on, these search engines are undoubtedly the largest Baidu, view the number of pages included in the way is: site: web site, for example, we test A5 website, You can enter Show the results as shown below


Site rankings, the most intuitive way to view site rankings is through the Alexa test, where I do not cite examples. Everyone Baidu Click OK. Want to do net earn, build a station is the foundation, or say the website is all net earns activity carrier, proper use this platform to be able to, can let network marketing have depend on, can make dropping, the utility of the website can only be able to long.

Just also deliberately looked at the A5 request, seemingly no limit on the number of words, just long-winded said so much, in fact, the growth of this book mainly tells the following four points: first, want to make money through the internet for a long time, to down-to-earth, step lay a good foundation; second, Network Marketing development prospects, This piece of fat has a place to go. Third, the network promotion of the two main forms (pay promotion and free promotion); Four, the Measurement of Network Marketing performance standards (PR, included, Alexa rankings).

If published yesterday that is "net earn rookie Hothangliang Growth Mind" series of the first words, today is the follow-up of the second, I contact the site soon, in the future I will be with you to share more rookie questions, if you also encountered with me the same trouble or is a problem, I hope my growth can help you, To be Continued ...

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