Netizen exposes Amulung in prison to seek the father to help Yu to seek cure burn herb

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Selina fear farewell to the mini skirt Yu overnight chartered flight back to Taiwan, Selina was immediately sent to Taipei Chang Gung Hospital Intensive care unit, to Taiwan authority burns expert Yang Yuiyong attending.  Reporter learned yesterday, after 5 hours of debridement surgery, Selina is now conscious, can eat a small amount, but three degree of skin burns must undergo grafting surgery. Recovery cycle at least one year Chang Gung medical team revealed that for Selina treatment, initially to observe changes in the main wound, the next focus is skin grafting surgery, her face although slight burns, but the impact should not be small, because the injury concentrated in the lower body, the doctor said, if the leg left uneven scar, I'm afraid I can't wear a miniskirt later. It is reported that because of Selina 60% of the skin has been damaged, doctors consider will be taken from the scalp to complete skin grafting surgery.  Record company revealed that Selina Recovery of the road is likely to be up to a year, S.H.E difficult to fit in a short time. The loss of tens of millions of Selina injuries to cause greatly affected, the loss of tens of millions of dollars. Have the media calculate a sum of account, S.H.E average annual absorb gold about 51 million yuan, then there are many advertising issues to be resolved, currently known to be affected by 6; In addition, Selina has just received a variety show "I guess I guess I guess" the host of the bar, the program next video time next month 4th,  But according to Selina current situation, can not return to the resumption of time. Amulung in prison for the father to help Yu find odd medicine at present, Yu is still in the intensive care unit, 72-hour burns shock period has passed, and has been able to eat a small amount. Yesterday, a netizen in Micro Bo ( burst material said, "received a phone call from a strange woman, said Amulung the same room inmates family." Ammo let her spoke to me, said Mongolia has a cure burns the magical grass. Let me give mu dad phone, to collect some, to Yu. Although unable to determine the true and false material content, but the reporter learned that the same as fast male origin of Amulung and Yu a good personal relationship, Amulung a mind let many Taro moved unceasingly. Reporter Wang Pingping
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