Network advertising flow 1/3 is machine brush false traffic, the boss know?

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There are statistics that 85% ads on the internet are ineffective, no one to see. Now say that 1/3 of these ad traffic is forged false traffic, as an advertiser, boss you know when you advertise?


The Wall Street Journal reports a well-known fact: at least one-third of online advertising traffic is forged, using botnets and robotic programs.

"Robot traffic" has deceived advertisers because the general advertising is based on the amount of browsing fees. Counterfeiters build websites that have false traffic and collect advertisers ' money through intermediaries. The middleman has aggregated the advertising sites of many websites, reselling them for most web publishers.

The key question is that if there are more signs of fraud, the attitude of advertisers will not change. Many in the advertising industry have expressed concern.

Several large advertisers, including L ' Oreal and General Motors, have found that their purchases of online advertising have been affected by false traffic, according to people familiar with the matter. These examples threaten advertisers ' confidence in the effectiveness of digital advertising over traditional media such as television.

Comment on: On the one hand spends heavily invests the website, originally these advertisement traffic a half is false, on the other hand hard to cast the advertisement most still did not have the person to look, is not a bit chilling? It may be said that 1000 of people will make a buck if they pay for it.

Source: North Drift Scholar Blog

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