Network business services or due to the opening of 12315 green channels, gradually improve and improve

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online shopping and integrity is not a fresh topic, but always appear in the eyes of people's attention, only to do good faith and quality services, to narrow the consumer and the distance between the purchase of enterprises, consumers to the online purchase complaints gradually reduced.

Recently, handle nets in the domestic group buying industry took the lead in opening 12315 Green channel, will be in the first batch of 10 key cities, in the local industry and Commerce departments under the supervision and guidance of consumer rights and interests protection work, the consumer complaints into high-speed channels, fast processing completed, improve consumer satisfaction.

Handle Network "12315 Green channel" area has covered Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Nanchang, Suzhou, Wuhu, Nanjing and other 10 key cities, and handle the network has done enough preparatory work.

It is understood that the handle network dedicated to the construction of the pyramid structure of consumer protection service System, by the Department of Consumer Protection, customer Service center, call center three major organizations, seamless docking around the 12315 green channel, according to consumer complaints into three levels, from top to bottom dredge the whole network shopping process: the responsibility of the Department: to deal with major customer complaints, Handle nets set up a special Consumer Protection department, the formation of pyramid structure of the service system, directly connected to the city trade and Industry bureau 12315 Complaints Center; Customer Service Center responsibility: deal with the general complaint incident, to the consumer refund, visit, etc. call center responsibility: Record consumer call information, handle consumer consultation, feedback consumer suggestions At the same time, handle network will be the call Center for subdivision, divided into artificial integrated services and cosmetics took, refunds, logistics, business cooperation issues took, hotel area customer problems took.

Handle Network consumer rights and Interests Protection Department of all-round ready, it is for the maintenance of consumer rights and interests again, and with its own innovative move to promote domestic tens of millions of merchants online shopping services to upgrade. Nowadays, online shopping has become one of the ordinary people's Daily ways to shop, save money and convenience is the consensus of consumers for online shopping, but also caused a lot of problems.

Group buying industry as the leader of the handle network, has always been to every innovation and services to improve the industry to guide the next step. From the industry's first "multi-day Group" mode, to establish a kind of group purchase, handle the network with practical action to promote the development of the industry to lead the industry to run forward posture. Now, handle nets open 12315 channels, in the overall protection of consumers ' rights and interests at the same time, more domestic network to establish a new role model, handle Network Pyramid service system can ensure that the first call center 600 seats received calls from consumers, but also to promote the network in the online shopping services in the next deep effort.

Some people in the industry agree with this, "online shopping services This link is very important, often determine the consumer's two times to buy." At present, the domestic network business sometimes encounter consumers of its integrity and service of the query, handle network as the first group to open 12315 Green channel business, its courage to play, will buy big guy's leading role to play to the extreme. The first step, will become the domestic network to follow the example, there are already glutinous rice nets, litters Group Group purchase site to learn and emulate the handle network practices. In the future, the network business services or due to the opening of 12315 green channels, gradually improve and improve. ”

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