Network integration Marketing Communication scheme is the magic weapon for enterprises to win

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Network Integrated Marketing Communication is the marketing idea and method that has been popular in the West since the last century 90 's. Compared with traditional marketing "product-centric", it emphasizes "customer-centric"; It emphasizes that marketing is communication, that is, to communicate with customers through multi-channel, and to establish brand relationship with customers. Compared with the traditional marketing 4P, the core of integrated marketing communication theory is 4 C: that is, corresponding to the "product", requires attention to customer needs and desires (consumerwantsandneeds), to provide customers with the needs and desires of products; Requirements to pay attention to customers to meet their needs and desires of the possible payment costs (cost), corresponding to the "channel", the need to consider the convenience of customer purchase (convenience), corresponding to the "promotional", the need to focus on customer communication (communication).

In-depth study of various media resources of the Internet (such as portal sites, e-commerce platform, industry Web site, search engine, classification information platform, forum community, video site, virtual community, etc., based on accurate analysis of various network media resources positioning, user behavior and input costs, according to the enterprise's objective actual situation (such as enterprise scale, Development strategy, advertising budget, etc. for the enterprise to provide the most cost-effective one or more personalized network marketing solutions called Integrated Network Marketing, also called network integrated Marketing, or called personalized network marketing can. Simply put, is to integrate a variety of network marketing methods, and the objective needs of customers effective regular, to provide customers with the best one or more network marketing methods.

The speed of network information transmission has become the main contact media of the mainstream people. Sister Furong, Yan door photo incident, human flesh search, Sanlu milk powder events have fully reflected the speed of the spread of the network. The web makes us drown in information, the web makes news transparent, and the internet makes shopping cheap and convenient. The network information spreads the way pluralism, the sound, the text, the picture and so on can copy replaces all traditional media forms, the people also already gradually used to obtain the knowledge and the information through the network, the network media already formed the very strong impact force to the traditional media! As a result, various web-based marketing integration and communication model began to cause concern to enterprises. Yu-including network hint network has become a modern enterprise to attract and seize the customer, the dissemination of marketing ideas, display product characteristics, communication market information, drive the market development of the main channel. With the development of network integration marketing, more and more enterprises want to know some current situation and knowledge about network integrated marketing communication. Therefore, many enterprises in marketing communications, the network is absolutely not miss a link. A suitable network integration Marketing Communication program is a magic weapon for enterprises to win.

I. E-commerce

E-commerce by the more and more businessmen pay attention to, is a large market, the convergence of the merchant line of color, all walks of life. Choose Business-to-business platform to do trade, become the first choice for many businesses. The popularization of electronic commerce has greatly improved. The choice of network entrepreneurship, will also become a big trend. A period of rapid development.

Second, search engine

Search engines can help you quickly find the information you want. Let your customers find you in the first time. How corporate websites can attract customers is the first step, and how to keep customers is the key. Master the search engine marketing two points of concern, in order to grasp and retain the initiative to find your customers in the first time. Let the enterprise's website become the salesman of the enterprise, let the customer find you the first time, and fall in love with you! Virtual world it's important for customers to trust you!

Iii. Forum Marketing

E-commerce and search engines are the basic skills of enterprise network marketing, and community marketing is the best platform for enterprises to embody soft power. Through the activities of a large number of interactive network activities, greatly enhance the product exposure and deepen the user's awareness of the enterprise. Yu contains network hints a good idea and activity, enough to play the 42 pull the heavy.

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