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The promotion platform of the specialized resources optimization--the will be on the August 1, 2011 grand Online. In view of the Network Alliance is in the online international group under the leadership of marketing effectiveness, and the collection of media procurement, data statistics, program consulting, marketing planning and effectiveness analysis and other professional resources optimization promotion platform. In view of the network Union is committed to the customer and the media to build interactive advertising service model, to provide trustworthy Third-party account management, qualification audit, data tracking, effect monitoring, real-time reporting, financial management and other services, and through the provision of advertising creative, creative activities, marketing ideas,  Help the customer to maximize the value of the brand and realize the effect demand by the lower cost, at the same time, help the media realize the maximization of revenue by integrating and excavating the advertising value of the long tail media flow. In view of the alliance to adopt the league marketing and effect marketing methods, to provide a variety of advertising mode and billing model for the main advertising planning for the most appropriate network media procurement portfolio, all-round, multi-dimensional to help advertisers improve online advertising investment return. It is reported that the network AU has Super media resources, at home and abroad portal sites and major search engine sites have gold advertising, and with a number of network media in all areas of close cooperation, unique resources for the superiority of advertising for customers to provide a strong media platform to guarantee. To low-cost high coverage, precision monitoring, interactive creative winning marketing advantages, to help customers continuously improve sales performance, and continuously enhance brand value and loyalty, so that customers get greater benefits.  Let enterprises rest assured to put ads, the media assured access to income.  In view of the Network Alliance has been for entrepreneurial opportunities network, a long time Health network, channel Network, love to buy and other well-known websites to provide professional network promotion services. In view of the Network Alliance's parent company in the Online international media Group (WWW.CTVONLINE.CN) was founded in 2002, is currently the largest SME marketing integrated service provider, but also the only one can provide integrated solutions for SME marketing services provider. Group includes the online advertising company, Shanghai access Fast Construction company, Anhui Channel Network company three subsidiaries. The group is headquartered in Beijing, and in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Micro, Wuhan set up a branch office, the total staff of more than 1000 people.
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