Network Marketing and brand marketing foster a win time (II.)

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It is based on the network Marketing communication platform and sales integration, making e-commerce more and more people pay attention to. One of the important tasks of network marketing is on the Internet platform, through the last section of the Internet marketing promotion methods to promote the brand awareness of enterprises. Because the brand is a guarantee of enterprise vitality, no matter what industry you are, to be in the field of network marketing must be a good "brand" spread. You don't want to make your business bigger and stronger unless you just want it to be a temporary benefit. Well-known enterprises under the network brand can be extended online, the general Enterprise can quickly establish brand image through the Internet, and enhance the overall image of the enterprise. The so-called brand marketing.

Network brand marketing strategy usually includes these four: Brand personality (brandpersonality), Brand Communication (brandcommunication), brand sales (brandsales), brand Management (brandmanagement).

(a) Brand personality: referred to as BP, including brand naming, packaging design, product prices, Brand concept, brand spokesperson, image style, brand applicable objects ... Different products, different industries have different emphases. Brand name is particularly important, we can remember so many so many areas of brand name, all do this, such as Alibaba is a best example. Alibaba has been founded four years, the world's more than 10 languages 400 well-known news media to Alibaba's tracking report has never been interrupted by the media industry as a "real world-class brand."

Give some examples of brand naming and share them with you to see what you can learn from them.

Once in Shenzhen with a few years, Shenzhen, I was most impressed by the window of the world, this is the landmark tourist attractions in Shenzhen, no one does not know the window of the world, but I also noticed that there is a website to use this, is the window of Shenzhen, Many people in the Internet search the window of the world when all went into the Shenzhen window of the website, no doubt the name of the brand drilling loopholes, but also is a good planning. I also have a deep impression is a Beijing university, a professional training organization, it originated in Qingdao, Beijing, if the brand promotion of good words, is no less than the popularity of the Qingdao University.

Now be off the show "not sincere don't disturb" from Feng Xiaogang's film "Non-interference", once Jiangsu satellite TV also has a program called "one said one" is also originated from Feng movie "mobile" once in my hometown a small county to see a restaurant, the name of this restaurant I have to remember, even forget the reasons are not, Because it is really very classic, see it's hard to forget, the restaurant's name is "bar wine," in such a small county can have such a good idea, really let people admire, talent everywhere.

(b) Brand communication: BC, including advertising style, dissemination of objects, media strategies, advertising activities, public relations activities, Word-of-mouth image, terminal display ...

The spread of the brand can learn from the Internet marketing promotion methods.

(c) Brand Sales: BS, including access strategies, personnel sales, sales staff promotions, advertising promotions, event marketing, preferential sales ...

Recommend several methods, now best-selling group purchase, online discount promotions, online gift promotions, online service promotions, online lottery promotions, points promotions, event promotions.

(d) Brand management: BM, including team building, marketing system, brand maintenance, terminal construction, morale incentive, channel management, dealer management ...

What is involved here is a corporate culture and team management.

Brand marketing is roughly so much content, want to do well, must plan well, do every detail. and network marketing combined to improve the potential customer conversion rate.

In fact, the so-called Internet sales and brand sales are a huge challenge to the traditional brand, network to break the limits of the region, the city interoperability, international interoperability has no boundaries, previously only from the physical store to buy things, now online, casually open a BTOC website can buy, you can shuttle in different shop, Choose any product you like. Moreover, consumer contact more brand information more comprehensive, not only the brand information issued by the official brands, as well as many consumer experience reports and consumer experiences, in fact, the latter to some extent to provide consumers with more useful information, and the final purchase of consumers.

and an unknown product or service is difficult to arouse people's interest and desire to buy, the same no network visibility of the brand is difficult to increase the conversion rate of customers, so, if you want to do a good job in the network sales of products or services, we must expand the visibility of products to create brand products. If the brand can be communicated to consumers through the famous brand name of a third party, it will be more effective than its own website, and it involves the promotion of publicity.

Network sales must be combined with brand communication, the brand can glow a long-term vitality, network marketing and brand marketing combined to nurture a win-win E-commerce era.

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