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Do SEO than any other industry people understand the importance of blogging, a lot of SEO have their own blog, this is not an accidental phenomenon.

The blog marketing effect may not be the search bidding rankings, forum marketing and so fast direct. But stick to it, blog marketing brings the stamina and potential is not to be underestimated.

I am talking about blog marketing is to really write an original content-oriented blog, rather than go to the major bloggers to build blog accounts to send the same article, point to their main site, which is called the external link to establish a strategy more appropriate.

Blogs must be personalized. Since the beginning of the blog is the form of personal diary, so the content should also be personalized. Even corporate blogs don't have to move out of the boss's way, not to mention the tone of the IPO or the annual report.

Personalized blog completely can giggle, make nonsense, hair grumble. The more personal style, the more attract readers, after all, we see on the Internet serious news and articles too much, can feel the Web page of flesh and blood of personal personality opportunities but very little.

Blog is a good corporate public relations tool, can be said to be in attack, retreat can be kept. Even corporate blogs are written by individuals, often without the need to represent company positions. Sometimes puff, ironically, the competition is harmless. When you write, you don't have to make a draft, you write wrong, it's not the right thing to write about. Admit the mistake, or say, this is my territory I am the boss, also very good.

So full of personal carrier, but can give an enterprise a lot of public relations interests, gather all eyes, can become a place to explain the company's position. The best example is Matt Cutts's blog, although Matt Cutts has always emphasized the personal nature of his blog, unofficial stance, but how many people can make his blog as a purely personal blog?

Matt Cutts Blog to Google to bring the impression of the pro-people, the friendly reminder of webmaster, and mysterious Google interaction, the benefits to Google is obvious to all.

The Essence of blog marketing is to gain the right of discourse. Although there are blogs through Google Adsense, TLA, pay reviews, the recent Ali Mom, website alliances and other ways of direct profit. But on the whole, it is the minority that earns by blogging directly.

Blog's biggest task is to get the right to speak, or popular point is, tell the industry, there is such a person, please note.

The right to speak and authority through blogs is most beneficial to the type of service. This is also the SEO industry almost all important companies and characters, have a banner of one of the reasons for the blog.

When looking for service providers, customers must do the relevant search, to see what the industry has the weight of the characters. If your blog has a large number of followers, is reproduced in large quantities, quotes, comments, nature of the services you provide will be included in the shortlist.

So in most cases do not try to make a quick profit on the blog, the important thing is to gain the right to speak.

How to write good blog, online articles have been many, such as the blog Alliance has a lot of good articles, you can refer to.

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