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Stationmaster This word, many people envy him, that is because everybody does not understand him, wait that day you become stationmaster, become the object that others envy, you just know, stationmaster is not good when.

Everybody is discussing a thing, how completes stationmaster, stationmaster does very tired, how to do. Many people do the station, the purpose is very simple to make money, then is because of this starting point, you came to the webmaster circle. Since it is to make money, you can not play him as a game, because the game can be played, defeated, defeated, defeated is your efforts and time and money, today to share with you, make a profit stand, you need to have what?

1, result-oriented planning

What is the result-oriented planning, if you have read some of my articles, will notice I like to use data to speak, for example, to profit 10 yuan a day, I will analyze, what to do, what can be done, what not to do, do not do, there are other ways to solve, do, then how to do, There was no quicker and better way to replace him.

If 1000ip/day, what needs to do? Needless to say certainly is the promotion, but uses which way to promote, is to the forum hair is angry, or to QQ hair angrily, or with the way of SEO slowly do up, this need root your station of the situation and decide, is why I continuously for everyone analysis station reason. Avoid not whim, want to do what, this is the webmaster a big bogey.

2. Improvement of learning ability

Many stationmaster is in the single fight, also has the team to fight, regardless of which way is doing, the study is the compulsory course, because the network changes rapidly. You notice that in the record more difficult time, you found that many people to provide the record service, those people how to learn, is through learning. Some people just a few months become a master, that is how to become, or study. No one forced you to learn, only through the use of resources, voluntary to learn, I know a Singapore webmaster, his learning ability to make me ashamed. Every day to go to the United States and Europe well-known stations to learn 2 hours, only one reason, the United States and Europe, the Internet technology is much stronger than the domestic.

3, the improvement of thinking ability

No stupid stationmaster, only can not think of stationmaster. Say someone is stupid, he may be ' brick with you ', but people's thinking is really different, otherwise, everyone is the general manager. People's way of thinking with the growth of age and contact with the increase in things, is slowly changing. Webmaster need to have a way of thinking what kinds of?1> agile 2> divergence 3> The actual 4> profit-oriented. If do not have these four kinds of way, then you really should go to and stationmaster of the expert of the domain to study, they this aspect is more mature.

4. The expansion of interpersonal relationship

A person's network determines the person's future, this sentence is not false. Sometimes people come to you, sometimes they need you to find someone else, why to expand interpersonal relationship, very simple, because we are doing the people's business, build station is to let others visit, Advertising Alliance is to let people click on your ads, do movie station, is to let more people to download and watch your movie. Huajun Software Park, I think we all know. So how did Huajun get started? Huajun This person is a personal relationship with the home. At that time there is a small story, Huajun for a netizen, spent 200 yuan to buy the software, but is given to that Netizen, later Netizen know later, send to Huajun 300 yuan money, why others succeed, but we did not, reason is here.

Simply say these, hope to be helpful to everybody, network person-blog

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