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A few days ago and I was a rookie webmaster (although I have been like a row for more than a year, and he just started this year, but for me I still feel that I was just in the rookie stage of the discussion, I realized that I have a set of publicity theory system, and then I will talk to you I think the most essential two points!

Network promotion mainly has these two

1.QQ Group

2. Local Forums

QQ Group to pay attention must be patient, into the group do not rush to send ads, first with the group of people to chat, and to lead the discussion and their own website theme-related sites, such as my youth 123, I entered the group after the discussion and my forum related topics, that is, white-collar topics, successful learning topics, career strategy and other related topics, This can not only prevent being T, but also let everyone accept me, so that my further promotion. Next is to send directly to each group of people, so that all the people in the group know your site, this can also prevent by T, and the effect is good, but try not to say too taibai, at least the guidance or want. And then you can also find group master cooperation.

and the local forum publicity methods to pay attention, because experienced a long time publicity, my summary is: Generally can not add the link in the end, plus in the middle will often be deleted, the best way or add in the signature. And remember to send a post that most people are willing to respond to, so members will notice your signature. And the signature is best written in the form of propaganda, do not write a single keyword, such as that is the youth 123 main theme is white-collar, then in the personality signature where the propaganda language is-youth 123 youth White-collar Community exchange!

But at the same time, I also want to complain that some of the forums are inhuman, we are all stationmaster, each other put a way to live again what harm? For example, my Kaspersky 2010key in a hodgepodge is willing to provide other webmaster software release platform, as long as it is a soft text that is not directly issued by the advertising language I will not delete, Because I know that it is difficult to do webmaster, if you would like to send, or even directly in the keyword to do a link or simply send an article after the end of the article added a slogan I do not mind, such as &extra=page%3d1 this post, because I understand you, but do not direct hair ads Oh! But I will delete meaningless articles! But hateful is a lot of forums, I sent an article about white-collar career strategy, and only one of the white-collar keyword added a link, At all, I just wanted to add a chain, but I didn't expect to be deleted. This kind of practice makes me puzzled, I will pull you a lot of people, even if it is pulled some people, if your forum itself viscous enough, I this small white-collar forum will pose a threat to you, not to mention you are the local forum, I am a white-collar forum, the two are not very relevant. So I hope that more webmaster can put an escape between each other, as long as it is soft, advertising is not too obvious (as I only added a link in the white-collar) do not delete, this is the real harmonious society Ah!

Hope today can say the heart of most stationmaster! If you think so too, just top it!

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