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How to do a new product network promotion? In the new product launch stage, the product brand awareness is not high, the market early sales network is not perfect, and customer integrity needs to be gradually established. Is the so-called: all things in advance, not in advance of the waste. We have mastered the common methods of product network promotion, but also in accordance with the characteristics of our new products to do a more comprehensive network promotion plan, the final success or not to see the team's implementation capacity. The author has done a number of new product network promotion, in preparation for the promotion of new products, casual and everyone to share their own products to promote the promotion of ideas and general product promotion methods of experience. Hope to take this can give the novice or to do product promotion of the hands of the hand to bring some inspiration.

The idea of product network promotion

This time we want to promote the product target customer groups are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of middle-aged and elderly users. How to guide the target customer group to understand our products? Generally we need to carry out three-step promotion to guide customers to buy products.

Customer Search Trilogy

1. First Search: Product promotion entry point

Target user groups based on their own needs for the first search, search their own immediate, Target customers need keyword search.

At this time we will be based on the promotion of product characteristics to do a breakthrough point of promotion. Through a variety of network platforms, combined with the target customer first close, the need for keyword search to release our product-related information, so that customers can generate interest to understand our products, so as to promote customers to the product for a second search.

2. Second search: Product coverage of Popular science knowledge

This time we promote the product is the treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular disease health care products. Because a lot of customers for the product is how the treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases are not understood, and the relevant information on the network is not very perfect. A new product, customers will typically conduct a second search, search the product's treatment principle, whether scientific and feasible. Therefore, we also need to product science and technology in the network coverage, so that customers in the search products of the principle of treatment and health can get accurate information.

3. Third search: Product Word-of-mouth atmosphere to create

Believe that many products are a lot of the same industry competition products. When customers choose a product, they tend to care more about the quality of the product and other customers ' evaluation of the product. Products of new customers in contact with the product, I believe that the third search, search products are trustworthy, whether the product has effect and so on keyword search. Therefore, we should be on the network to create a product word-of-mouth atmosphere, so that customers have confidence in our products. Of course, our choice of products is really real good products, can help customers products. Otherwise, even if you do a good word of mouth, the product is bad, the product's reputation will eventually rot out!

Second, the Product network promotion method

1. Products of Popular science knowledge and Word-of-mouth publicity channels

(1) Baidu Platform

To do the domestic network to promote the first Baidu platform, I believe we all know that Baidu to give their products the ranking of the keywords are very high, such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Bar, Baidu know, Baidu Space and other products. Of course, now Baidu for their products are now more and more strict management, many products are through manual audit and entry filter, so do Baidu to promote or to understand skills.

(2) Blog/Forum

Do blog promotion, we can in the third party blog like some mainstream major stations blog: Sina blog, Baidu Space, Tianya blog, and news blog, and so the weight is very high, the collection effect is very good. We need to establish a number of artificial maintenance of the blog for Popular Science knowledge and Word-of-mouth publicity, the other can be appropriate to use mass software release product information to cover the content of the Internet.

Do forum promotion, we are mainly for our products in the relevance of the Health and Pharmaceutical Forum and bar to carry out popular science knowledge and product Word-of-mouth promotion.

(3) Soft paper marketing

Soft text It can quickly enable customers to generate trust in products, and can let the product Word-of-mouth in Word mode and verbal rapid dissemination. Now there are a lot of webmaster seems to do soft wen marketing or stay in the article to publish to all relevant forums and paste. In fact, soft marketing has gradually formed an industry, a lot of online and offline media cooperation support and soft paper writers more and more each year, soft marketing team is gradually growing.

2. Product Sales Single page

Do a good job of product network promotion, the ultimate goal is to convert customer purchase rate. All the network platform promotion work is to guide customers to their own product sales single page or Taobao shop to more comprehensive and detailed understanding of products, so that customers eventually produce the purchase process. This time to do product promotion we made a sales single page, sales single page of the main components have 4 points: Attention attention, acquires induce interest, desire stimulate desire, Action to facilitate the purchase. Here is a brief introduction:

(1) Attention Attention: What is this?

We are in the sales of the first screen design to inform the customer as soon as possible what this is, as far as possible to do graphic vivid, simple and clear.

(2) Acquires induced interest: product introduction

We are in the sales of a single page to tell customers the characteristics of products, efficacy, authenticity and so on.

(3) Desire stimulation desire: enhance customer purchase confidence

After customers understand our products also need to tell customers, after purchasing our products can bring benefits to customers. To show customers cases, authoritative reports, product certification and so on.

(4) Action-led purchase: how to buy

After the customer finally trust our products, we want to design a single page to guide customers how to buy products, now buy products have any concessions and so on.

The above summarized the new product network promotion thought and the method, from the customer angle carries on "The Customer search Trilogy" To do the new product network promotion idea, as well as the product promotion way, also has the sales single page 4 essential elements simple explanation. Hope to be able to do a good job of product promotion of the Novice to bring enlightenment.

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