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These days, have been thinking about a problem, but also I am doing all the host in a bottleneck, I am here to explain, some people said that I write soft text to advertise, I mentioned on my blog on my own promotion of things is justified, of course, now I am the seller all to host, I mainly do this, Future Blog article will certainly mention, and I sell software, if this article sent to other places can be considered soft, love to see it. Again disorderly comment say soft wen or advertisement, hehe, give you a wall, face face detention.

Because there are already a large number of customers, Taobao did not open before the sale of some, so the task of the after-sales service is a little big, basically no time to promote, has been looking for someone dedicated to the service, but can not find suitable, such people are difficult to find, a little bit of the people do not want to go to a guest suit, I will play WordPress have to develop their own website great cause to go, completely find a novice, training them for a long time, and then do not want to do, the problem is very tangled, a friend advised me not to do so many customer service work, but no way, last night nearly 12 o'clock, By a host of customers a phone call on the line, said my space has a problem, the result is his domain name service provider was attacked, and other places, many times, said I have problems in space, are not themselves or other reasons, but they are on call.

A large number of customer service work, so that they do not have time to promote the whole host, you can say, I have not spent one-tenth of their energy to promote, I know the promotion of the way there is no way to use, because the promotion is a malt, a need to spend time things, and then I think, One or two of the most effective ways I know how to promote thought for a long time, also do not know how to choose, not to say no, but every way of promotion will play a certain role, some can increase the flow, some can increase the brand effect, and some look very stupid and no effect of the way, If the long-term accumulation, the effect is very considerable, but I can not do it alone, everyone said to promote the implementation of stress, there is the implementation of the need for efficiency, it is a fish, fast fish to eat slow fish society, I am confident that I have passed the promotion of novice period, executive power is no problem, the truth is also very clear, I work for myself, to promote myself, if I do not carry out, I will have no food to eat. So what is my next promotion position, at this time, I think of the role of decision-makers.

I've tried different methods of promotion, so, I can decide which way to use or how to perform, and do not necessarily have to do the task themselves, to play a simple example, I wrote a soft article, need to send to 100 webmaster forum, then the soft text can be written by me, But the list of soft forum lists does not need to be collected by myself. To register, my article can be handed over to others, so that you can reduce their pressure and duplication of labor, perhaps you will ask, who you send, of course, I pay people hair, hehe. This also has a problem, is the promotion cost.

I have to do it myself also cost, subject to the actual factors, can do the promotion is limited, the money to ask others also have the cost, I will probably find some network to promote the outsourcing organization or the people to do, how to balance the relationship between expenditure and income, but also need to explore their own slowly, so, I think they will now change a thinking and way, Stand up to the decision-maker's point of view and let someone else do it. Most importantly, from the executive to the decision maker, I think it's a big change. At the same time, I selected a more common method of promotion, and then I on this basis for long-term accumulation and expansion, others to do, write down this article, commemorate.

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