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Top grade Revolution eventually failed, the net to start from the end of the year.

Railway verification of yellow cattle solution, free millet user load.

1, 58 City Yiu Jingbo: Branding is important from the start of entrepreneurship
Yiu Jingbo unveiled and published a wonderful speech titled "The Critical Moments that entrepreneurs have to face".
Comments: For the electric business, start to sell, behind the brand.

2, traditional retail reform samples: top grade discount Why not do the only product will
as a retail company not hurriedly to the Internet transformation will not have a future, top grade discount is one of them, and has been through the "Top Grade Discount Network" groping for 3 years.
Comments: The side proves that the revolution is unrealistic, and the revolution is driven by the outside.

3, 12306 new authentication Code Yellow cattle 3 seconds can be cracked
There is an insider said, 12306 of the new version of the verification code has been cracked, yellow cattle use professional software to identify and fill in, the whole process only 3 seconds.
Comments: 12306 You may consider acquiring cattle.

4, at game: Ali Step-by-step, Tencent Day arch a stroke of
two billion U.S. dollar market value of the company, Ali and Tencent, fierce fighting is raging. Master Chess, pay attention to layout, Tencent Company Day Arch a stroke, Ali also step-by-step.
Comments: The transition from slave society to the Warring States period of feudal society.

5, e-commerce retail export Tax exemption
The Ministry of Finance, the State administration of taxation recently issued the "on Cross-border e-commerce retail export Tax Policy Notice", January 1 this year, the eligible Cross-border E-commerce retail exports (E-commerce export) enterprises can be the same as ordinary foreign trade enterprises, Enjoy value-added tax, consumption tax refund tax exemption policy.
Comments: Congratulations to foreign trade friends.

6, Amazon launches Kindle vending machine: Test water entity retail
Beijing Time January 10 Morning news, Amazon is testing the water entity retail industry, in some airports and shopping centers launched an independent automatic "Kindle vending machine."
Comments: Amazon's O2O test water starts with its own product features.

7 January 15th after the online shop to enter the Spring Festival Mode Express Holiday collection to take out the
"New Year do not Rob, Express will not send." "Near the Spring Festival, New Year's promotion, there are electric dealers to send such SMS reminders to customers."
Comments: There is no such shop after this village.

8, the art Dragon to the price war to fight to the end: the annual loss of 200 million is our advantage
Art Dragon 3721.html ">2014 in the rumors of the start. CEO Cui leaving the storm has not subsided, and the art Dragon to be "sold" news.
Comments: The annual loss of 200 million is also bragging capital, let me lose I have not the money to lose it.

9, the SFC: Baidu Hundred not involved in the "Capital preservation proceeds" violation of the
earlier media reports that Baidu and Huaxia fund to launch the Internet users of the hundred 8% guaranteed income-saving financial plan.
Comments: proof that the yield must never exceed GDPGrowth rate.

10, Chuan Millet 2014 will be launched 300 yuan super cheap smartphone
recently said that millet to launch this year not more than a barrel of petrol cheap smartphones.
Comments: Free mobile phones will be introduced.

Money doesn't buy everything, but what I want can be bought with money.

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