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Buyers did not buy the first shipment, Tencent Electric business growth.
Internet cafes may not be the setting sun, the net business meeting direction.

1, Amazon Development of new technologies: No purchase first shipment
This technology can shorten the delivery time, thus reducing the consumer's impulse to go to the physical store. Amazon said in the patent document that the time lag between the order and the receipt could reduce people's willingness to shop, leading them to abandon online shopping.
Comment: This is the application of the big Data age. Big data is terrible.

2, Tencent Electric Business: 2013 QQ Online shopping volume increased by 134%
January 18 News, Tencent published 2013 operating data, overall, Xun net under the single amount and QQ online shopping (including physical and virtual goods) of the turnover has maintained more than 100% of the growth.
Comment: Tencent's growth space is still very large.

3, good buy Beijing warehouse big job cuts the internet big guy loses power vertical electricity quotient
The reporter gets the exact news, the footwear vertical electric business good buys the Beijing Operation Center most staffs are dismissed after being compensated 3 month salary, only then left several people to deal with the post-sale business, the word company is about to close down.
Comments: Good music buy seems to be a part of Tencent's electricity business. Discover a law, do the Chinese net Business Annual meeting, invite not to come of the platform basically all closes almost. The platform that attends the annual meeting of the network business is very ha skin.

4, Tencent Ali moved to the mobile power industry competition more fiercely
Domestic electric business competition is more intense, compared with the previous two years of electric business platform, Vertical electric business, independent of the lead of the market, the pattern of O2O, 2013, as well as mobile electric business platform for the first year to become the domestic electric business industry presents the latest trend.
Comments: There will be more and more channels for competition.

5, China's Internet cafes experienced 10 years of prosperity and decline gradually become "sunset" industry
A "pole" of the Internet Café is located in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, an alley in downtown, 15th 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the Internet Café only seven or eight people. “
Comments: This week also to experience a bit, internet cafes have irreplaceable role, networking play games.

6, the net buys crosses per capita million "the age of the net" arrives
As of December 2013, the size of China's internet users reached 618 million, the network penetration rate of 45.8%, China's internet users mobile phone access to the proportion of people from the end of 2012 74.5% to 81%. Mobile phone consumption continues to become the main growth point of online shopping consumption.
Comments: With the devaluation of the renminbi, quickly entered the 100,000 era.

7, ebay Business department responsible for leaving: the performance of the department's poor
ebay announced that Chris Saridakis, head of the company's corporate division, had left Chris Saledachis, and that the company was looking for a successor.
Comments: Look at the title thought is China Station, want to see who, the result alas, the United States, do not know.

8, yellow Cattle discount Third party payment card six months brush 3.85 million can earn more than 200,000
Horse Spring Festival will be to the third party payment cards, electronic gift cards and other shopping card sales are brilliant, which directly affected the physical mall shopping card sales.
Comments: From the content to look at the ox or pay a lot of. The best way to solve this problem in the physical mall is not to issue cards.

From the domain name to see the difference between China and America. Jingdong's domain name is "fake. com" (, Amazon's domain name is "true. cn" (

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