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Chapter III Registration Marketing

The first section of network Retail registration theory

Unlike traditional entity retail transactions, online registration is the first step of any network retail platform (station), social organization, group or consumer to conduct online retail transactions [1], which is a very important step. Without registering this step, all of the online retail transactions are impossible to talk about.

Figure 3-1 "Registration" in the online retail shopping process

Network Retail Transaction Registration

(i) Network retail transaction Registration definition

In semantics, the term "registration" refers to the actual name of an object (person or organization) in the books. More means to obtain a certain qualification, by the competent authorities to handle formalities, the register of naturalization, easy to manage the reference. such as registered physicians, Certified Public Accountants, registered lawyers, registered trademarks and so on.

In the traditional society, the Register uses the tool is the pen paper and so on, by the artificial completion. Therefore, the Registration Department management is very difficult, inefficient, high cost. And in the network era, registered with the computer and the Internet, with the help of various application software, greatly improved the registration and management efficiency, reduce the registration and management costs.

Network Retail transaction registration refers to the buyer and seller who engage in the transaction by means of Internet as tools to enter the electronic registration system of online retail transactions, such as the real name, company name, bank account and so on, so as to facilitate the verification and supervision of the network retail trading platform (station) and government authorities.

(ii) Network retail transactions registered subject classification

1. Online retail trading platform official registration

Network Retail transaction Registration means that the network retail platform in the consumer or Consumer-to-consumer is not directly sold or bought, but a platform intermediary to realize the transaction between the buyer and seller, which is paid for the service of the buyer and seller.

1 ICP Business license

The general website is divided into two types of management and non-commercial. Non-operating Internet Information Service is to provide the Internet users with open, sharing information freely through the Internet service activities. Network retail Platform (station) and the simple Internet as a tool to disseminate information on the site is essentially different, because it is to trade and profit from the purpose of the business site.

According to the People's Republic of China State Council order No. 292 "Internet Information Service Management measures" and "on the Internet Information Services for licensing and filing notice" stipulates that where the operating website must handle ICP operating license (value-added telecommunications business license), otherwise it is illegal business. Operating ICP mainly refers to the use of online advertising, generation of Web pages, rental server memory space, host hosting, paid to provide specific information content, E-commerce and other online application services such as the way to obtain income ICP. ICP Business license to the company registered in the communications authority to handle.

In accordance with the regulations, the operating website shall place the filing number and the electronic certificate in the specified Web page location so that the purchaser can confirm its legal identity.

2 Red Shield 315 Registration

Red Shield 315 registered by the site of the Business Administration department responsible for the protection of the business site name of the legal right. In accordance with the regulations, Red Shield 315 shall be placed in the specified Web page location for the purpose of confirming the legal identity of the purchaser.

3 Telecom Value-added service license

such as network retail Platform (station) engaged in value-added telecom business, but also to register for value-added telecom business license. According to the regulations on telecommunication of the People's Republic of China, the minimum limit of registered capital for telecom value-added business is RMB 1 million, and the minimum amount of registered capital is 10 million yuan in the whole country or across provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. After examination and approval, the operating website can obtain the "Value-added telecommunications business license."

4 Special Registration

If it is a special commodity, such as health care products, medicine, medical equipment, etc. also need to handle the Internet Drug Information Service qualification certificate, telecommunications and Information Services business license, medical equipment business license, pharmaceutical management Quality Management standard certification, business license, pharmaceutical business license, food hygiene license, health permit. As required, the above permit shall be placed in the specified Web page location for the purpose of confirming the legal identity of the purchaser.

5 Sellers Registration

This business model because a number of sellers use the network retail platform to sell goods and services to the buyer, therefore, the network retail platform must provide a registration system for sellers to confirm the identity of their sellers, and the use of the platform to engage in the operation of the subject of supervision of the obligation to save its registered data integrity and effective obligations, without the consent of the sellers, shall not disclose the seller's registration information or obligations for other commercial purposes. At the same time, also with the government departments in accordance with the law to provide sellers registration information obligations.

Example: Taobao Sellers registration process:

Note: All registered Taobao information (name) to be consistent with the bank card information, otherwise it may lead to authentication unsuccessful!

The first step: Login Taobao registration, fill in the account you want to register--Set the password--set the mailbox (this is the Alipay account)

Step Two: Login email-activation-Alipay activation success

The third step: Authentication ID Card: Landing Taobao--click on the top I want to sell >--hint certification--Input relevant information--Upload ID Scan--a business day certification success

One day to the bank to check the payment treasure remittance, such as view to a similar 0.05 yuan that means authentication success.

Such websites are registered with the relevant government regulatory authorities, with the registration license of the relevant government departments (government credibility) and some sellers ' own business credit (goodwill) to obtain the buyers ' trust.

2, the "B" and "2" registration in the Business-to-consumer mode

For the business model of "B" and "2", is the "B", that is, from the manufacturer to buy goods or services, but also "2", that is, through their own establishment and operation of the site to sell goods and services, and profit from the site.

This kind of website, ICP Business license, Red Shield 315 registration, telecom value-added business license, special registration and so on with the same network retail platform. The only difference is that because only one seller at the same time is the establishment of the site, operators, therefore, no seller registration system.

This kind of website only needs to register with the government relevant regulatory department, the government related Department's registration permission (government credibility) and its own commercial operation credit (goodwill) obtains the network purchaser's letter recognition.

3. Buyer Registration

The above two kinds of websites need buyer's main body namely net purchaser registers. The buyer's registration includes: Account number, password, confirm password, registered mailbox, real name, ID card, verification code, agree with user agreement, etc.

(1) Registration system

Refers to the buyer to the network retail Platform (station) submitted real name identity information, the network retail Platform (station) to the information submitted by the identification, and then based on the identification results to determine whether the user into the registration system.

(2) Verification system

Refers to the network retail Platform (station) and other systems truthfully name identity information submitted to the public security departments for verification, by the Public Security Department to determine whether the information is true and effective, bank card information submitted to the Bank system verification, confirm its bank card information.

Example: How to register to become a Taobao buyer?

(Details to see "How to register to become Taobao buyer" http://duodidi.blogbus.com/logs/174865071.html?t=1329554642171)

After the successful registration, you need to manage the registration information, such as fill in or modify the "consignee's name, address, postcode, mobile phone number, etc.", and the payment account management, such as inquiries, recharge and so on.

(3) Register the database

is the network retail Platform (station) to the buyer registration data storage and management.

Second, the network retail transaction registration effect

(i) Confirmation of the subject qualification of network retail transactions, clear rights and obligations

Source: "New Yorker" (Yorker), Peter Steinach (Peter Steiner) July 5, 1993

Figure 3-2 "On the internet, nobody knows you're a Dog" (comics) to the "real person" in the retail network

This cartoon embodies an understanding of the Internet, emphasizing the ability of users to send or receive information in a way that does not disclose personal information. [2] The Internet has a great feature is the virtual, so at one point many people think that online retail trading is also virtual, which is a great misunderstanding of online retail transactions. Online retail trade not only to know that each other is a person, but also to know what kind of person.

Network retailing is the exchange between the buyer and seller through the Internet for the transfer of goods (goods and services) and net payment ownership of the transaction activity, this kind of transaction activity and the traditional retail transaction activity does not have the essential difference, the difference only is uses the Internet as the link transaction both sides and the transfer ownership tool, The retail transaction contract signed by the buyers and sellers is the electronic contract text form, while the traditional retail is the paper contract text form. The Electronic contract text form also has the legal effect. This legal effect includes: 1, electronic commerce Contract subject is adjusted by the new contract law; 2, the Electronic contract form is adjusted by the new contract law; 3. The Contract law clearly stipulates the conditions for the establishment of electronic contract; 4, the contract law gives the legality of electronic signature; 5, the new contract law has specified the jurisdiction of the electronic contract; 6, The new contract law makes clear the legal status of electronic contract, so that electronic evidence has legitimacy.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify and confirm the two sides of the network retail transaction, confirm the network retail transaction qualification of the buyer and seller, and clarify the legal rights and obligations of both parties.

The buyer and seller of the online retail transaction will not be registered to the other party (including Third-party payment and third party logistics, etc.) as the object of the net goods and net payment ownership, will put their legitimate interests in a very dangerous situation, and at any time can let their own interests are violated.

(ii) Regulatory functions

1, shop operators real-name

Since July 1, 2010, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has implemented the interim measures on the administration of network commodity transactions and related services, and the measures stipulates that natural persons engaging in commodity transactions and related services through the network shall submit applications to the operators providing network trading platform services, submitting their names and addresses, For the short name "online shop real name." The method also stipulates that the operators providing network trading platform services should take the data backup, failure recovery and other technical means to ensure the integrity and security of the network transaction data and data, and should ensure the authenticity of the original data.

2. Real name of bank account

Because the network retail transaction involves the transfer of money ownership, the bank account is the starting point and the destination of the fund movement, and it is the basis of the unit and the individual to carry on the settlement and the cash access, and record the track of the social capital movement. The People's Bank of China and the Ministry of Public Security on June 29, 2007 completed the National Network Verification system, the current national banking financial institutions have joined the system.

As a basic financial system arrangement in China, network verification of citizenship information, the real name of the bank account is very important to curb commercial fraud, financial fraud, corruption, bribery, tax evasion, money laundering and other criminal activities, to promote the construction of Social Credit system and anti-money-laundering work to carry out the maintenance of normal economic and financial order.

The completion and operation of the network verification system provides an authoritative and convenient technical means for the bank organization to identify the customer identity, which marks a breakthrough in China in implementing real-name systems of bank accounts, especially personal accounts. Since then, banking institutions in the processing of bank accounts and bank accounts based on payment settlement, credit and other business, through the system can check the relevant personal citizenship information, so as to facilitate and quickly verify the authenticity of the identity card produced by customers. The docking of the network retail registration and verification system with the banking system and the public security system has greatly enhanced the efficiency of popularizing and authenticating the real name of the bank account. Network retailing can record and track the ins and outs of every penny, which is never done in traditional retailing.

(iii) Marketing functions

1, all network Retail Marketing Foundation

Because the registration is all network retail platform (station) as well as the starting point of other marketing activities, the website registration quantity is the daily click Rate, the conversion ratio Foundation, is like the traditional retail entity store's fixed customer group and the human traffic same. Therefore, as much as possible to increase the number of buyers and sellers to become the network retail Platform (station) marketing competition is the first.

Figure 3-3 China Network retail Platform (station) registered user share

2, the network retail main body activity analysis

The registration information of the net purchaser and the net purchase behavior for the network retail Platform (station) and the net shop to establish the customer database of the network buyers, the author analyzes the geographical distribution, age structure, internet shopping habit, net shopping structure, net purchase expenditure, and the stickiness of the net purchaser to provide the most basic information. Through the data mining software, the analysis of the net purchaser based on the Register has made a revolutionary leap in the scientific, precise and technical content of the traditional retail sales without establishing the customer registration data. In this sense, registration is the starting point of this revolution.

Figure 3-4 A network retail platform based on seller's registered marketing behavior Data Mining

Fig. 3-5 Online shopping behavior data mining based on buyer registration for a network retail platform

3, net Buyers stickiness Marketing

NET buyer stickiness means to increase the number of online shopping behavior, and form the habit of online shopping repeat behavior. "NET purchaser viscosity" is an important index to measure the loyalty of net shoppers, which plays a key role in the brand image and sales of network retail platform (station) and shop. Therefore, one of the ways to develop the network retail marketing is to improve the stickiness of the Internet buyers. And registration is the most simple, direct and effective way to increase the stickiness of the net-purchaser.

Fig. 3-6 The stickiness analysis of online buyers based on registered group purchase website

4, Customer Relationship Management marketing

Customer Relationship Management (relationship Management, CRM) is a continuous process of constantly enhancing communication with customers, constantly understanding customer needs, and continuously improving and improving products and services to meet customer needs. Its connotation is the enterprise utilizes the information technology (IT) and the Internet technology to realize to the customer integrated marketing, is takes the customer as the core enterprise marketing technology realization and the management realization. In traditional retail, because there is no customer registration and consumer activity information data and internet-based tools, customer relationship management is primitive, extensive, inefficient. and the network retailing based on the online buyer registration and online shopping behavior of the tool software is divided into operational type, analysis of two categories, the former focus on business processes, information records, providing convenient operation and user-friendly interface, the latter based on a large number of daily data, data mining analysis, to find out the characteristics of the network buyers, products, services, To revise the product strategy and marketing strategy of the enterprise. On the other hand, the use of e-mail, SMS, micro-blog, im and other tools to communicate with customers, to provide holiday and birthday greetings, new product information, consumer reminders, such as maintenance of good customer relations.

Fig. 3-7 Customer Relationship Management application of enterprise short message platform based on internet purchaser Registration

5. Value-added service marketing

All value-added services are based on user registration information and are registered as a starting point. The value-added service will be a new hotspot of the future network retail platform (station) profit source and competition.

Figure 3-8 Value-added service marketing based on registration

Section II Online retail buyer registration marketing methods and skills

Network Retail registration Since is the network retail Platform (station) and shop all marketing starting point and foundation, then, how to let the network as a news browsing, game users, etc. into a higher level of the net goods (including goods and services) consumers? The answer is to let netizens "province", "Easy", "fast", "many" in the Network retail Platform (station) registration.

First, "Free" registration methods and skills

From the beginning of the 20th century "free" [3] business model began to try, slowly evolved to promote a consumer revolution, and determine the future hundred years of business trends. Free radio and television programs link every corner of the country and create a mass market.

Now all the network retail Platform (station) to the buyer to implement the policy of free registration.

Figure 3-9 Jing Dong Net Buyer Registration

There is a considerable network of retail platform for sellers to achieve free shop policy, and announced a permanent free shop. May 2008, ebay, the first domestic personal shop network, after a number of years of "fee exploration", finally to Taobao on par, began to turn to a free platform.

Second, "earn" registration methods and skills

1, Rebate Marketing

Figure 3-10 in summer Member registration counter benefit

2. Gift Marketing

Figure 3-11 Food and vegetable Network registration gift

3. Lottery Marketing

Fig. 3-12 The registered lottery of Gao Hong Mall

Three, "easy" registration methods and skills

Set up a fast registration program, and through various forms to enable netizens to learn how to register on the network retail Platform (station) (Operation text, pictures, FLASH, video, forum, etc.).

1, the Buyer fast Registration

Figure 3-13 Taobao fast registration via mobile phone

2. Online retail Platform (station) Registration official course

such as "hands-on teach you to register Taobao account open shop/shopping"


Fig. 3-14 Official course of Taobao registration

3. Forum Tutorials

such as the seller registration course "Taobao Shop registration process [multiple map]"


Buyer Registration Tutorial "Dangdang's registration and purchase process demo (picture + text)"


4. Video Tutorials

such as Youku on how to become Taobao sellers registration and open shop Video tutorials

Fig. 3-15 A screenshot of Taobao registration and open Shop Video tutorial on Youku

Four, "fast" registration methods and skills

System authentication and verification is fast.

Figure 3-16 the "10 seconds" fast registration of the handle net

Five, "many" registration methods and skills

1, invite friends to register rebate

Figure 3-17 glutinous rice Group Buy net invite friends to register rebate

2. Trading Status and registration information free conversion [4]

Fig. 3-18 Taobao's buying and selling identity transformation and the services provided by the Platform for different roles

3. Register resources by force

All the shopping sites need to register, but not necessarily their own site registration, you can also use other registered number of shopping site registration resources for their services, such as the United States and the Internet borrow QQ registration and Alipay registered directly into the shopping.

Figure 3-19 The United States and the Internet to borrow power register

4, Registered SNS communication

Through QQ, Ali, Renren, Tianya, micro-blog and various media in interpersonal communication registration information, methods and processes, so that more friends to share online shopping brings fun ...

[1] in China, in addition to the shopping site needs the real name of the buyer and seller registration, marriage website also need real name registration.

[2] This cartoon leads to the release of Allen David Perkins (David Perkins), "No one knows I'm a dog." The episode revolves around six different people who can't communicate well with others in real life, but because of anonymity, they find social courage on the Internet ... Now, on the need to implement real-name system in the network to send and receive information caused by a wide range of disputes, and divided into two opposing views, especially for Renren, happy Net, Tianya, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and other SNS to talk about more intense debate.

[3] In some way, the merchant gives away a kind of goods, the purpose is to sell another kind of goods, this kind of powerful sale method was developed in 20th century, and was widely used, The most famous cases include the free distribution of the Jell brand Jelly (Jell) of the recipe manual and Gillette (Gillette), a complimentary razor rack. But in the past 100 years this model has been a prelude to a real free economy that was truly open until the era of online retailing, Anderson Chris Andersen, author of Wired magazine and the Long Tail theory.

[4] But the credit accumulation of buying and selling is not convertible, because the identity roles are different.


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