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Should celebrate the company's first birthday, but in an uncertain atmosphere to see colleagues one by one left, and even the CEO waved farewell, online shopping platform "Big warehouse" story near the end.

This once and 1th stores and said the "Shanghai Electronics business Super Double-hung" site will lose confidence in shareholders, the flow of funds are facing a crisis, the current large warehouses have completely terminated the main station operation, its office space in Shanghai also deserted.

Although the company has been actively dealing with a variety of services, debt relations, but due to tax and consumer complaints, the status of the large warehouses has attracted the attention of the relevant departments. The daily economic news reporter was informed that the relevant departments are in the periphery of the consultation, trying to find out the original commitment to invest a lot of the real reason for the collapse of the company.

Why a company in the electrical business of the big hot this year to decline, specific to the e-commerce industry, "burning money too fierce, unsustainable" is not a topic to be around. As investors, the strength of such as the world's top 500 enterprises of the Golden Group (APP) will also be difficult to draw the money frown, "internal management is one hand, but E-commerce is difficult to see profitable nodes and macro-economic environment is not good, but also investors are unwilling to continue to large warehouses important reasons." "A large warehouse inside the reflection," now many of the electric business site is just a beautiful appearance of the shelf, itself has been in the loss, all rely on financing, put money a pinch, immediately collapsed. ”

Website Stop settlement

"Bought things can not be settled, the website of the customer service is always offline status, the stack money to return to me?" What happened to the big warehouse? " Ms. Meng throws a string of questions.

There are a lot of similar complaints in the near future. Consumers reflect that the site's commodity prices near "insanity"-cosmetics a few yuan can buy, the market price of five hundred or six hundred yuan soybean milk machine in the large warehouse price only dozens of yuan. Ultra-low prices attracted a lot of clicks, and jubilant users finally found that they could not order.

The reality is that large warehouses have already stopped operation of the main station. The bulletin in the upper right-hand corner of its website has made it clear that the company has cancelled its rebate and reward to the agency from July 1 this year; late August, closed the system clearing function; The company promised to refund the remaining "stack currency" in the user's account.

To understand the status of the big warehouses, "Daily economic news" reporter came to the company is located in Shanghai Jingan Plaza nine floor office location, found already empty, nearly 2000 square meters of office space, only the front desk still hangs "big warehouse" and its investors "Golden app" logo, There are also a few employees walking around, seemingly dealing with chores and talking about how social security and provident funds are calculated.

One of the employees who claimed to have left the final deal was greeted by reporters and frankly said, "You see, the company can't do it, it's going to close soon, and now it's dealing with some debt and debts." ”

"With the exception of several administrative staff to help with the chores, most of the staff in the warehouse have been dismissed, and CEO Hu Xingmin and other executives have long since left," the employee said. Employees who resign are awarded compensation in accordance with the labor law, and no labor disputes arise. The main remaining office is the team that the shareholders dispatched a few months ago. ”

A former large warehouse employee told the Daily economic news reporter, the company's CEO Hu Xingmin at the end of June this year announced his resignation, while the company stopped the procurement, audit and warehousing activities, and warehouse goods and office supplies inventory.

"At the beginning of this year, there was a whiff of the wrong colleagues starting to contact other companies, one by one." "The former employee said large warehouses in the beginning of 2011 with the handle nets, full and other group purchase site cooperation, low-cost sales of goods," the earliest I thought is to open up sales channels, but in 3 April, suddenly found that these low-cost buy is equivalent to a disguised clear goods, biscuits, candy, skin care products ... Hope to get rid of all the stock, as soon as possible. ”

"Golden" figure

Since the birth of the big warehouse, whether in public, advertising, or external recruitment, they all call themselves "the company is the Golden Group (APP) investment, focus on FMCG consumer shopping website." Until now, the company's website still has a large section on the statement: Large warehouse is the Golden group to welcome the 21st century diversified development of e-commerce channels.

"Daily economic news," the reporter read, in July 2010, when the establishment of large warehouses had concentrated on the release of a wave of news: E-commerce industry again to kill into the new forces. To the general merchandise E-commerce website "Big Warehouse" June 30 officially on the line, the world's top 500 companies, known as the first group of Indonesia's golden industry investment.

However, more than a year later today, regardless of the left-behind staff or golden aspect, are deliberately to clear their relationship.

"Some investors have come to see it, but the big shareholders have been discussing it and they feel there is no need to continue to invest, and finally decided to turn off the big warehouses." "The employee of the reception said that he understood the closing decision of the big shareholder, but he firmly denied that the investment side of the Big Warehouse is the Golden Group (APP).

The official microblog, known as the Golden-gold warehouse, has been quietly changed, and the employees said vaguely, "the previous website emphasized the Golden Group, without the consent of the other party." Large warehouses have other investors, investors and golden light have some complex relations, words not clear. "How complicated is it?" he said, "in short, there is no legal relationship between big warehouses and the Golden Group." ”

At present, the business registration data of the large warehouses show that the shareholder promoter of the "Shanghai Jin Yu Trading Co., Ltd." of its operating entity is a registered "Yao Fu Group Holding Limited Company" in Hong Kong, and the legal representative is Shin. The reporter learned that this is a newly changed information, before, Shanghai Jin Yu legal representative for Huang Zhiyuan, Golden Group founder Yicong eldest son. Information on the legal representative was changed in April this year.

In addition, the daily economic news reporter learned that local government departments are in the periphery of the inquiry, trying to find out the original commitment to invest a lot of companies to collapse the real reason.

Management concept Conflict

Regardless of the big warehouses and the Golden group in the end there is no investment relationship, the establishment of the beginning of the huge electricity business website sadly ended, had to let people reflect this year's booming capital of the industry.

"Internal management is one reason. A former employee told the Daily economic news reporter, "when the supervisor does not necessarily do a good job, the theory of rich is not necessarily practical effect." ”

Public data show that 2009, Golden Group app to enter the field of E-commerce, in November, Hu Xingmin joined the Golden Light, presided over the preparation of large warehouses, to the end of the big warehouse executives in place; It is reported that the original idea of the Big warehouse is very simple: online city supermarkets, so that users can move the mouse on the daily necessities and other necessities to buy home.

"In a similar supply of paper products, large warehouses can enjoy special privileges from the Golden Group (APP), priced below market prices." Using the app's signboard, the big warehouses are relatively smooth to take other suppliers at low prices, as well as business partners with well-known brands, which is much better than the average start-up company. ”

"In the Electricity business website, the Big warehouse is more has the idea, for instance ' from the goods ', returns the benefit, ' earns the extra income ', namely develops the individual or the company to become the agent to do the sale together ... However, most of the ideas cannot be tested in practice. "The employee told the Daily economic news reporter," There is money, but in the end it is to send cash out. A company of more than 200 people, more than 10 directors, had a bit of a problem and didn't know who to look for. ”

In his view, managers and investors are not a step in the concept, "Hu Xingmin is just hired managers, they are not the actual owners of the company, so in many things said not. There are also differences in pay structures. A few months ago, Hu Xingmin wanted to adjust salaries for several of the backbone employees at the Big warehouse, some of whom the group's headquarters considered too high. Hu Xingmin argued, the other side will not say anything. Hu Xingmin that big warehouses need greater flexibility, including incentives, and he admits it will take some time for the group to fully agree with its ideas. The

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